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Selectmen's Minutes 2010/06/01
7:00 PM Town Office Meeting Room
Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Present: Fred Gallup Chairman, William Roach Vice Chairman, Emma Smith, Charlotte Brown, Stephen White, Donna Nashawaty, Town Manager
Also Present: Katie Richardson Intertown Record, Peter Urbach, Representative Suzanne Gottling, Terri Jillson-White, John Wilson, Donna Gazelle.  

Chairman Gallup opened the meeting at 7:00PM  

Selectmen’s Action
•Chairman Gallup gave a recap on the Library Trustees decision to terminate the Riverway purchase and sales agreement at their last meeting. Chairman Gallup looked over the agreement and wanted to point out a couple of things:
  • Section 3, the nonrefundable payment which was paid and covers the lease from January 1st to December 31st in the amount of $12,000. Donna Nashawaty stated that the school district would still pay the rent on the building, the town would pay the rent for the parking lot and the Library would be responsible for the remaining balance.
  • Section 5, Termination of the Agreement. The Buyer should have the right to terminate the agreement prior to the purchase of the premises at any time under the following conditions: the two conditions that Chairman Gallup referred to were 5.1.1 The Town Meeting votes to not move forward with constructing the library on the premises and 5.2 The buyer shall provide the Seller with thirty (30) days written notice prior to termination under this section.
In Chairman Gallup’s opinion, because the lease payment has been made for the year, he thinks December 2nd would be the appropriate time to give notice of the termination.  Selectman Brown would like wait to terminate the lease until the end of November and set-up a committee to see if the Town could use the building in the future, maybe in conjunction with the Old Town Hall. Selectman White thought the Town might use the property for extra parking for the area businesses and Old Town Hall, but Chairman Gallup thought that $400,000 for a parking lot was a little excessive. After much discussion, the consensus of the Board was to wait to terminate the lease at the end of November. Motion to hold off on the cancellation of the lease with the Riverway until the end of November and to set-up a committee to explore the town options in using the property by Selectman Brown, seconded by Selectman White. All in Favor. Donna Nashawaty will put an agenda item on the June 28th meeting to discuss setting up a committee to explore Riverway lease property.
•Motion to sign lease agreement with Appleseed Cruise Property, LLC for MV MT. Sunapee by Selectman White, seconded by Selectman Roach. All in Favor.

Chairman Report
•Chairman Gallup read the letter from Governor Lynch congratulating the town on receiving the 2010 Profile Award (acknowledges towns that reflect the memory of the Old Man of the Mountain) along with the Towns of New London and Newbury and also read the certificate that was presented to the Town of Sunapee.
•Chairman Gallup read the resignation letter from Diane Guyer, Beautification Committee. The committee would like to recommend Pat Hall to fill in for the reminder of Diane’s term and ask the Board of Selectmen to accept the appointment. Motion to accept nomination of Pat Hall by the Beautification committee to replace Diane Guyer by Selectman White, seconded by Selectman Brown.  All in Favor Chairman Gallup presented the annual budget for the Beautification Committee. Motion to authorize that the funds be spent according to the budget report by Selectman Brown, seconded by Selectman Smith. All in Favor.
•Chairman Gallup was disappointed that the legislators passed the HB 1393 amendment regarding the pooled risk oversight.

Town Manager Report
•Donna Nashawaty read the complaint that was received regarding the dog waste at the Georges Mills dock/park area asking the Board to restrict dogs in this area. Donna Nashawaty read the current ordinance regarding dog fouling. Motion to schedule a public hearing on June 28th to amend the dog fouling ordinance and adopt a leash law by Selectman Smith, seconded by Selectman White. All in Favor.
•Donna Nashawaty gave the details of the Main Street Walk that the Sunapee Historical Society would like to hold on Saturday, July 31st from 9am-noon. The Historical Society would like the permission of the Board to close off Lower Main Street from the Methodist Church to the intersection at North Road for the event. After discussion, the sense of the Board was to allow the road to be closed.

Selectman White wanted to set a time to discuss and consider using the Health Savings Accounts for employees next year. Donna Nashawaty explained that she was in the planning process for an employee group to review the health offerings and give some guidance for budget process.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20PM
Submitted by,
Barbara Vaughn
Administrative Assistant                                


____________________                            ______________________
Frederick Gallup, Chairman                      Charlotte Brown

_________________________                       _______________________         
William Roach, Vice-Chairman                    Stephen White

Emma M. Smith