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Planning Board Minutes 04/02/14

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DATE:           April 2, 2014
TIME:                   7:04 PM

PLACE:          Town Hall Annex

ATTENDANCE:     Aldrin, Peak, Seidman, Thompson
ABSENT:         Stephenson

BILLS:          Verizon………………………$57.57

MINUTES:                As referred in the, 2013 Meeting Agenda
                        05 March 2014   4/0/0   As amended
19 March 2014   4/0/0


7:05 PM Chris Sze, AP 09B24   (No Show)

7:05 PM Mary Ellen Larsen and Melinda Loberg, Finance & Advisory Committee Re: Planning Board’s FY 2015 Line Item for consulting services

M. Larsen informed the Board that the Finance & Advisory Committee (FinCom hereinafter) could not support the Board’s line item  for consulting fees in the amount of $28,000.00 when the town was facing many financial demands. M. Larsen added that she did not support the request because the Board did not provide a well-defined plan for the funds.  D. Seidman noted that the dollar amount was to develop a Master Plan, which included consultants, meetings and a host of other activities.  M. Larsen clarified for the record that FinCom supported the development of a Master Plan. The financial constraints made it difficult to support additional expenditures at this time.

L. Gomez, fellow FinCom member emailed members suggesting that they approach the Planning Board to see if they would reduce the dollar amount to $7500.00 for seed money.  C. Doble thought they could use the funds to apply for matching funds.  A. Peak agreed and D. Seidman acquiesced.

M. Larsen offered to convey the Planning Board’s response to FinCom’s recommendation, and inquired about the warrant article for the same dollar amount. She asked if they intended to pursue the article.  A. Peak explained that the warrant article was part of a contingency plan in the event FinCom did not support their line item for the $28,000.00.  A. Peak did not think it was necessary to pursue the warrant article, and noted that the Board could withdraw the article. D. Seidman agreed.

A. Peak recommended withdrawing their warrant article for $28,000.00. D. Seidman so moved. R. Aldrin seconded the motion, which motion carried.  4/0/0

D. Seidman entered a motion to modify the line item for consulting services in the amount of $28,000.00 to $7500.00 as requested by FinCom.  R. Aldrin seconded the motion, and the motion carried. 4/0/0

7:25PM  Amy Ryan, Dir. Vineyard Haven Library Re: 06B8.1 & 06B8.2

A.  Ryan noted that the library’s reliance on curb side parking has proved severely inadequate for their programs and activities. Efforts to address the issue, has led the Board of Trustees to search for vacant lots that could provide them with parking accommodations. In December 2013, one of the vacant parcels across the street from the library on Main Street was placed on the market . It spurred the Board of Trustees to investigate the property’s potential for parking and other municipal uses. Based on their discussions with the Board of Selectmen, they’ve been approaching other town boards/committees for recommendations and assistance.  

The Board of Trustees met with the Wastewater Planning Committee to inquire about the Wicks system and its potential use. In the course of the discussions, they were advised to approach the Planning Board to request for assistance in investigating the vacant lots’ potential land uses, suitability for parking and a land use plan. A. Ryan mentioned that the Board of Selectmen had placed an article on the warrant to purchase the lot that was on sale at the Board of Trustees’ request, but understood that they had since withdrawn the article.  

D. Seidman inquired about the lot’s location, size and market value. A. Ryan replied that the lot was listed at $475,000.00 and assessed at $383,000.00.  A. Peak noted for the record that the lots being discussed were AP 06B8.2 (corner lot) and 06B8.1 and located the lots on the assessors map. D. Seidman inquired if the town had communicated with the property owner(s) to see if they would consider donating the land.  A. Ryan only knew that the town administrator had contacted the real estate agents. Questions arose with regards to the use of the Nathan Mayew properties.

A. Peak noted that the Nathan Mayhew properties, specifically the parcel with the building was contiguous to the property on North William Street, which had been used as a parking lot for a long time. A. Ryan noted that the Board of Trustees had approach the Nathan Mayhew properties’ board about utilizing the property for parking, but were never able to come to an agreement. Since the discussions, the property was subdivided. The portion of land that was utilized for parking was sold. A. Ryan noted that their experience with the Nathan Mayhew’s board had been very frustrating.  A. Peak thought the town had some leverage because of the funds the Nathan Mayhew Seminars received from the town for the various improvements they’ve made on the building.  A. Ryan informed the Board that the building lot was no longer available because  it was being leasing to the MV Community Services (Family Center), who in turn had sublet some space to ACEMV for their offices.

