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Selectmen's Minutes 2007/11/05
7:00 PM Town Hall
Monday, November 5, 2007

PRESENT:  Selectmen Emma M. Smith,  Stephen W. White, William Roach, Richard Leone and Frederick Gallup.
Budget Advisory Committee Members Arthur Muller, Scott Unsworth and Steve Nilsen.  Town Manager Donna Nashawaty.

OTHERS:  Tony Bergeron, Bob Collins, Roger Landry, and Van Webb:

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Emma M. Smith at 7:07 PM.

1. PUBLIC COMMENTS – The first 15 minutes of the Board of Selectmen meeting is reserved for comments from the public.   

Donna Nashawaty reported on Roger Landry’s attendance at a defensive drivers training course.   She stated the next  group of employees will take the course on Wednesday.    R. Landry stated that he was very impressed and thought it was a great time and very informative.  


Van Webb:  Anna Duke Property Line Agreement

Van Webb presented the Selectmen with a boundary line agreement that needs to be settled between the property of Anna Duke and the conservation land owned by the Town.  Richard Leone questioned the expense and if all points have been surveyed and marked.  V.Webb replied that there was no expense to the Town and yes all pins have been put in place.  Also a new fence has been put up.  V. Webb stated this was an amicable agreement.  Donna Nashawaty asked who drew up the document.  V. Webb replied that Attorney Mike Feeney did, on behalf of Anna Duke. Donna Nashawaty suggested that the Board ask Town Counsel to review the document before signing.  Fred Gallup questioned why Old Rte. 103 did now show on the plan.  Discussion was held on where the road should appear on the plan.   Clayton Platt did the surveying.  Stephen White recommended that the surveyor be asked to label Old Rte. 103S.   Van Webb will have the surveyor check this out.   Roger Landry stated that the land map should match the deed references.  W. Webb will get back to D. Nashawaty with this.

Budget Session

Planning & Zoning

Roger Landry presented his proposed budget for 2008.  The salaries were previously discussed at the November 3 budget session.  With regard to the telephone, it is used by 3 to 4 separate departments and is budgeted as such.  This amount remains the same as 2007.  There is an increase in mileage due to the high cost of gasoline.  There is a slight increase in training seminars due to an increase in participation.  R. Landry reported a decrease in applications in 2007 by approximately 50%.  The postage for the Zoning Board has increased because the town pays for the certified notices and the applicant reimburses the town.  R. Landry stated that planning books for the members will not be purchased this year as all of the information can be obtained on-line.  Under the line item for office equipment is a request for a filing cabinet and flat 5 drawer filing cabinets.  R. Landry also stated that his office would like to have the zoning map digitalized by a fly over.  Richard Leone stated that he thought this was a good idea and asked how it would be paid.  Donna Nashawaty stated that the payment would come out of the mapping line item.  R. Landry reported that to date the Zoning and Planning Office has collected $19,900 for building permits.  


Donna Nashawaty explained the budget.  Professional services is down and the training is level funded.   The general expenses have stayed the same.  


Donna Nashawaty explained that this is level funded with 2007.

Health Agencies

Donna Nashawaty explained that the town receives requests each year from outside agencies that provide services to the residents of Sunapee.  She asked what agencies the Board wished to have come to a meeting to explain their request.  It was agreed that the following agencies will be asked to come to a meeting of the Board:  Southwestern Community Services, Community Alliance and West Central Behavioral Health.  The following agencies will not be asked to attend a meeting:  Ambulance service, Lake Sunapee Visiting Nurses, UVLSRPC, Kearsarge Area Council on Aging and Sullivan Nutrition.


Robert Collins was present to present the budget.  The only increases in the Hydro budget are in wages.  R. Collins reported that the income to date is approximately $80,000.  Donna Nashawaty reported that the hydro fund contains a balance of $450,000 after paying for renovations to the Town Hall.  R. Collins reported that the hydro has generated $4.5 million in the last 21 years.  


Tony Bergeron was present to discuss his budget request.  He explained that the increase in his budget is for wages and shimming.  He explained that Sunapee maintains 37.88 miles of paved roads.  These are 21 feet wide on the average.  T. Bergeron explained that he likes to put on a one inch overlay of asphalt on the most traveled roads.  Stephen White noted that the highway budget is up by 8.3% and this is comprised of the increase in asphalt and payroll.    The Board approved the increase.

Discussion was held between the Selectmen and the Budget Advisory Committee.  All were in agreement of the budget as presented on November 3 and tonight.  


Motion was made and seconded (Leone/Gallup) to approve the minutes of the October 15th and 29th meetings with corrections as presented by Frederick Gallup.  Mr. Clark was not the driver of the truck as stated in the Brian Garland complaint.  Mr. Clark is an employee of the NH Dept. of Transportation.  The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.


Discussion was held on up coming meetings.  The Selectmen will not meet December 3rd due to a lack of quorum.  The meetings will be December 10th and 17th.  Donna Nashawaty reminded the Board that she would be gone the week of December 30th.   D. Nashawaty will have the warrant articles on the agenda for the December 17th meeting.  She will invite the health agencies selected by the Board to attend the December 10th meeting.  

Donna Nashawaty reported that it appears the primary will be held January 8th.  This is the same date that is the deadline for any petitioned articles must be received by the Board.  

D. Nashawaty reminded the Board that she would be out of the office on November 7 through 9.  Two of those days she will be attending a conference at the Local Government Center.  


Emma Smith read a letter to the Board from Mr. Harris, President of the Fernwood Point Association.  The letter requests that the Town plant trees around the Fernwood Point pump station to cover the view of the building.  They anticipate the cost of the trees to be $2,400.  The association has spoken with the Water and Sewer Commissioners.  The commissioners said they would have the water and sewer department dig the holes if the Selectmen approved the planting.  Donna Nashawaty stated that there were no funds in the budget to purchase trees.   The Selectmen agreed to have D. Nashawaty write a letter to the association informing them that there are no funds in the budget for this purpose but if the association wished to donate the trees, they should make an appointment to speak with the Board to ask permission.

With regard to warrant articles, Donna Nashawaty asked the Board if they had reviewed the elderly exemption article for amendment at the 2008 Town Meeting.   Stephen White recommended that the income limit for a single person be $18,000 and for a married couple, $25,000.  Richard Leone recommended $18,000 for single and $27, 500 for married.    Fred Gallup stated that he would like to see the asset level raise from $65,000 to $75,000.  The Board agreed that a warrant article would be placed in the 2008 Town Meeting to change the income limitations to $18,000 for single, $27,500 for married and an asset level of $75,000.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 PM.  

Submitted by,  Darlene Morse                                    Approved__________________________

___________________________________                             __________________________________
Emma M. Smith, Chairman                                 Stephen W. White, Vice Chairman

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William Roach                                                   Richard Leone

Frederick Gallup++