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Selectmen's Minutes 2010/08/09
7:00 PM Town Office Meeting Room
Monday, August 9, 2010

Present: Fred Gallup Chairman, William Roach Vice Chairman, Emma Smith, Charlotte Brown, Stephen White, Donna Nashawaty, Town Manager

Also Present: See attached sign-in sheet

Chairman Gallup opened the meeting at 7:00PM  

Public Hearing – Ordinance Regulating Town Properties (Dog Ordinance)
Chairman Gallup read a portion of the ordinance concerning animals.
Section IV
     (Service animals are exempt from this provision)
  • Each animal shall be on a leash and under the control of their handlers, shall not   be allowed to become a nuisance to other patrons, and shall not be left unattended in any vehicle, camper, carrier, or other enclosure at anytime while on Town property.
  • It shall be unlawful for any person owning, possessing or controlling an 269194577animal269194577JW on any sidewalk, street or public area or on any private property neither owned nor occupied by said person to:
  • Fail to carry any article or means to remove any feces left by such animal; or
  • Fail to remove and dispose of any feces left by such animal in a manner consistent with NH RSA 163-B
  • This section of the ordinance shall be enforced only if the failure to appear without a means of removal or the failure to remove and dispose of said dog feces occurs in the presence of a law enforcement officer or any individual (private or town official) witnessing a violation of the ordinance who is willingly to testify to the police and the courts regarding such violation.
  • Pets are not allowed at Dewey Beach, Tilton Park, Georges Mills Beach or Sunapee Harbor.
A person in custody of any animal who is in violation of this section will be required to remove the animal from Town property immediately

Chairman Gallup read into the record letters and emails received from residents who could not attend. (Letters attached) Selectman Roach also asked the Chairman to read into the record the letter that was first received by the Selectmen concerning the dog fouling problem in Georges Mills, he did so. Chairman Gallup opened the meeting for public comments.

The residents would like to keep the current ordinance and have it enforced. After much discussion, the general consensus of the residents was that they thought animals could be prohibited at the Town beaches, and even have leashes required, but that the amended ordinance was too severe. Chairman Gallup felt the conversation was constructive and his recommendation to the Board would be to table this matter and review the comments received by the audience before amending the ordinance.

Public Hearing - Montambault Property on Sargent Road     
This is the first public hearing that is required in order for the Board of Selectmen to covey any interest in property that the Town owns. Donna Nashawaty presented to the Planning Board and Conservation Commission, awaiting response. The plan is to relinquish ownership of the 20 feet between 200 and 400 feet of the private road to the Montambaults. The second public hearing will be held on Tuesday, September 7th at 7:00PM.      

Michael Dufor Old Town Hall
Michael Dufor came before the Board on behalf of the Old Town Hall to request that the Board try and obtain ownership of the lot next to the Old Town Hall for the purpose of developing the building in the future. Chairman Gallup stated that the Board has already agreed to meet with the Riverway at a later date this year to discuss the disposition of this lot. Chairman Gallup said the Board will take note of the request from the Old Town Hall Committee. Donna Nashawaty will set-up a non-public session with the Riverway to discuss the options.    

Barbara Brill County Transportation Services
Barbara Brill gave a recap of the discussion she had with the Board in November regarding the need for public transportation services in Sunapee. The agreement was that the Board of Selectmen would contribute $500 to help fund the program. Barbara Brill would increase the efforts for outreach, track the ridership and in a year come back to the Board and decide together if there was value in continuing the service. In Barbara Brill’s opinion, she doesn’t think another 2 months would change the results, which is the ridership has not increased. She would like to discontinue the service and not wait until November. The Board agreed with the decision.

Selectmen Action
•Donna Nashawaty asked the Board to choose dates for the following events. The Charter Policy Meeting with a representative from Peterborough will be on October 4th and the Budget Session will be on Friday, November 5th.
•Motion to allow Chairman Gallup to sign the use of facilities application for Lake Sunapee Rowing Club to have a community rowing program at the Georges Mills Harbor on Saturday, August 14th by Selectman White, seconded by Selectman Roach. All in Favor.
•Donna Nashawaty presented the MS-5 to the Board for their signatures.

Chairman’s Report
Earlier today, Chairman Gallup reviewed with Donna Nashawaty and Roger Landry, Zoning Administrator the After the Fact Fee issued to Andrea Manter/ Debbie Samalis. Chairman Gallup and Donna Nashawaty met with Debbie Samalis to discuss the details and advise her that in order to make any adjustment to the fee, there had to be something unique about this situation that would set it apart, so it didn’t set a precedence later in regards to any relief on the After the Fact fee and their recommendation to the Board that was not the case. Board concurred.

Town Manager’s Report
•Donna Nashawaty received letter from the Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission asked if the Town would write a formal letter of support for their Sustainable Communities Initiative Application. Donna Nashawaty presented the Board with a letter of support for their signatures. Motion to sign a letter of support by Selectman White, seconded by Selectman Roach. All in Favor.
•Donna Nashawaty reminded the Board of the orange placard that is now posted on the streetlights that are being proposed for removal.
•Donna Nashawaty told the Board about the grant Howard Sargent received for the Emergency Operation Plan, which is now complete. Part of the plan requires the Town of Sunapee to adopt the plan, concur with it annually and approve the foreword (mission statement). Howard Sargent would like the Board to sign the above paperwork for the plan at the August 23rd Board of Selectmen’s meeting. Donna Nashawaty has 3 copies of the plan that the Board can review before signing.  

Meeting adjourned at 9:34PM

Submitted by,
Barbara Vaughn
Administrative Assistant                                


____________________                            ______________________
Frederick Gallup, Chairman                      Charlotte Brown

_________________________                       _______________________         
William Roach, Vice-Chairman                    Stephen White

Emma M. Smith