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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 04/12/2016
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Meeting Minutes
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
April 12, 2016


Regular Members Present:  Bob Doyen, Robert Falaguerra, Ned Farman, George Finley, Bill Harris, John MacDonald, Mike Mackey (ex-officio), Michael Magee, Tom Myer, Harry Plaut (ex-officio),
Steve Ross

Alternate Members Present:  


Guests:  Kristine Baker,  PE (Project Engineer from Fuss & O’Neill)

Chairman Steve Ross called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  

a.       Clerks Report:  Approval of Minutes
John MacDonald moved to accept the minutes of Regular Meeting March 8, 2016 and George Finley seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

b.      Correspondence
DEEP notice of violations and non-compliance with Black Hall Outfitters dredging
Proposal from Docko for the Walkway and Platform Structure - Lt. River Foot Bridge
Steve Ross stated that Coastline Consulting and McDonald-Sharpe Associates will submit proposals in the near future.  To be discussed under Current Business.

c.       Treasurer’s Report:  Approval of Report for March 2016  
Bill Harris presented the Treasurer’s Report.  The beginning balance was $20,795.58, Interest and Dividends $6.92, Cash Receipts $375.00 and Disbursements (718.68).  The ending balance $20,458.82.  The Treasurer’s Report was accepted.

Steve Ross moved to add Agenda Item Presentation by Kristine Baker from Fuss & O’Neill regarding the Sheffield Brook Restoration and Culvert Project which is being planned by the Old Colony Beach Association.  Ned Farman seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

Kristine Baker of Fuss & O’Neill presented designs and an overview of the proposed plan for a restoration and culvert project for Sheffield Brook.  Old Colony Beach Association has received two grants; one Federal Grant and one State Grant.  They have presently submitted a permit application to the Office of Long Island Sound Programs for a Certificate of Permission, and are looking for the approval of the Harbor Management Commission.  There was a discussion.  

Ned Farman moved and Tom Myer seconded to return the DEEP Consultation Form and indicate that it is consistent with the Harbor Master Plan.  SO VOTED.

a.       Member Appointments
There are three openings for Alternates.

b.      Pilgrim Landing – Mike Magee
Mike Magee reported that the racks are in good shape and all is well.  Once the warmer weather gets here, more attention must be made for weed control on a regular basis.

c.      Dinghy Dock – Mike Mackey
The Commission thanked George Finley for replacing boards in the fixed walkway where someone had burned them.  

d.      Potential Public Access Site West Bank of Lt. River and Halls Road
1. Phase 2 Foot Bridge Across Lt. River
John MacDonald reported that he had met with the Chairman and one of the members BJ Bernblum of the Halls Road Improvement Committee.  He presented them with the charcoal drawing concept of the old “Bow Bridge”, and they were very pleased with the concept of the foot bridge looking like the old Bow Bridge.  The Committee is not ready to start as they have not acquired funding yet.  The Committee will borrow the drawing and return it to the Harbor Management Commission at a later date.  Mary Ellen will scan a copy of John MacDonald’s email to Mr. Bernblum along with the minutes.
2.  Phase 3 Access to Water’s Edge – Proposals Requested – Update
Steve Ross reported that he and Ned had met with three companies at the site where they discussed putting a new ADA spec walkway from the road level down to the river.  This would include a platform over the water.  This would allow the marsh to be restored from its present state.  Steve Ross reported that Docko had presented a proposal, but McDonald-Sharpe and Coastline Consulting had not submitted theirs yet.  Steve Ross moved to table this discussion to a later date once the other proposals are received.  Bob Doyen seconded the motion.  SO VOTED.

Steve Ross reported that he had put in some calls to DEEP with questions about funding and he had not had any success yet in speaking with the right person.  He will continue to look into this.

a.      Harbor Master Report Harry Plaut and Mike Mackey
Status of moorings unclaimed that were pulled in 2013-14 (8 available to sell)
Harry Plaut reported that there are still 8 moorings available to sell. Options for selling these moorings were discussed. Steve Ross suggested that by next meeting Harry put together a Craig’s List ad that would list the various moorings (with their weights) for sale.

Harbor Master recap of activity since last meeting
Harry Plaut reported on the violations and non-compliance issues that occurred with Black Hall Outfitters dredging project.  These violations were reported to the DEEP and they are now involved.

Mr. Plaut reported that he had received a Coast Guard Bulletin stating that anyone boating off shore three miles or more should consider having a survival raft and EPIRB on board.

Mr. Plaut will be attending a Boating Enforcement Class for Harbor Masters in Clinton next Wednesday.

Steve Ross reported that Ned Farman had written a letter to Governor Malloy on behalf of First Selectwoman Reemsnyder, Steve Ross and himself, thanking the State for the grant money that funded the dredging project.  

Steve Ross had sent a response to Ron Swaney and Gene Chimiel regarding their allegations involving the Town’s dredging project.  The Commission had been copied.  Mr. Swaney had stated that he had ten photographs and he only forwarded three to Steve.  None of the photos showed any irregularities.  Mr. Swaney was to send a video he took, and he has not done so to date.  This issue is closed.

Steve Ross shared a couple of emails that he had received from Kevin Zawoy at DEEP.  These emails were in regard to the violations sustained during the dredging project at Black Hall Outfitters.  DEEP noted numerous violations and stop work orders were issued.  The DEEP is now satisfied with the end result.  There will be a fine imposed to the permittee.  

Status of 2016 mooring applications and inspection reports
Review Mooring Inspection and information as shown on the Town Website
Steve Ross had received several calls from people who were confused by the verbiage on the mooring application and inspection reports.  These were reviewed and recommendations were made for new verbiage.  Bob Doyen moved and Ned Farman seconded to delete two sentences as discussed on the Mooring Inspection Information and the re-wording of the paragraph on the Mooring Application Form.  SO VOTED.  Steve Ross will email Ruth Roach with the changes.

Harry Plaut requested that a Discussion of Mooring Inspection Frequency be added to next month’s Agenda under the Harbor Master Report.

b.      Dredging Ned Farman and Steve Ross
Ned Farman stated that the accounts are closed.  The State would like the remaining money back that was not used so this cannot be used for future surveys.  The Commission will go back to the State in about six months to inquire about using some of the money that was returned for a survey. There is still an outstanding issue at South Lyme Marina that occurred during the project, and it was suggested that the owner of the marina get together with Patriot and let them iron it out.  

a.       Applications for dock, etc.
Sheffield Brook restoration application received and approved by the Commission. This was done earlier in the meeting.

b.      Next meeting
The next meeting of the Harbor Management Commission will be on May 10, 2016.

Harry Plaut informed the Commission that he may use a privately-owned drone to assist him with his work.


Bob Doyen moved and Robert Falaguerra seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM.

Submitted by,

Mary Ellen Garbarino

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