A. Ryan indicated that the Board of Trustees did not know what their options were at this time, and was asking the board for assistance.  A. Peak was not adverse to having additional parking. He noted that the surface had to be suitable for its patrons, which tended to be older.

J. Thompson observed that they had approximately ten (10) parking spaces at curbside. A. Peak interjected that there were occasions where the library’s patrons parked down the road as far as the Unitarian Church for special evening functions. A. Ryan indicated that the library on the average was visited by 80,000 people annually, and had anywhere from 60 to 100 people in attendance for these functions.

A. Peak did not see why they couldn’t work some arrangement with the Nathan Mayhew Board, since the town had contributed money towards the building’s improvements. He also suggested that the town could consider offering a contribution towards the development and maintenance of a parking area if they provided the town parking spaces.

M. Loberg inquired about their parking needs, specifically if they needed parking during the day more so than in the evening.  A. Ryan replied that they needed parking for both day and night.  She noted the ideal location for the additional parking was the vacant corner lot because it was visible from the street.  It would also allow them to designate more spaces at curb side for handicap parking. A. Ryan mentioned that the lack of clearly defined and enforced parking restrictions contributed to the abuse of what little curb side parking existed, because the general public have been observed to leave their vehicles parked for long periods of time (day[s]).

C. Doble thought it would be interesting to look at the corner lot and draw a couple conceptual designs to understand the property’s capacity.  A. Peak thought H. Stephenson could draft the conceptual designs. H. Stephenson was expected to return to the island the following week. A. Peak offered to discuss the matter with H. Stephenson.  A. Ryan also agreed to contact H. Stephenson.  

A. Peak thought they should continue to pursue the use of the Nathan Mayhew properties.  A. Ryan agreed, noting that a conceptual design for the parking lot could help them present their case to the property owners of the corner lot.

7:45 PM Andrew Worlock Re: Form A – Dan Vignolo, AP 08K1.1 & 08K1.2 (Cancelled Appointment)


1. Tisbury Planning Board
RE: Town Report

A. Peak questioned whether they should incorporate a comment about the need for regulations addressing the sea level rise within their coastal district, because it was raised at the MV Commissions’ hearings for Stop & Shop’s new store.  He noted that new constructions may have to be elevated in the shore zone, which had height restrictions.  

D. Seidman noted that in the workshops he attended the Town of Hull had implemented what was referred to as “zoning mitigation”.  It was suggested as a potential planning tool for coastal communities.  A. Peak understood, but thought they should keep the issue in mind.

Board members took special notice of the last paragraph, and appreciated D. Seidman’s sense of humor. The board secretary ever so humbly thanked D. Seidman for the comments, only wishing that it would persuade the town to give her a substantial raise. Unlikely.

Board members reviewed D. Seidman’s draft report and recommended minor typographical corrections.  

There being no further discussion, A. Peak moved to accept the town report as amended. J. Thompson seconded the motion, which motion carried.  4/0/0

2. MV Commission
RE: All Island Planning Board Meeting March 27, 2014

A. Peak attended the meeting with D. Seidman, and thought the discussions were helpful. D. Seidman agreed. He thought the discussions could lead to in-depth conversations on zoning regulations and policies for a more uniformed or island wide code.

D. Seidman  further noted that they agreed to meet on a quarterly basis, and asked the board secretary to contact Christine Flynn at the MV Commission for a copy of Peter Temple’s presentation on Healthy Aging on Martha’s Vineyard.  He wanted to forward the information to Mr. Weiss, the Superintendent of Schools.


1.  Marion Mudge, Town Clerk
RE: STM (03/29/14) Deadline – March 14, 2014

Board members were surprised to learn that the elections were scheduled rather late this year, and not until May 13, 2014.

2. Aquinnah Planning Board
RE: Hearing Notice – Zoning Bylaw Amendment (Planning Board’s Plan Review Committee)

3. Patrick Donovan
RE: Form O Release of Morse Land Subdivision, AP 03A07+

4. Waquoit Bay NERR
RE: 2nd Annual Cape Cod Coastal Conference (June 5-6)

5. Reuter-Thompson
RE: Zoning Bulletin, 10 March 2014

6. MV Commission
A. 28 March 2014 Extended Schedule
B. 03 April 2014 Meeting Agenda

PRO FORM        Meeting opened, conducted and closed in due form at 8:45 P.M.   (m/s/c  4/0/0)          
Respectfully submitted;
Patricia V. Harris, Secretary

APPROVAL:       Approved and accepted as official minutes;

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Date            L. Anthony Peak