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Planning Board Minutes 08/20/2014


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DATE:           August 20, 2014 
TIME:           7:18  PM

PLACE:          Town Hall Annex

ATTENDANCE:     Doble, Robinson, Seidman, Stephenson and Thompson
ABSENT:         Peak

BILLS:          Verizon………………………$58.23
                        Vineyard Gazette …………...$116.00

MINUTES:                As referred in the August 13, 2014 Meeting Agenda
23 July 2014            m/s/c   4/0/0
06 August 2014  m/s/c   4/0/0
13 August 2014  m/s/c   4/0/0


1. Vision Plan Advisory Committee (VPAC)
RE: Progress Report – 08/20/14 Meeting

Board members were advised that the VPAC met for their first meeting earlier this evening to discuss potential facilitators and outreach strategies.~ C. Doble reported that the committee members brought many ideas to the table and agreed that they should begin working on a clearly written and compelling editorial. She thought the Planning Board could draft the OPED and send a draft to the committee members for their comments and suggestions before they submitted a final document to the local newspapers. C. Doble indicated that the OPED functioned as an advertisement without the cost.

C. Doble further noted that A. Ryan, VH Library Dir. offered the use the Library’s email list and facility as a venue for their workshops. She was advised that the Library was closed on Friday mornings. B. Robinson inquired if they could post information about the workshops at the US Post Office and ask their patrons to fill out the surveys as they waited in line. D. Seidman recommended approaching the Post Master for the information.

C. Doble mentioned that the committee recommended using invitations and save-the-date cards, and asking people to RSVP.  It was a subject she wanted to discuss the logistics with the board secretary. D. Seidman inquired if they could create an email specifically for this project ( mvvisioning.planning).  It was noted that the committee had recommended Facebook. B. Robinson questioned its value. He thought it was best suited for disseminating information.  C. Doble hoped they could have a banner on their website that would link visitors to the Planning Board’s page, with the times, dates and locations of the workshops and a link where they can RSVP.  B. Robinson thought they could have the link go to another website that’s easier to change.  ME Larsen inquired if they could have a banner on the Planning Board’s webpage instead. D. Seidman inquired if they could have a link on the town’s main webpage that connected to a different site.

C. Doble indicated that they should consider holding interviews with the MV Times, Vineyard Gazette and local news (NPR – Mindy Todd, MVY – Barbara Dacey). D. Seidman thought they could approach the local TV Station (MVTV) to advertise the workshops on the streamer, and have C. Doble interviewed.  C. Doble thought they could also have committee members volunteer to do the interviews.

C. Doble thought it was just as important to select the dates and times for the workshops, so that they can secure the venues. She clarified that they were proposing two workshops, and scheduling three sessions for each workshop for a total of six sessions.  Board members agreed that they should be held on a weekday and weekend, morning and evening.  Discussions ensued with this regard, and the Board suggested that the workshops could be scheduled on the following days and times:
Tuesday at 10A – Noon           Friday morning (library)
Tuesday evening                         Saturday at 10A – Noon (COA)    
Week night at 7P – 9 P

For the first workshop, Board agreed to schedule the sessions on 09/30 at 7P- 9P,
10/3 at 10A- Noon, and 10/4 at 10A – Noon.  C. Doble noted that they had to provide beverages (coffee, ice tea and water) and cookies (or pastries, fruit). D. Seidman thought they should approach the local vendors for donations, and to make sure they acknowledge their contributions at the workshops. (Cronigs, Stop & Shop and Black Dog). C. Doble asked for volunteers. D. Seidman thought they could discuss the topic a couple of weeks before the workshop. It was agreed that they should plan on providing provisions for fifty (50) people.

C. Doble advised the Board that the Advisory Committee were planning to meet on September 18, 2014 to plan the activities for the first workshop and on September 23, 2014 to review the findings.  ME Larsen inquired if C. Doble had an idea about when they were going to train the facilitators. C. Doble replied that they would have to be trained right before the workshop. She advised the Board that many of the committee members also wanted to serve as facilitators.

B. Robinson thought they could divide the facilitators according to their responsibilities. C. Doble preferred dividing them into groups to work on a variety of tasks. She thought they could use five facilitators for a group of 40 participants, and have each facilitator work at least two workshops. That would add up to ten to fifteen facilitators for each series.

ME Larsen inquired if the Board had any dates in mind for the second workshop. C. Doble replied that it was one of the subjects she wanted to discuss this evening. She asked the Board if they had any objections to scheduling the second series on 11/7, 11/8 and 11/13/14.  ME Larsen recommended contacting L. Gomez about the use of the COA on 11/13/14 to see if the Finance & Advisory Committee would consider meeting in the library .  She also suggested videotaping the workshop and taking a few minutes at the end of the workshop to ask their viewers to submit their comments at a specific webpage or via email.~  The Board could also use the opportunity to announce the second session or second workshop.

