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Harbor Management Commission Minutes 04/13/2010
Minutes of a Meeting of
The Old Lyme Harbor Management Commission
April 13, 2010

Members presentCharlie Delinks, Bill Harris, Mike Mackey, Mike Magee, Steve Ross, Dave Zita.
Alternates present – Ned Farman, Susan Connors.
Absent – Bob Doyen, Dave Frederiks, Jon Mittelman, Mike Moran.

A quorum being present, Chairman Ross called the meeting to order at 7:32 PM.

Clerk’s Report
The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and accepted as submitted.

Steve Ross reported that he had received the following pieces of correspondence: 1) a copy of an application to DEP for John Sicuranza in Point of Woods to retain an existing stone and mortar wall; 2) an application to DEP for the Old Lyme Fire Wharf Reconstruction at the east side of the Lieutenant River at Academy Lane; 3) an application to DEP by the Point of Woods Association to regrade their beach; and 4) a certificate of permission for Library Lane as discussed at the March meeting.  None of these required HMC action.

Treasurer’s Report
Jon Mittelman was traveling and unable to attend tonight’s meeting so the Treasurer’s report was deferred.

Member Appointments
Steve Ross noted that there remains one vacancy for the alternate member position.  He will call Bob Doyen regarding his membership status.  Susan Connors stated that she may need to resign soon depending on an employment promotion and will notify Steve as soon as possible.

Pilgrim Landing
Mike Magee reported that he had not yet been down to the Landing to evaluate for future work but will do so soon.

Dinghy Dock
Mike Mackey stated that the dinghy dock is not in yet.

CRERPA Questionnaire
Steve Ross reported that he had given the HMC member address list to the CRERPA contact who was supposed to send the questionnaire out to each individual member.  None of the members had received it so Steve will contact CRERPA regarding the situation.

Harbor Master
No report this month.

Dock Standards
Steve stated that he had discussed with Sue Bailey the application from Renaud on Sandpiper and had clarified that it precedes the Dock Standards and is grandfathered in.

Harbor Management Plan
Dave Zita reported that he has only about 2 hours worth of work left to finish the plan and hopes to have it completed and distributed by email for review by members prior to next month’s meeting.

Ned Farman thanked Charlie Delinks for his presentation last month to the Board of Finance. The appropriation that HMC had requested was not approved so HMC will return in the future.  Ned had spoken to Triton Company who has done dredging work on the shoreline, Hamburg Cove, etc. and he explained the current status but will keep their information for the future.  After discussion regarding how to proceed with the dredging effort, members suggested that Ned contact Jenna Cho of the New London Day newspaper to raise awareness and possibly get the public involved so as to gain momentum.  Ned will also speak with Joe Salvatore of the DOT to obtain information regarding a private/public partnership to begin the dredging effort.

Dock Applications/DEP Violations
None received this month.

Fishers Island Sound Contractors
Jaxon Vibber of Fishers Island Sound Contractors presented information to members on new technologies for anchors and lines that are not at present part of the Harbor Management Plan. Mr. Vibber would like to use a pyramid mooring anchor for a resident near Old Lyme Shores. Steve Ross noted that while he is not opposed to the new shapes and technology, the Commission would need more information upon which to base a decision.  Mr. Vibber was agreeable with this and will forward information to Commission members for further review.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.

Submitted by:
Janet S. Cody, Clerk