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WRAP Committee Issues Final Report with Recommendations June 2017
The “Wayland Real Asset Planning Committee Final Report June 2017” with recommendations is available on the WRAP web page, and paper copies are available for review in the Planning Board Office, the Selectmen’s Office and the Library.  We thank all of the boards, town staff and members of the public who provided assistance and input along the way.  Based on comments received during the public comment period, the WRAP Committee made several revisions to the draft report, most notably:

1) Deleted school bus parking as a recommendation originally under Parcel 47D-058C (Middle School Parcel at 207 Main Street) in Exhibit II-A;
2) Added a cluster of parcels on Mayflower & Puritan Paths to Exhibit II-A and a detailed “site consideration” sheet (see new Exhibit II-B9);
3) Added more detail to Exhibit III-A “Synthesis of Commonalities & Space Needs” under the COA and COA/CC for programs and times;
4) Added language to Exhibit V-A “Planning for Capital Facilities & Expenditures of Greater than $500,000” and to text of the report to explain that public input is an integral piece at each step of the planning process.

The final report also includes a “Bibliography” (Appendix 5) of reports and other documents concerning town-wide planning efforts and information on specific parcels of land.

What has become quite clear from the WRAP Committee’s work is that Wayland needs a more coordinated, town-wide comprehensive capital planning process in order to be better prepared to fund needed improvements while stabilizing the relative amount of tax dollars required year over year. Of all of our recommendations, the most pressing need is for the creation of a Capital Planning Committee and establishment of a long-term funding plan for annual routine maintenance, capital replacements and new facilities.

The Wayland Real Asset Planning Committee