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Planning Board Minutes 12/03/15

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DATE:           December 3, 2015        
TIME:                   4:52 PM

PLACE:          Town Hall Annex, 66 High Point Lane


4:52 PM         Charles Gilstad, Sourati Engineering re Alan Abrahms, AP 12B15 (3 Lots)

C. Gilstad submitted a Form A division of land within the R10 District with a proposal for three (3) building lots. Board members were advised that all lots met the dimensional requirements for the district and had frontage on a public road.

D. Seidman inquired if they had plans to relocate the garages and shed. C. Gilstad did not know the applicants plans for the structures. C. Doble inquired if it presented an issue. D. Seidman replied in the negative, noting that their status would change from conforming to non-conforming.

There being no further discussion, B. Robinson moved to endorse the Form A plan for Alan Abrahms as drawn and presented by Charles Gilstad. C. Doble seconded the motion, which motion carried.  3/0/0

4:56 PM         Reid Silva, VLS& E re: Elizabeth & John Linehan and Jonathan Eisner,
AP 02F02 & 02F02.2 (Lot Line Adjustment)

R. Silva submitted a division of land creating two non-buildable wedges between family members to accommodate an exchange of land of equal land area. AP 02F02 obtained the land area required to meet the setback requirements for a pool.  B. Robinson inquired if he had a copy of the Eisner’s written consent for the Board’s records.  R. Silva replied in the negative, and inquired if it was a recent policy, because he had never been asked to submit a written consent for past submittals.

D. Seidman noted that the division of land involved two property owners, and they wanted to make sure that all parties were in agreement.  C. Doble noted that there have been issues in the past that were remedied by the submittal of a letter of consent.  C. Doble inquired if they could endorse the Form A on the contingency that R. Silva submits a letter from the lot owners confirming that they are in agreement.  B. Robinson moved to endorse the Form A for E. & J. Linehan and J. Eisner as presented by R. Silva with the contingency that a letter from the property owners would be forthcoming. C. Doble seconded the motion, which motion carried. 3/0/0

PRO FORM        Meeting opened, conducted and closed in due form at 5:05 P.M.           (m/s/c  3/0/0)          
Respectfully submitted;
Patricia V. Harris, Secretary

APPROVAL:       Approved and accepted as official minutes;

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