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March 10, 2010 at 3:30
March 10, 2010 / 3:30 pm
Location: 35 Brittany's Way

Present: Michael Cole, Dan Coppelman, Craig Nightingale, Howard Sandler
Members Absent: Don Andersen, Tom Johnson, Leslie-Ann Morse, John Knox-Alternate
Staff Present:  Sarah Raposa-Town Planner

Chairman Mike Cole opened the meeting at 3:30 p.m. and explained the attendance and voting requirements.

PB2010-04 (Continued from 02/18/10) - Charles & Eileen Miller, Eastham & JC Ellis Design, Brewster, seek Site Plan Approval - Special Permit in relief of Eastham Zoning By-Laws Section XIII.B.1.B., for addition of retail and office space (no increase in footprint) to existing buildings located at 35 Brittany's Way, Map 5 Parcel 129.
1.      The original site plan approval had landscaping proposed around the northern building which is now office/retail, and it basically ran along the westerly elevation, northerly elevation and easterly elevation, it was landscaping around the building.  Secondly, the B Building, Warehouse Building, there was landscaping proposed around the northern facade.  None of that landscaping is in.

2.      The original approved plan called for a completely paved parking lot.  The parking lot is paved on the north of the retail/office use and in front of the garage/warehouse area it is a gravel driveway and parking area.

3.      The existing exterior lighting for the benefit of the office/retail building was originally proposed to be spotlights on the side of the building, there were to be 3 of them, and now, presently, there is a pole light system at the northerly property line that shines back in a southerly direction towards the retail/office building.

4.      There was landscaping proposed on the easterly property line consisting of a complete row of plantings to screen the property to the east, and that was not completed.

5.      Originally proposed 5 catch basins, 2 are in which relate to the paved portion in the front and since the rear, Building B area is gravel, there are 3 catch basins that were not put in.  In addition, along the westerly property line there was a notation that the existing vegetation would remain in its present state, which is true, except for a portion opposite the northern Building A, in lieu of the landscaping, there is a stockade fence that is installed for the portion that faces the building, so what is there is existing vegetation transforming into a stockade fence with an open lawn area and transforming back to existing vegetation running to the south.

6.      The existing decks on Building A, northerly building, and there are some additional structures, the first one is a handicapped ramp that runs from the parking lot area to the existing covered porch.  In addition, there is a portico area along the eastern facade of the building for the front half of the building which was not on the original site plan approval.

7.      There is a small shed roof attached on the northerly elevation of Building B which is a small little enclosed area that is partially completed at this time.

8.      The original Site Plan Approval called for 16 parking spaces, the new plan calls for 26 parking spaces, and that relates to the change of use and the different parking requirements as we change from warehousing to retail, and the applicant is proposing an office in the basement.

A MOTION to continue Case PB2010-04 to March 10, 2010 at 5pm was made by Dan Coppelman and Seconded by Howard Sandler.
The Vote:  4-0.  In Favor:  Cole, Coppelman, Nightingale, Sandler
Opposed:  None
Motion Passed

A MOTION to adjourn was made by Dan Coppelman and Seconded by Mike Cole.
The Vote:  4-0.  In Favor:  Cole, Coppelman, Nightingale, Sandler
Opposed:  None
Motion Passed

Meeting adjourned at 4:10 p.m.  

Respectfully Submitted,
Sarah Raposa

Craig Nightingale, Clerk
Eastham Planning Board