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April 7, 2010
April 7, 2010

Present: Don Andersen (left at 5:30), Michael Cole, Dan Coppelman, Leslie-Ann Morse, Craig Nightingale, Tom Johnson, Howard Sandler, John Knox-Alternate
Members Absent: none
Staff Present:  Sarah Raposa-Town Planner
Public Present: Randy Smith, John Knight, Bernie Kaplan, Doug Fraser, Liz Simmons, Jane Fisher

Chairman Mike Cole opened the meeting at 4:00 p.m. and introduced the Housing Production Plan and Housing Consultant, Karen Sunnarborg.

Karen Sunnarborg gave a presentation of the benefits of having an approved housing production plan and required elements of the document. Ms. Sunnarborg focused discussion on the strategies outlined in Appendix 1.

Discussion with the Planning Board pertaining to the following topics: onerous executive summary; repercussions on not meeting goals; conversion of motels; and recent 40B projects in Eastham and local affordable housing developers. More extensive discussion took place regarding the regulatory strategies outlines in the plan.

The Planning Board consensus was that a number of the regulatory strategies were not feasible in Eastham because there is not enough land available for development, there is insufficient infrastructure to allow for density and there is little political will. The Board acknowledged that scatter site property rehabilitation and motel conversion are likely strategies that would work in Eastham. Inclusionary zoning and density bonuses for OSRSD are unlikely.

Discussion of development of units on town-owned land (the Purcell Property, Roach Property and land off Ballwic Ave).

It was noted that the lack of industrial land and jobs in Eastham go hand in hand with the keeping young people in Eastham, as well as affordable housing. Discussion of senior housing.

The Planning Board agreed that the plan is has the required components and that they may be able to support getting the plan approved by the state as long as it is understood that the strategies are not mandates but guidance for the Town. Ms. Sunnarborg acknowledged that there is no penalty for not meeting production goals. The Board discussed meeting with the Selectmen on this topic.

The Chair opened the meeting to the audience:
Jane Fisher - Inquired about data sources for income
Randy Smith - Inquired about the economic costs of the plan by taking motels off line (i.e. room taxes, housing for seasonal worker and visitors); Water & wastewater issues; and that the state may not stay true to the idea of not penalizing communities if they don't comply with their plans.

A MOTION to allow the Chair to request a joint meeting with the Board of Selectmen to discuss the Housing Production Plan was made by Tom Johnson and Seconded by Leslie-Ann Morse.
The Vote:  6-0.  In Favor:  Cole, Coppelman, Morse, Nightingale, Johnson, Sandler
Opposed:  None
Motion Passed

A MOTION to adjourn was made by Dan Coppelman and Seconded by Tom Johnson.
The Vote:  6-0.  In Favor:  Cole, Coppelman, Morse, Nightingale, Johnson, Sandler
Opposed:  None
Motion Passed

Meeting adjourned at 6:15 p.m.  

Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Raposa

Craig Nightingale, Clerk
Eastham Planning Board