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Planning Board Minutes 06/13/12

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DATE:           June 13, 2012
TIME:           7:08 PM

PLACE:          Town Hall Annex

ATTENDANCE:     Peak, Stephenson and Thompson

MINUTES:                As referred in the June 6, 2012 Meeting Agenda
                        06 June 2012            m/s/c           3/0/0


7:00 PM House Business

A) Vineyard Harbor Landing Motel, Beach Road

Mr. Stephenson informed the Board that he was joining Mr. LaPiana in a meeting with Vicky McNamara, the General Mgr. and Board of Directors for the motel to discuss their concern about retaining access to five (5) parking spaces.  He noted that they currently access the five (5) spaces via the Fire Station property.

Mr. Peak was surprised to hear that they were not meeting with the Board of Selectmen to discuss the use of town property, as opposed to the DPW Director. He inquired if Mr. Stephenson new the number of units in the motel to find out just how many they needed for their clientele. He did not see any reason for having more than one space for each unit. Mr. Stephenson agreed.

Mr. Stephenson indicated that he was asked to illustrate the parking layout, and to discuss any potential short comings that may arise from the schematic.  If necessary, Mr. Peak thought the town could negotiate the lease of the five spaces. All they had to do was to charge them the annual value of the five (5) spaces.

Mr. Stephenson agreed, but questioned whether they already had an arrangement with the town. It was a matter they had to look into before they negotiated a new agreement.  It was also possible that the office manager could hold on to the car key and park the cars in tandem. As far as he understood, prescriptive rights off access do not apply to municipalities.

Mr. Thompson noticed that the motel had reserved five (5) parking spaces behind the Chamber of Commerce, when he had to park his vehicle in the lot to attend the Fire Department’s meetings.

Mr. Stephenson offered to ask Ms. McNamara and the Board about the number of units, and the reserved parking spaces at the Chamber of Commerce, and report his findings to the Board.

B)  Beach Road Harbor Park

Board members were informed that Mr. Stephenson had an appointment to meet with Mr. Weisman and Mr. LaPiana to discuss the development of the waterfront esplanade. It appeared the DPW had requested funds to hire a consultant to develop a plan to improve public access on the harborside of the causeway.

Mr. Stephenson did not know what the scope of the study entailed. He nonetheless thought it important to share some of his ideas that he’s worked on with Mr. Weisman over the past few years. Mr. Peak once again inquired why the DPW was initiating the project.  Mr. Stephenson agreed, and was concerned that Mr. LaPiana did not think of including the Planning Board in the project, when they’ve been involved in other inter-related projects impacting the area.

Mr. Thompson approved of restoring the park on the Lagoon side (Beach Road) from Winds Up to the Draw Bridge. Mr. Stephenson agreed, but thought the Town had to follow up with the funds in order to implement the improvements, and stay on top of the project.

C) Reid (Sam) Dunn, Saltwater Restaurant

Mr. Stephenson notified the Board that he had the opportunity to enjoy a meal at the restaurant, where he met with Mr. Dunn quite by chance. He utilized the opportunity to ask Mr. Dunn about restaurant’s operations and learned that he had a managerial arrangement with Josh Aronie. Mr. Aronie provides breakfast and lunch, while Mr. Dunn provided dinner.

Mr. Stephenson did not know if this was allowed by permit or not, but suggested bringing the matter to Mr. Barwick’s attention. He learned that it worked to their advantage, because with breakfast and lunch, he can now keep the restaurant open year round. Mr. Peak noted that they had to look into Mr. Dunn’s special permit to determine if he might need to amend the decision to allow the expansion.

1. Henry Stephenson
RE: Potential Planning Board Projects (Cont.)
Mr. Stephenson thought they should prioritize their efforts on three projects. He elected the Beach Road Parking Lot, the elementary school’s infrastructure study and a new town hall.

Mr. Peak learned from a fellow committee member, Mr. Custer that Mr. Bugbee had already prepared the RFP for the study of the school’s infrastructure. Mr. Peak wanted to obtain a copy.  The Planning Board Secretary was instructed to contact Mr. Bugbee to request a copy for the Board’s review.

2. Planning Board Meeting Schedule

The Planning Board secretary informed the Board that Mr. Aldrin had called to notify the Board that he was not able to attend the meeting. He confided that his summer schedule was extremely busy. Because he did not think he would be able to attend the weekly meetings, he was contemplating the possibility of resigning.

Mr. Stephenson did not see why they could not have a lighter schedule for the summer. He did not think it was necessary to meet on a weekly basis, if they did not have any appointments or hearings scheduled, and thought they could accommodate Mr. Aldrin.

It was noted that Mr. Seidman had raised the topic on past occasions, and wanted to discuss the subject with the Board at a previous meeting. Mr. Stephenson thought they could bring up the topic again at their next meeting. Board members agreed.

Mr. Stephenson noted that part of the difficulty in getting anyone to participate in the Planning Board was the length of the term. He asked Mr. Peak how the town came to decide upon a five year term. Mr. Peak explained that the term was decided at town meeting, when they voted on the article that created the Planning Board. It may have been recommended by state statute, but he suggested looking at the language of the article.


1.   Tisbury Conservation Commission
A. Public Hearing Notice – Kennedy Realty Trust, AP 05G06 (removal of trees/coastal bank)
B.  Public Hearing Notice – Tisbury Wharf Co., AP 09C13 (dredging the harbor)

2.  Amy Coman-Hoenig, MA Div. of Fisheries & Wildlife  
RE: MV Fiber Optic Cable Project (Falmouth and Tisbury, MA)

3. MV Commission
RE: 08 June 2012 Extended Meeting Schedule

Board members were advised that Mr. Pachico’s proposal was being discussed at the LUPC on Monday evening at 6PM.  Mr. Peak offered to attend the meeting to represent the Planning Board.

PRO FORM        Meeting opened, conducted and closed in due form at 7:50 P.M.           (m/s/c  3/0/0)