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Planning Board Minutes 04/20/2011

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DATE:                   April 20, 2011

TIME:                           7:05 PM

PLACE:                  Town Hall Annex

ATTENDANCE:             Peak, Seidman and Thompson

BILLS:  Realty Publishing Co………………..$150.00
        MV Times……………………………$ 52.50
        Verizon……………………………….$ 51.32     
        Verizon……………………………….$ 51.34
        Shirley’s Hardware…………………...$   2.49    

MEETING MINUTES:        As referred in the March 23, 2011 Meeting Agenda
                                16 March 2011   M/S/C           3/0/0
                                23 March 2011   M/S/C           3/0/0
                                05 April 2011           M/S/C           3/0/0
                                12 April 2011           Deferred
                                13 April 2011           Deferred

7:05 PM  Douglas Hoehn, SB&H Inc.  Florence Flanders, AP 12B13 (Deep Lot)

Mr. Hoehn submitted an application for a deep lot division of land in which two building lots were being proposed. Both lots met the dimensional requirements for the R!0 Zoning District.

Mr. Peak noted that the proposal met the requirements of the deep lot provision in the zoning bylaws, as well as the Subdivision Control Law for ANR endorsement. There being nothing further to say, Mr. Peak entertained a motion to endorse Mrs. Flanders plan of land  (Plan No. MV 10629, dated 20 April 2011) as an ANR.   Mr. Thompson so moved.  Mr. Seidman seconded the motion, which motion carried. 3/0/0


1. Board Schedule
RE:  27 April 2011

Mr. Peak recommended meeting on this day, since they re-scheduled two of their regularly scheduled sessions this month to accommodate Special Town Meeting and Annual Town Meeting.   Board members agreed.

Mr. Peak thought they should include a line item in next week’s agenda to discuss their objectives for the upcoming year. He thought they should follow through on the proposal for Union Street.


1. Henry Stephenson
RE: Intended Uses for the Spring Building

Board members were advised that Mr. Stephenson had written a brief memo describing the benefits the town could reap if the property was developed and utilized as a town park.

2. Tetra Tech Inc
RE: Environmental Notification Form – Reid (Sam) Dunn / Non-water dependent building use

Board members passed around a copy of the applicant’s application to the state delineating his proposal for the construction of a commercial structure within a portion of the wetlands abutting the Tisbury Market Place on Beach Road.

The application was accompanied by a letter from the state soliciting comments relative to the use of wetlands for the construction of a building.

Mr. Peak explained that all filled tidelands were considered public domain, so that any private use of the tidelands required an application to the state requesting a ‘release of the public’s interests”. The notification was part of the state’s permitting process.

3. Martha’s Vineyard Commission
A. Comments on the RFI for the Mass Wind Energy Area
B. Study of Community Character and Zoning
C. 15 April 2011 Extended Meeting Schedule

Mr. Peak asked the Planning Board Secretary to secure information about the Tisbury Farmer’s Market DRI Review.

4. Massachusetts Municipal Association
RE: TheBeacon, April 2011

5. American Planning Association
RE: Zoning Practice, April 2011

Mr. Seidman spent a few minutes describing some of the seminars he attended at the American Planning Association’s Conference in Boston, MA relating to Solar Power and Siting, Wind Energy, Rural Tourism, and concepts such as I Tree.   A more formal presentation was to follow, when all five members were present.

PRO FORM        Meeting opened, conducted and closed in due form at 8:35 P.M. (m/s/c  3/0/0)    
Respectfully submitted;
Patricia V. Harris, Secretary

APPROVAL:       Approved and accepted as official minutes;

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Date                    L. Anthony Peak