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250th Anniversary Committee Minutes 3/4/13
Becket 250th Anniversary Committee Minutes

March 4, 2013
  • Call to order
Becket 250th Anniversary Committee (Committee) began the meeting at 4:00 P.M. on March 4, 2013 in Becket Town Hall.
  • Roll call
The following Committee members were present: Linda Bacon, Rita Furlong, Sandi Jarvis, Karen Karlberg, Michel Richard, Barbara Roberts, George Roberts, Ann Spadafora, and Beth Van Ness
Also present at the meeting was: Bruce Garlow

  • Open issues
  • Minutes
  • Discussed corrections
  • Motion to approve minutes of 4 Feb 2013, seconded, approved unanimously
  • Book-Memoir of a Revolutionary Soldier shared by Barbara
  • Michel gave his copy to Sandi, Linda gave her copy to George
  • Rita and Ann still have copies?
  • 250th book update
  • Rita and High Hopes student interviewer are forming questions for interviews, will mail copy of interview questions to participants before filming; need suggestions for potential interviewees
  • Murray family
  • School children interview their grandparents
  • Kathy Rodhouse
Jackie Young
Bill Elovirta
Izzy Salvini
Bill Robinson
Stella Conner
Who has the Boston Post Cane?
  • Norton Owen will write summary for Jacob’s Pillow approached by Ann
  • Bill Hoch will write summary for Camp Watitoh approached by Bruce
St. Mathew’s Church, Kushi Institute Barbara will try to find contact
Need list of fire chiefs, road superintendents, ministers, etc.
  • Other camps: Tomoka, Tamarack
Summer cottages-Ballyhooly on Carter Rd.
Athenaeum is covered
  • Military history, Skip Saville and Bill Mulholland; looking for names of all veterans and enlisted military from Becket; check with neighboring Town Clerk’s for enlistment names; publicize “Journal”, “Eagle”, WMAC; contact Veteran’s Affairs Office, VFW, American Legion
Cemetery changes, fire houses, dates for town acquisitions; George will check Town Meeting minutes
Y Camps-verify with Dan Berg for June, 2015 dates
Fire, Police, Ambulance
Land Trust
Art Center
House tours
Building booms
Dream Away-gardens, history
Shaw Pond-Karen
  • Government
  • Becket Neighbor letter draft discussed edits:
Dear Neighbors:

Becket will celebrate its 250th Anniversary in 2015. At this time we are in the early planning stages of preparing to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Currently, we are conducting research to supplement the Becket history published in 1965 (A Bicentennial History of Becket). We plan to bring our history up to date on developments in Becket over the last 50 years.

We are encouraging all Becket residents, businesses and organizations, past and present, to let the Committee know of anything you believe should be included in this history. Please contact us with your suggestions and memories. It has been a busy 50 years for the Town and we need your help!

We are considering a variety of events to celebrate this milestone anniversary. Suggestions include parades, a town picnic and theatrical events. We would like to hear from individuals, businesses and organizations who might be interested in hosting or participating in events.

Donations of historic photographs, artifacts, history, ideas, time, and financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Becket 250th Anniversary Committee

Please contact:
Becket 250th Anniversary Committee members (listed on the back)
Becket Town Clerk
George Roberts
413-623-8934 ext. 11
(or the Committee’s own email address if we have one)

Please forward this letter to anyone you know who cares about Becket-its history and its future!

Becket 250th Anniversary Committee members

Linda Bacon 623-0100 
Rita Furlong 623-5146 
Bruce Garlow 623-2362 
Sandi Jarvis 623-2086 
Karen Karlberg 441-0752 
Michel Paul Richard 623-0174 
Barbara Roberts 623-8851 
George Roberts 623-8934 x 11 
Ann Spadafora 623-5000 
Beth Van Ness 441-9490     

  • Social media
  • Facebook page for Becket 250th Anniversary-Karen
Town e-mail account, is Becket250@townofbecket available?, check with Nina
Camp attendees, can we link from camps, Becket businesses sites?
“Remembering the Berkshires”; Becket Washington School already exist
  • New business
  • Town logo, graphic designer in town, contest for new Town Seal, legal issues, no historic basis for present seal, designed by student for Becket’s 200th; trees, water and mountains; approach Town Meeting about changing
  • Berkshire towns incorporated in 1765:
  • Becket settled 1740
  • Williamstown settled 1749
  • Lanesboro settled 1753
  • Richmond settled 1760
  • Other towns in state: Ashburnham, Ashfield, Charlemont, Royalston (possibly Chester)
  • Resend Idea List to Committee members:
List of ideas to celebrate Becket’s 250th
As of March 4, 2013

  • Camps-How can they help-facilities, catering, parking, fireworks, picnic
  • Historical-Maps; Town History-Update, businesses, schools, farms, people, period costumes, buildings, tours; Photos; Written histories-published; Oral/video histories (Afterschool group led by Zina Jayne)
  • Historic Commission/Becket Athenaeum treasures exhibits
  • Previous town anniversary celebrations-successes; presentation on Parade Grounds for 200th Celebration, Berkshire Art Center commissioned play in 1980’s-can these be reenacted for the 250th?
Art Show-Becket Art Center, photo gallery
Car Show-old cars, new cars, farm machinery, ATV’s
Concert-local talent: Praise Team, Bobby Sweet, Guthrie’s; Karaoke, Music through the years;
  • Play/theater - Berkshire Playwright, production by school children/town residents;  resource Paul Campbell
Dance-Square, line, Gala Ball, Jacob’s Pillow-dance piece
Parade-combine with present Memorial Day parade? Can the town support 2 separate parades close together (June 21, 1765)? Drum corp. floats, bands, State/County/Local officials; neighboring towns
Children activities-decorated bikes, baby strollers, field day, face painting, bouncy house, homemade instruments
Picnic/BBQ/Pancake Breakfast/Spaghetti Supper, clambake/lobster; birthday cake
School connections-ALL grade levels, student projects: writing, stories, art, music; presently Grades 3-5 at BWS study Becket Quarry/tour
Honorees-Veterans, town employees, volunteers, oldest citizen
Souvenirs-tee shirts, sweatshirts, town flags, post cards, bumper stickers, mugs, water bottles, Frisbee, stationary ,commemorative  plates, wooden nickel
Cookbook-bake off;  Farmer’s Market
Churches, special services, social societies
Becket Quarry, parks, cemeteries, summer camps, Dream Away, Jacob’s Pillow, town businesses; tours
Home/Farm/Garden tour
Hikes/bike race/road race-Appalachian Trail
Exhibits-chainsaw, wood/log cutting safety, wood carving, home building; Colonial/Civil War Encampments
Contests-photo, beard growing, Town song/Rap, pie eating contest
Tree planting(s) on Parade Grounds-American Elm; which trees were native to Becket that may have been lost presently? Chestnut?
  • Facebook – social media
  • Next Meeting
Monday April 1, 2013
Becket Room, Town Hall 4 P.M.
There must be a quorum of committee members for official business to be conducted, please make every attempt to attend the monthly meetings. Thank you.
  • Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 5:05 P.M.
Submitted by: Sandi Jarvis