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Draft from January 9, 2017
Newton Recreation Commission
2 Town Hall Road
Newton NH 03858
603-382-4405 x 13
Minutes for January 9, 2017
Call to Order :  Chairman Bob Faghan called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM
In Attendance:  Bob Faghan, Chairman; Matt Burrill, Selectman Ex-Officio; Vanessa Burrill, Alternate; Vinny Murphy, Alternate; and Annie Collyer, Vice-Chairman
Mr. Faghan appointed Mrs. Burrill and Mr. Murphy as voting members for this meeting in place of Steve St. Cyr and Christine Kuzmitski.
Guests in attendance:  None
Meeting Schedules:  Ms. Collyer said the Selectman’s office would like to make a master schedule of meetings to secure meeting room space for the year.  It was agreed that Recreation would continue to meet on the first and third Mondays, that there would be no meeting on February 20 or January 16.  Ms. Collyer will notify the office of Recreation plans to secure the rear meeting room on the planned dates.
Approval of minutes of Dec 19, 2016:  Mrs. Burrill made a motion, seconded by Mr. Murphy, to approve the minutes of December 19, 2016 as written.  The motion passed unanimously.
Warrant Articles for 2017:  Discussion of the warrant articles noted that Recreation has put forward two for this year:  The Senior Warrant Article and Newton Towne Day.  It was decided by consensus that the Commission would not introduce any other warrant articles this year.
Recreation Property Improvement Encumbrance requests:  Mr. Burrill noted that all the encumbrances are in place as submitted at year-end.
Snow tubing:  Mr. Murphy will contact the New England Sports Park in Amesbury to determine the status of our prepaid discounts left over from last year.  Because there was no snow last year, it is most likely there are many still available, and the budget plans for reinvestment in discounted tickets going forward for  town residents.  Ms. Collyer outlined the procedure that was in place last year, that town residents could go, show proof of residency in Newton, and obtain a $10 discount on snowtubing at the park.
Other Business: Selectman Burrill stated that Commission members and alternates need to delineate terms, so that they have varied expirations.  Ms. Collyer noted that she plans to retire as a member in March, and would like to continue as an alternate.  Both Mrs. Burrill and Mr. Murphy expressed interest in taking on the membership role.  Elections of officers and members will take place in March.
Adjourn:  Ms. Collyer made a motion, seconded by Mrs. Burrill, to adjourn.  Passing unanimously, Mr. Faghan adjourned the meeting at 7:25 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Annie Collyer,