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Selectmen's Minutes 2010/06/14
7:00 PM Town Office Meeting Room
Monday, June 14, 2010

Present: Fred Gallup Chairman, William Roach Vice Chairman, Emma Smith, Charlotte Brown, Stephen White, Donna Nashawaty, Town Manager

Also Present: Katie Richardson Intertown Record, Peter and Linda  Urbach, Representative Suzanne Gottling, John and Jean Wilson, Scott Blewitt, Donna Gazelle, Terri White, Spec Bowers, John and Robin Mapley, Dave Brown, Dan Banks, Charles Smith, Ray DiGiovanni, Sally Southard, Ellie White, Catherine Bushueff, Betty Reid, Nancy Clark.  

Chairman Gallup opened the meeting at 7:00PM  

Dana Ramspott-Old Town Hall
Donna Nashawaty spoke on behalf of Dana Ramspott, Chairman of the Old Town Hall Committee, regarding having an open house at the Old Town Hall during the 4th of July parade on July 3rd . The committee would set-up a table in the entrance area, roping off the area so the public could not walk around inside the building. They will be passing out information on the building and ask for public comments or ideas for use of the building. Motion to approve an open house at the Old Town Hall on July 3rd by Selectman Brown, seconded by Selectman White. All in Favor.

Public Comments
Representative Gottling wanted to remind the Board of the public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, June 15th on the Commissioners budget at the vocational school in Claremont.  Selectman White asked how Representative Gottling voted on HB 1128, which was passed by the House to reconcile the budget. Representative Gottling said she voted for the budget. Selectman White was disappointed in the way Representative Gottling voted since it levied a downshift of costs to the towns, but thanked her for her answer.

Selectmen’s Action
•Board recessed at 7:11PM to discuss the legal opinion on the issue of the anonymous flyer under client/attorney privilege. Board returned at 7:20PM. Chairman Gallup stated that the issue had been addressed by the Attorney General’s office and after the issue was brought up at the last meeting the Board felt it needed to seek legal counsel to be sure it was staying within their realm. Chairman Gallup then read the letter from the Attorney General’s office and the Town Attorney’s legal opinion. (Attachments). Having read the documents, Chairman Gallup went on to say that the Board has decided it will not take up a conversation regarding this issue and would recommend that if anyone still has issues to contact the Attorney General’s office. All the documents read are public record and can be reviewed and copied at the Town Offices.

•Motion to approve the use of facilities application from Laura Temple Wedding on July 23th at the Gazebo by Selectman White, seconded by Selectman Roach. All in Favor.
•Motion to amend the June 1st minutes to change the word building in the sentence “set-up a committee to see if the Town could use the building in the future” to property by Selectman Brown, seconded by Selectman White. All in Favor.
•Donna Nashawaty noted that Pat Hall’s appointment has been signed by the Board of Selectmen and will be passed on to the Town Clerk for the swearing in.   

Town Manager Report
•Donna Nashawaty reminded the Board of the Coalition Communities Meeting at the Local Government Center on June 28th  at 3:00PM.
•Donna Nashawaty read the ad that appeared in the Kearsarge Shopper thanking the playground contributors and Lynne Peirce family.
•The Town needs to hire a temporary employee to design and develop the Frisbee Golf Course that will be located at the Lynne Peirce Memorial Playground. Motion to put temporary 80 hour Disk Golf Course Designer position on the 2010 pay table by Selectman Smith, seconded by Selectman White. All in Favor.
•Donna Nashawaty stated that the Town will be looking for volunteers to help work on the installation of playground on Tuesday, July 13th and Thursday, July 15th.
•Donna Nashawaty asked to move the Monday, September 6th Board of Selectmen meeting, which is Labor Day to Tuesday, September 7th. The request was granted by the Board.
•Donna Nashawaty wanted to run by the preliminary dock and harbor enhancements. The Mt. Kearsarge has asked for permission to put in some pilings on the opposite side of the dock. Currently there are 2 plying on the Sunapee side of the dock, which are maintained by the Town. One came out last year and was not placed back very solidly. Watermark will be doing the project, which will be a 3 cluster of pilings. The Mt. Kearsarge would pay for the design, materials and installation on the Kearsarge side of dock. While the pile driver is here the Town will replaced the pilings at the end of the dock. This protects the dock by preventing the boat from banging into the sides. There is a state permit that Watermark will be preparing for the Board of Selectmen’s signature. The consensus of the Board was for Watermark to proceed with designing the plan and then presented it to the Board.
•Donna Nashawaty passed on a complaint with a petition of signatures to look at parking on Burkehaven Hill and Lake Avenue to the Highway Safety Committee.
•Donna Nashawaty received a letter from the Sunapee Central School thanking the Town for their participation in the 5th Grade Dare Program.
•Donna Nashawaty informed the Board that $2,800 was paid out in rents this month on the Welfare Report for Town Assistance.
•Donna Nashawaty pointed out an excellent article in this month’s Town & City Magazine about Selecting the Rules for Board of Selectmen, very interesting.

Selectman White wanted to pass along some positives comments he received regarding Chief David Cahill and Roger Landry by 2 residents.

•Selectman White expressed concern regarding a recent decision by the Planning Board to allow a 20 seat restaurant at 45 Main Street. After some discussion it was suggested that Selectman White attend the Tuesday, July 1st Planning Board meeting to voice his concerns.
•Scott Blewitt gave a rundown of the events happening for the July 3rd Independence Day celebration.

Meeting adjourned at 8:13PM
Submitted by,
Barbara Vaughn
Administrative Assistant                                


____________________                            ______________________
Frederick Gallup, Chairman                      Charlotte Brown

_________________________                       _______________________         
William Roach, Vice-Chairman                    Stephen White

Emma M. Smith