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Important Special Permit Info from Planning Board

 March 29, 2018
                                 FYI for applicants of Commercial Recreation [general], Commercial Recreation Area [residential camp], and Commercial Facility [other] section VII-5 E -2

  In the past you have applied to the Select board and received your permits to operate in a matter of weeks. It has been recognized that this permitting process should have been occurring with the Planning Board. The process takes at a minimum 6 weeks. The board meets the 3rd Monday of each month. So plan accordingly for your anticipated dates of operation.  I am enclosing copies of the pertinent sections of the Town Of Tolland Zoning bylaws. Please contact the Planning Board via Email with scheduling requests or any questions regarding this process.                                                                                              
                                                                             James L Deming
                                                                     Tolland Planning Board

E. Commercial Recreation

2. Facilities Covered: The following types of facilities are considered: Commercial Recreation Area (general): Predominantly outdoor recreation facility which may have, but does not necessarily have, hunting lodges or shelters and/or residential structures for participants and may present, but does not necessarily present, outdoor entertainment events for a fee. A Commercial Recreation Area (general) is at least 50 acres in area. Commercial Recreation Area (residential camp): Predominantly outdoor recreation facility whose primary use is the provision of campsites and/or residential camping and activities customarily accessory thereto. A Commercial Recreation Area (residential camp) is at least 20 acres in area. Commercial Recreation Facility (other): An indoor or outdoor recreational facility not meeting the definition of general or residential camp Commercial Recreation Area.

3. Special Permits: The Planning Board may issue a Special Permit for Commercial Recreation uses and facilities in accordance with the provisions of Section IX.A of this Bylaw and of this Section VII.E. Special Permits may be renewed upon application to the Planning Board. Changes in the nature or scope of operations shall require a new application for Special Permit to be filed with the Planning Board. Special Permits already issued under previous bylaws which contain no provision for renewal or reapplication or expiration may be reviewed by the Planning Board at their discretion. The Planning Board may require a renewal period or reapplication for a Special Permit by the Special Permit holder. Such applications shall comply with the provisions of this bylaw.

4. Requirements. No Special Permit for Commercial Recreation shall be issued or approved unless the Planning Board finds that the proposed use meets all the applicable requirements for the issue of a Special Permit detailed in Section IX.A. And:
     a. Will cause no hazards to health, safety, and property from fire, accident, sanitary and drainage conditions, nor will cause excessive traffic, noise, vibrations, odors, glare or other nuisance.
     b. Shall not interfere with any public or private water supply.
     c. If the proposed use includes the provision of campsites, hunting or other shelters, bunkhouses or dormitory structures for the participants the proposed site shall be not less than 20 acres in area and the said campsites and structures shall be for short term occupancy and shall not be used by any individual or group for more than one hundred and thirty (130) days in any twelve (12) month period. This restriction shall not apply to permanent residential structures provided for camp staff or caretakers.
    d. If the proposed use is outside recreation beyond that accessory to residential camping or campsites and/or the provision of outside events or shows for which admission is charged the proposed site shall be not less than fifty (50) acres in extent.
      e. Shall comply with all other applicable laws, regulations and codes set forth by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Town of Tolland.

5. Application. Each Special Permit application for Commercial Recreation shall meet all applicable requirements of Section IX.A and the “Applicant’s Guide to the Approval Process.” The application shall also provide: a.
A specific list of the proposed uses including location on the site, proposed times of yearly and daily operation, and the maximum number of individuals allowed residing or participating
b. Location, proposed use, and description of all structures whether temporary or permanent.
c. Location and nature of any external lighting and sound systems and other utilities.
d. Proposed security and traffic control provisions.
e. Permanent and temporary sanitary provisions.
f. Existing roads and proposed roads indicating access and egress routes and all gates, fences and other control means.
g. All temporary and permanent parking facilities.

6. Approval. Approval by the Planning Board shall only be granted in accordance with the provisions of Section IX.A. All information in the application or otherwise submitted to the Board upon which they base their approval shall be incorporated as conditions of the Special Permit. Unless otherwise extended by the Planning Board, approval of a Special Permit shall become null and void after two years unless a substantial part of the facility is in operation. Amendments to the approved Site Plan must be submitted with an application to renew the Special Permit.

7. Building Permits. No Building Permit shall be issued for construction of a Commercial Recreation facility except in accordance with a Site Plan approved in connection with a Special Permit. No Certificate of Occupancy shall be issued until all protective requirements and public improvements shown on the approved Site Plan have been completed.