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Planning Board Minutes 03/29/12

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DATE:           March 29, 2012
TIME:           6:00 PM

ATTENDANCE:     Aldrin, Peak and Stephenson
                        Members of the Finance & Advisory Committee and DPW

PLACE:          Tisbury Senior Center


6:00 PM Planning Board’s Appointment with Finance & Advisory Committee Re:                      Dept. of Public Works’ Article to finance the construction of the Connector             Road

In a joint session with the Finance & Advisory Committee Meeting, Board members met with the Department of Public Works to participate in the discussions regarding the latter’s warrant article, in which three million dollars were being requested for the construction of the Connector Road.  

Prior to the discussions, Mr. LaPiana, the DPW Director provided a brief overview of the road’s current status, the request for the three million dollars and other options, such as constructing a portion of the road.

Mr. McLean, Town Treasurer and Tax Collector explained how the DPW’s request for 3 million or 1.6 million dollars to construct the road would impact the town’s debt load, borrowing ability and future obligations involving the wastewater facility’s expansion, school building requirements and the construction of a new town hall. It was noted for the record that the data presented hinged on a variety of factors that could change, so that the figures presented were speculated.

Mr. Peak inquired about the related financing for the water and sewer infrastructure, which would follow the construction of the connecting road.    ???? grant/loan is not dependent on the actual construction of the road.

Mr. Peak spoke in opposition to the proposal for the partial construction.  The “one-leg scenario” was a very extensive compromise. Others believed the “one-leg scenario” was a better alternative to abandoning the project at this juncture. There was concern that if they did not construct at least a portion of the road, the road would never be constructed.

Mr. Peak and Mr. Stephenson, each addressed the importance of improving Evelyn Way segment of the connector road and incorporating High Point Lane’s existing layout as part of the proposal. With this option, the town could make better use of limited funds.

Additional discussions ensued, and the Finance & Advisory Committee decided to leave its recommendation for the DPW’s article (3 Million) in place.

Mr. Peak inquired if the Planning Board would be required for any other topic the Finance & Advisory Committee wished to discuss. There being none, Mr. Peak entertained a motion to close their joint session with the Finance & Advisory Committee. Mr. Aldrin so moved. Mr. Stephenson seconded the motion, which motion carried.  3/0/0

PRO FORM        Meeting opened, conducted and closed in due form at 7:35 P.M.           (m/s/c  3/0/0)