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August 6, 2010
August 6, 2010

Members Present:        Don Andersen, Lisa Panaccione
Staff Present:  Sarah Raposa - Town Planner

Don Andersen opened the meeting at 10:15 a.m.

Main Points of Discussion:  
Don: Sign Code Workshop - invite key attendees, but open and available to all.  Don to talk to Jack Slavin regarding IT stuff.  Cape Codder - Lisa to contact Marilyn Miller, Sarah to place ad in Cape Codder.  
Goal:   Revamp Sign Code to encourage compliance and enforcement.

Timeline:  Work group done by mid October, out of Planning Board by end of December.

Participation by: Fire Department, Board of Selectmen, Aimee Eckman - Liaison. Neil Andres (BOHS), Chief Kulhawik, Chamber of Commerce, Forum, Elks, Enforcement Letter Recipients.  Post drafts on website, news and announcements - email blasts.

Meetings:   Fridays through October 15th (weekly) 10:00 a.m. small room.  Update Planning Board at 8/17/10 work session/Outdoor Displays also.

Current Sign Code Work Group Work: Consolidate work into 1 document for distribution, before and after comparison, summary of what works and what doesn’t work, Don’s summary from last falls Planning board meeting, Photograph inventory and survey with date and location.  Reorganization of existing, graphics and tables.  New application, user and staff education, online info, consistency, self policing, process for relief from sign code and outdoor display.

•       New app/fee schedule (recommendation to Board of Selectmen)
•       Grandfathering of existing signage
•       Sunsetting
•       Orleans Architectural review
•       Zoning Administrator
•       Contractor/Licensure of business
•       Real Estate
•       Invite Orleans and Wellfleet Building Inspectors to meet with Frank De Felice
•       Seasonality May - September
•       Don to consolidate
•       Lisa to draft press release
•       Sarah to place box ad in Cape Codder
•       Windmill Weekend
•       Sign numbers on Route 6 - Large distinct for safety (Randy)
Motion to adjourn by Don Andersen, seconded by Lisa Panaccione.  
Meeting adjourned at 11:05 a.m.