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Selectmen's Minutes 01/29/2007

January 29, 2007

PRESENT:  Selectmen Emma Smith, Stephen W. White, William Roach, Richard Leone and Frederick Gallup.  Town Manager Donna Nashawaty.

OTHERS:  Tony Bergeron, Roger Landry, Peter Urbach, David Brown, Catherine Busheuff, Jim Williams, Duane Abbott, Harry Gazelle, Rhoda Gurney, Meagan Reed, Carolyn Stoddard, Chief David Cahill, David Banks and Lisa Bozogan.

The meeting was opened by Chairman Emma Smith at 7:00 PM.


David Brown questioned the Site Plan Review application submitted by the Abbott Library Trustees, in particular item #7.  D. Brown asked if this could be submitted as such since the land is still designated as forest land.  The town has not voted yet to take out 3 acres from forest land.  This is a warrant article for the 2007 Town Meeting to be held in six weeks.  William Roach stated that he made the motion to have an article on the warrant to remove 3 acres from forest land for the library, driveway and skateboard park, but as far as he is concerned the property is still forest land until the outcome of the vote.  Donna Nashawaty presented the Selectmen with a letter to sign which stated that the Board authorized the Trustees to represent the Town with regard to the Site Plan Review for the new library.  She stated that this was not really necessary since the Trustees can act on their own, but it was recommended by Town Planner Michael Marquise that the Board grant this authorization.  Stephen White stated that the Town voted in 2003 to build the library on the Ski Tow Hill site and he felt that the Board should sign the authorization to follow the wishes of the voters.  Fred Gallup agreed stating that he could see no harm in going forward with the process.  David Brown disagreed stating that he believed the facts as stated on the application are not true at this time.  Chairman Emma Smith stated that the Board will revisit this after following the agenda with the appointments as slated.


A.  Tony Bergeron re:  Duane Abbott, Road Posting, Sidewalks

Tony Bergeron wanted the Board to be aware of the fact that employee, Duane Abbott, has been employed with the Town of Sunapee Highway Department for 30 years as of January 11, 2007.  He stated that Duane Abbott has been an excellent employee and should be praised for his service to the community.  D. Abbott received a round of applause and a thank you from the Selectmen and others present.

Board of Selectmen
January 29, 2007

Tony Bergeron informed the Board that he would like to purchase a compressor.  This would be a mutual purchase with the Water and Sewer Department.  The present compressor is a 1960-65 model.  He can purchase a recent model with little hours of use for $3,500.00.  This compressor would normally sell for $25,000.00.  The highway share will come from the Expendable Trust Used Equipment Fund.  The highway and water and sewer will split the cost at $1,750.00 each.  Donna Nashawaty reported that the fund currently contains $7,873.00 and $7,000.00 is in a warrant article to be added to the fund in 2007.  Motion was made by Stephen White to authorize the purchase of the compressor for up to $2,000.00.  The motion was seconded by Richard Leone.  The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Tony Bergeron asked the Board’s permission to post the roads.  He stated that this normally occurs in March or April, but with the unusual weather this year, he would like to receive permission at this time.  He does allow vehicles to use the roads during posting time with written permission.  Motion was made by Fred Gallup to sign a letter authorizing Tony Bergeron to post the roads and to be authorized to allow vehicles on the roads during the posting with written permission.  The motion was seconded by William Roach.  The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

B.  Roger Laundry:  Planning & Zoning Fees

Donna Nashawaty presented the Selectmen with the new fees for the Planning and Zoning applications and building permit fees.  She informed the Selectmen that the application fees were set by the Planning Board and Zoning Board and did not need Selectmen approval.  However, the new fees for building did need Board approval.  The fees are attached to the file copy of these minutes.  Emma Smith asked R. Landry if she could sit down with him and redo the application fee form for planning and zoning with him to make it easier to understand and more compact.  R. Landry agreed.   Richard Leone commented that he did not agree with doubling the fee on annexations and subdivisions.  William Roach agreed.  R. Landry responded that it was comparable to surrounding communities. Donna Nashawaty informed the Board that these fees are revenue and cover notifications to abutters and recordings.    Motion was made by Stephen White to approve the increase from .06 per SF to .15 per SF on residential projects, the increase from .10 per SF to .30 per SF for commercial projects, driveway permits increase from $10.00 to $15.00, demolition permits from $10.00 to $25.00, increase in temporary structures from $50.00 to $75.00 plus increase of .10 per SF to .30 per SF, and an additional charge of $5.00 to approve septic plans.  The motion was seconded Fred Gallup.  Richard Leone and William Roach voiced disagreement with the increases.  The motion passed with 3 in favor and 2 against.