H. Stephenson thought it was important to video tape the session to have a record of the presentation.~~ B. Robinson inquired if they could tap the high school.~ D. Seidman thought they should wait to video tape the second workshop where they would be presenting the information.~ C. Doble concurred.~ Videotaping the first session would be too chaotic.~

Board members were asked about their preferences for the venues. The Board indicated that they wanted to schedule as many sessions as possible at the senior center, followed by the fire station and library.

C. Doble offered to type up an outline of the tasks required for the outreach portion of the project and to email the list to the Planning Board~prior to assigning the additional tasks to the advisory committee members. She explained that it would include:
1. checking the venues d. Seidman known entities~ that’s fine~ B. Robinson concurred~~
2. adding links to the town’s webpage, creating a webpage for the vision process, and email address for people to submit their responses
3. collecting surveys, and creating a database
4. creating a survey on
5. creating an editorial
6. Creating and sending out invitations ~~

Board members were advised that A. Ryan had used in the past and could create the survey. As mentioned earlier, she also offered to setup a page on Facebook for them.

D. Seidman asked the board secretary to pursue the link on the town’s main site that would lead them to a separate page where they could email the Board and learn about the upcoming workshops. B. Robinson thought the link could be directed to facebook. The question was whether everyone could access that page without being a member.  C. Doble thought Facebook may be the best option.

B. Robinson and C. Doble agreed to collaborate on the development of the workshops.

2. Scenic Roads

B. Robinson informed the Board that Craig Whittaker wanted to develop the specs for the Board Road improvements that the Board of Selectmen and Planning Board could submit to the state.  He thought it was important for the town to submit an official document to the state that had the Selectmen’s and Planning Board’s endorsement.

H. Stephenson inquired about the topic’s relevance to the visioning process. B. Robinson replied that they could send the state their initial findings, and refine their initial impressions after they’ve held the workshops. C. Doble did not understand the need to direct pedestrians and cyclists to Five Corners, when it would make much more sense to redirect the foot traffic to a turnoff away from the intersection to other parts in town. Board members agreed.

H. Stephenson inquired about the details Mr. Whittaker wanted to address. B. Robinson replied that it was essentially a basic outline of recommendations, such as burying the power lines, curb cuts at the right elevation etc.

B. Robinson inquired if the MV Commission had any jurisdiction on state projects. H. Stephenson replied that they were instrumental in helping the town convey their preferences for the bridge to the state. B. Robinson inquired if the Board of Selectmen should take the lead and hold a public forum on the subject. C. Doble thought a presentation with visual images of potential options would facilitate the discussions. She did not think it had to be complicated, but the presentation could illustrate the existing condition and issues . It would demonstrate how the state’s proposal was inadequate for the town’s needs. Perhaps they could suggest to the Selectmen that they should consider holding an informational meeting on the state’s proposal in September.


1.  Thomson Reuters
A.  Zoning Bulletin, 10 July 2014
B.  Zoning Bulletin, 25 July 2014

2. MV Commission
RE:  15 August 2014 Extended Meeting Agenda

3. Planning Board Vacancy
A. Douglas Reece
B. Benjamin Robinson

Board members reviewed B. Robinson’s letter on which he expressed an interest in filling H. Stephenson’s position on the Planning Board.~ D. Reece, Chairman of the Tisbury Marketplace’s Condo Association expressed a similar interest, noting that his affiliation with the Tisbury Marketplace would prohibit him from participating in matters pertaining to applicant and the business complex due to a conflict of interest.

D. Seidman questioned whether D. Reece could be considered, if they were to have five board members hear Reid A. Dunn’s application for a special permit. B. Robinson inquired if it would benefit the Board to remain as an Associate Member. D. Seidman explained that it would not address the Board’s dilemma. H. Stephenson recommended asking D. Reece if he would consider taking the associate’s position. The board secretary mentioned that she had asked him and D. Reece replied that he was interested in serving the remainder of H. Stephenson’s term. Board members noted that H. Stephenson’s term expired in 2018.

Board members discussed the process for the appointment(s), and D. Seidman recommended inviting D. Reece and the Board of Selectmen to the Planning Board’s meeting on September 3, 2014 for the interview(s) and possible vote. If the Selectmen could not attend the Board’s meeting on September 3, 2014, they were to be invited on September 17, 2014 to meet with both applicants and to make the appointment(s).

C. Doble noted that the applicant’s hearing was scheduled on September 3, 2014. D. Seidman explained that the date accommodated the applicant’s request. He has since been informed that Planning Board would not be able to conduct the public hearing as scheduled for lack of quorum. R. Dunn was aware that the public hearing had to be rescheduled on September 17, 2014, on which date, D. Seidman may have to inform the applicant that he may not have the five (5) board members as requested on July 23, 2014.

PRO FORM        Meeting opened, conducted and closed in due form at 8:40 P.M.   (m/s/c  4/0/0)          
Respectfully submitted;
Patricia V. Harris, Secretary

APPROVAL:       Approved and accepted as official minutes;

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Date            Daniel Seidman