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Bicentennial Committee Minutes 05/27/2009
Date:   Wednesday, May 27, 2009         Time:   7:00 p.m.

Location:       Millbury Town Hall, 127 Elm Street, Large Meeting Room


Committee Members Present
Cynthia Burr
Carole Chiras
David Cofske
Roger Derosiers
Paul DiCicco
Jeffrey Dore
Tish Hayes
William Kane, Sr.
Denise Marlborough
Ronald Marlborough
E. Joseph McKeon
Rob Morton
Mary Lou Mulhane
Joyce Ostrowski
Paul Raffa
Rebecca Rehm
Jamie Rembiszewski
Armand White
Lynn Winston

Guests Present
Sean Corey
Edd Cote
Brian Stowell (Selectman)

Committee Members Absent
Marc Auclair
Catherine Elliott
Frank Gagliardi
Karen Gagliardi
Harold Proodian
Chris Sinacola
Carol Vulter


Agenda Item I – Welcome: New Members, Guests
7:00 p.m. Roger Desrosiers and Bill Kane welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with 17 members present.  

Agenda Item II – Approval of Minutes from April 22nd meeting
Motion: Ron Marlborough moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Jeff Dore.
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 17-0.  

7:05 p.m. Mary Lou Mulhane and Cyndi Burr arrived, to make 19 members present.  

Agenda Item III – Treasurer’s Report
Joyce Ostrowski reported that the $5,000 in seed money given to the MBC at the Town Meeting can be used in fiscal year 2009 before July 1, 2009.  It was confirmed that the Town of Millbury is tax-exempt.

Agenda Item IV – Updates:
Millbury Town Meeting – Thank you to those who attended the Millbury Annual Town Meeting and passed out materials.  A few people from Town gave their names as volunteers for various Committees.  Bill Kane took the initiative to create Polo shirts for the Town Meeting with the MBC logo and paid for them himself.  Bill encouraged members to give him their size and $27 for a shirt.  

Lincoln Event – A number of people attended the Lincoln Event May 16-17 and handed out materials.  Thank you to Rob Morton and Paul Raffa for printing brochures and to those who attended and passed them out.  

Agenda Item V – Committee Reports:
Executive Committee Report from May 13th meeting
Roger Desrosiers explained that Rebecca Rehm has volunteered to collect all contact information for volunteers and then email this information to the appropriate Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs.  MBC members should pass on any contacts they gather to Rebecca.  

Discussion of Committee Chair Reports on Tasks and Charges
Events Committee – Ron Marlborough reviewed the procedures for suggestion and approval of events using the forms created by Rob Morton.  The Committee is planning to have their first meeting at the end of the summer.  

History Committee – Carole Chiras reported on some ideas that the Committee is considering, including a curriculum in the schools, a legacy project, scanning historic photos for a book and others.  

Finance/Fundraising Committee – Rob Morton reported that the Committee will meet the first Wednesday of each month from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. at the Millbury Public Library main meeting room.  The next meetings will be June 3rd, July 1st and August 5th.  The Committee is planning a wine tasting fundraising event on October 24, 2009 at the Asa Waters mansion.  They are also tentatively planning a golf tournament fundraiser at the Pleasant Valley Golf Course for Monday, June 13, 2011.  

Media/PR Committee – Paul Raffa said that he is working on usage guidelines for the MBC logo.  He suggested that he post standards for sponsorship on the MBC website to keep this consistent.  Paul is building a website now.

Discussion on Committee Meetings
Bill Kane said that when other Committees have meeting dates set, they should communicate those to the full committee.  Roger Desrosiers wants to make sure that the MBC does outreach to make sure as many people as possible in the community are aware of the Committee meetings.  Chairs should communicate Committee meetings to Paul Raffa, and he will send the announcements to the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle, make a public posting and put it on Facebook.  

Agenda Item VI – Old Business:
Discuss next press release for June 11, 2009
Paul Raffa will remove the part of the press release about canisters being put in businesses around town and will just ask for donations now.  

Agenda Item VII – New Business:
Discuss getting the website off the ground, use of email account, and facebook, Paul Raffa
Paul Raffa described Facebook, which is a social networking website where you can put up your own profile and communicate.  People and organizations can create pages with friends/fans.  Paul set up a Facebook page for the MBC, which has about 100 fans.  Paul can post notes or blog (“weB-LOG”) on it.  Facebook can link to a calendar, photos, invitations and RSVPs.  Paul explained that you go to, become a New User, create a profile with as much or little information as you want (name, email and password required) and search for Millbury Bicentennial Committee to find the page.  

Discuss a suggested timeline for the full board
We will need to make decisions about events, spending money, etc. over the coming months, so Bill Kane said that he thought we should schedule meetings and could cancel them if they are not needed.  The next full MBC meetings were set for the fourth Wednesday of each month during the summer.  There are currently 26 members on the MBC, so we will need 14 members present at each meeting to have a quorum.  
Motion: Ron Marlborough moved to accept the meeting dates, seconded by Lynn Winston.
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 19-0.  

8:20 p.m. Tish Hayes left, to make 18 members present.  

Discussion of MBC participation in Lion’s Club Parade on June 28 and carnival to follow.  Bill Kane said he will look into the cost of printing a banner.  

Agenda VIII – Discussion for next meeting (location, date, and time)
The next meetings were set for June 24, July 22 and August 26 at 7:00 p.m., location to be determined.  

Agenda IX – Adjournment:
Motion: Jeff Dore moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Joe McKeon.
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 18-0.  

Submitted by

Rebecca Rehm
Clerk, Millbury Bicentennial Committee
May 29, 2009