Board of Selectmen
January 29, 2007

C.  Chief Cahill:  Policy on Tasers

Police Chief David Cahill was present to show the Selectmen one of the tasers he received through private donations of $12,000.00.  The officers will carry these on their belts and they will be used when there is  no response to verbal commands.  They have been proven to reduce liability and medical expenses.  Richard Leone asked about a written policy for usage.  Chief Cahill stated that the department will receive training in February and he will have a written policy in place after training.  Chief Cahill wished to thank those that donated.  He stated he is very fortunate to have a community that is so generous in donating to his department for equipment that does not have to be purchased through tax dollars.  


Please see copy of agenda attached to file copy of minutes.


Catherine Busheuff stated that she urged the Board of Selectmen not to sign the Site Plan Review application for the new library proposed for Ski Tow Hill.  She feels it is up to the voters to designate the site for the new library.  C. Busheuff stated she attended the last meeting of the Conservation Commission and the commission voted 5 to 0 to keep the land as forest land and not to take it out of conservation.  Emma Smith informed those present that the library was holding an informational meeting on Tues., Jan. 30 at the Abbott Library to discuss the new library.  Catherine Busheuff expressed displeasure with a pamphlet that was mailed by the library trustees.  The pamphlet states that the Selectmen endorsed the removal of the Ski Tow Hill property from the town forest and she did not feel that this was the case and believes that the voters should have accurate information.  Meagan Reed of Chase Street stated she had questions on the location of the skateboard park.  At first she believed it would be placed behind her back yard.  She is concerned on seeing a finalized plan for the library and skateboard park and wondered what the process was.  Roger Landry explained that site plan involves many phases and nothing is concrete until the final phase.  The hearings would be advertised.  William Roach expressed concern that he asked that the Board see a plan of the 3 acres that would be removed for the library and skateboard park prior to site plan application and that the Board has not seen anything yet.  Roger Landry presented the first proposed plan to the Board which designated  2.8 acres of property being removed from forest land.   He stated that the configuration could change at any time depending on where things would be placed.  Fred Gallup suggested that the application be reworded to state that the library and skateboard “will cover no more than 3 acres”.  Richard Leone stated that he felt the Board should not sign the application until after Town Meeting.  Jim Williams wanted to know how the Board could remove property from forest land until they knew where the building would be.  R. Landry stated that the Planning Board and engineer would
Board of Selectmen
January 29, 2007

determine where the building would sit.  Peter Urbach stated that the engineer has already stated years ago that where the building is proposed is the best spot on the site.  P. Urbach also stated that the location of the skateboard park is unknown and that the trustees are working with the Police Chief on this.  The Recreation Dept. and the Police Chief will determine where the park should be placed.  P. Urbach urged the Board to sign and move ahead with the project before Town Meeting.  He feels the Board should continue as was voted.  He also is concerned because the donations were made by people who believed that the library was going on the Ski Tow Hill site.  The trustees may have to return these donations.  

David Brown stated that he believed that the Board should wait the six weeks and make a decision after Town Meeting.  Rhonda Gurney asked if a sidewalk was planned.  She stated that an employee of the library told her that one was planned.  Tony Bergeron responded that he has spoken with Peter Urbach about a possible sidewalk on High Street, but these were merely ideas expressed and no plans existed.  David Brown questioned if the application was being rushed and why.  Fred Gallup responded that he did not feel anything fishy was going on, but does feel that the application should be reworded to be less implying.  Both F. Gallup and Stephen White stated that the Board should sign the application as the voters expressed their desire for this site at the 2003 Town Meeting.  

William Roach stated that the Board of Selectmen did not realize that the property was forest land until recently.  He stated that he feels the Site Plan Review is premature and should not be applied for until after Town Meeting.

Peter Urbach did not like the implication that the Trustees were “sneaking around”.  He stated that this has been an open topic since 2003 and was not being “pushed” through.

