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Planning Board Minutes 09/18/2013

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DATE:           September 18, 2013
TIME:                   7:00 PM

PLACE:          Town Hall Annex

ATTENDANCE:     Aldrin, Peak, Stephenson, Thompson
ABSENT:         Seidman

BILLS:          Verizon (July 2013)………………………….$55.40
                        Verizon (August 2013)……………………….$56.23

MINUTES:                As referred in the 04 September 2013 Meeting Agenda
                        28 August 2013  M/S/C           4/0/0
04 September 2013       M/S/C           4/0/0


7:00 PM Reid Silva re: Nathan Mayhew Seminar, Form A - AP 06B08 (reconfiguring lots to create one non-buildable lot for conveyance)

Mr. Silva submitted a division of land creating two building lots and one non-buildable parcel (Lot A) for the purpose of assigning each of the existing dwellings their own separate lots, and creating one potential building lot. The one non-buildable lot created in the division of land was to be conveyed to an abutter.

All building lots fronted on North William Street and met the dimensional requirements for the zoning district.

Board members reviewed the proposal and agreed that they did not see an issue with the plan as presented. Mr. Peak confirmed that the notation on the plan clearly indicated Parcel A was not a buildable lot and intended for conveyance to an abutting property, and entertained a motion to endorse the plan of land as presented to the Board as an ANR under the Subdivision Control Law.  Mr. XXX so moved.  Mr. XXX seconded the motion, which motion carried.  4/0/0

7:15 PM Charles Gilstad, Re: P&E Properties LLC AP 26D18 (123 Greenwood Ave.)

Mr. Gilstad submitted a plan of land with a proposal for a deep lot division of land involving both registered and unregistered land. Board members were advised that while Mr. Gilstad was essentially creating one building lot, he had to distinguish the registered land on the property to comply with Land Court’s requirements for a final approval.

Mr. Gilstad referred to the notation on the plan clarifying how the four parcels were to be combined to create the two building lots. According to the plan, Lot 29 (registered property) was to be combined with Lot 1, and Lot 30 (registered property) was to be combined with Lot 2 to create the building lot. Lots 1, 29 and 30 were not buildable by themselves.

Mr. Gildstad informed the Board that the property owner was contemplating the subdivision of Lot 2 e in the near future. He inquired if there were any issues with the current proposal that could impact the future subdivision of Lot 2.  Mr. Peak noted that while the applicant met the frontage requirement for the rear lot, it could present an issue for the future development of Lot 2. He explained that the subdivision law required a 40 ft. wide road layout, which would necessitate the need for waivers.   Since the applicant had the land area to accommodate the additional 10 ft., Mr. Peak suggested re-designing  the 30 ft. “dog leg”.   

Mr. Gilstad asked for a continuation to speak with his client about the 40 ft requirement, and the possibility of revising the plan.  Mr. Peak recommended contacting the office for an appointment on October 2, 2013, when the Planning Board will be meeting again.

7:30 PM Deny Wortman, MV Museum Planning Committee

The MV Museum Planning Committee presented their latest conceptual plan
Changed plans: replacing the small bricked  structure in the rear of the existing building with a new structure  that ran perpendicular to the existing structure  constructing a new structure in the back to create a courtyard

1. Kenneth A Barwick
RE: Tisbury Marketplace’s Revised Parking Plans (Options G1 & G2)

2. Parking Lot Planning & Design Committee (PLP&DC)

Board members were informed that Ms. Jones had called to inquire if the Planning Board had appointed a representative to the Board of Selectmen’s  PLP&DC. She was hoping to hear from the Board in time for the Board of Selectmen’s meeting next week.

Mssrs. Peak, Seidman and Stephenson had expressed an interest in serving on the committee.  Mr. Peak offered to speak to Mr. Grande if all three members could serve on the Committee.

2. Stop & Shop
RE: Planning Board’s appointee to the Board of Selectmen’s committee


1.  John W. Grande, Town Administrator
RE: Stop & Shop Redevelopment Project, Water Street, Tisbury MA

2.  Larry Gomez, Finance & Advisory Committee
RE: Site Plan Review Board – New Appointee, Melinda Loberg

3. Peg Regan, Mass in Motion (Complete Streets)
RE: Meeting on 20 September 2013 with state department regarding their progress

4. Martha’s Vineyard Commission
A. 13 September 2013 Extended Agenda
B. 19 September 2013 Meeting Agenda

5. MA Dept of Housing & Community Development (et al)
RE: Training workshop – Chap. 40B: Re-emerging in a Recovering Market (10/20)

PRO FORM        Meeting opened, conducted and closed in due form at XX:XX P.M.          (m/s/c  4/0/0)          
Respectfully submitted;
Patricia V. Harris, Secretary

APPROVAL:       Approved and accepted as official minutes;

______________          _________________________
Date                    L. Anthony Peak