The Site Plan Review Application received two signatures from the Board of Selectmen.


Donna Nashawaty informed the Selectmen that an error was made in the mailer for the deliberative session.  This is being corrected and the mailer will go out as planned.


A.  Chartier Request to Park Bus at Highway Garage

Donna Nashawaty presented the Board with a letter from Eric Chartier.  E. Chartier lives in Sunapee and would like to park the school bus he drives for a school other than Sunapee at the Highway Garage.  D. Nashawaty informed the Board that the buses are

Board of Selectmen
January 29, 2007

privately owned.  It was the consensus of the Board that permission not be given to E. Chartier citing the setting of precedence and safety.

B.  Appointment of Library Trustee

The Board of Selectmen was presented with a volunteer form from Mary Epremian who expressed an interest in filling an unexpired term on the Abbott Library Board of Trustees.  Motion was made by Richard Leone to appoint Mary Epremian to the Abbott Library Board of Trustees, term to expire March 13, 2007.  The motion was seconded by Stephen White.  The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

C.  Filing Form

Donna Nashawaty presented the Selectmen with a letter from Betty Ramspott and a copy of the MS 61 form she files with the state.  The letter informed the Board that with regard to placement on the ballot, the Secretary of State and the NH City, Town and Clerks Association drew the letter Z for the Town of Sunapee.  Any one whose name begins with Z would be placed first.  D. Nashawaty stated that she believes that Betty Rampsott will place individuals on the ballot alphabetically.

D.  Resignation from Building Committee

Donna Nashawaty presented the Selectmen with a letter of resignation from the Building Committee from Barbara Hollander.   The Board asked D. Nashawaty to write a letter of appreciation to B. Hollander.  Motion was made by Stephen White to accept the resignation with regret.  The motion was seconded by Richard Leone.  The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

E.  Assignment of Motions for Deliberative Session

The Selectmen will take turns.  Donna Nashawaty will set up the sequence.   The petition articles will have to be moved by a petitioner.

F.  Grant Application:  Charrett Letter of Approval

The Livery Renovation Committee is applying for a grant for a Charrett for the old Town Hall and need a letter of support from the Board of Selectmen.  Emma Smith offered to draft a letter.  Motion was made by Stephen White to have Emma Smith write a letter of support for the Board’s signature.  The motion was seconded by Richard Leone.   The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Board of Selectmen
January 29, 2007


A.  Cover of 2006 Town Report

The Board approved of a picture of the new Safety Services Building.

B.  Non-Public Session RSA 91-A: 3 II ( c ) Dedication of Town Report

Motion was made at 10:30 PM by Stephen White that the Board enter non-public session in accordance with 91-A:3 II ( c ).  The motion was seconded by Richard Leone.  The vote by hand was unanimous and the motion carried.

Motion was made by Emma Smith to leave non-public session at 10:45 PM.  The motion was seconded by Richard Leone.  The vote was unanimous and the motion carried.

Motion was made by Fred Gallup to seal the minutes of the non-public session until after Town Meeting 2007.  The motion was seconded by Richard Leone.  The vote by hand was unanimous and the motion.

C.  Town Manager Vacation

Donna Nashawaty will be taking vacation February 26 to March 6.


Stephen White informed the Board that he would not be at the February 12, 2007 meeting.

Stephen White informed the Board of a visit he and others made to the Bridgewater-Hebron Cinerator facilities.   He stated that the group was very impressed with the facility and were told that the payback from this was seen in five to six years.  S. White would like to see a committee established to study having the Town build its own incinerator.  Emma Smith asked S. White to write up what the charge would be for the committee and bring it to the Board of discussion.  S. White agreed.

Fred Gallup wished to express his appreciation for the Board’s patience with him not attending some past Selectmen’s meetings.  He apologized for his absence and stated that he should be able to make the up coming meetings.  

Discussion was held on the posting of minutes.  The word “draft” will be placed on all minutes.  The minutes will not be considered final until signed at the next Selectmen’s meeting.

Board of Selectmen
January 29, 2007

The meeting adjourned at 11:30 PM.

Submitted by,  Darlene Morse                    Approved_____________________

Emma Smith, Chairman                            Stephen W. White, Vice Chairman

William Roach                                   Richard Leone

Frederick Gallup