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April 11, 2007 Trustees of the Gale Library Minutes

DATE:                   April 11, 2007
PLACE:                  Gale Library
TIME:                           9:00 a.m.
CALL TO ORDER:          9:04 a.m.
ROLL CALL:              Marilyn Landry, chairperson; Terry Caswell, library
                                director; Carol Szot, treasurer; Sally Woodman,
                        secretary; Beverly Bachelder, alt.; and Irene Nally, Friend                                                     of the Library.

SECRETARY’S REPORT:             Read and accepted.
LIBRARY DIRECTOR’S REPORT:      Read and accepted.
TREASURER’S REPORT:             Read and accepted.

-       A grant, approving a ‘Gates Staying Connected Technical
Support’, was received from the State of New Hampshire State  Library. The
     grant will give our library $600 for technical assistance allowing the                          
     library to pay the one time set-up charge for this digital media delivery
-       Page 2 of the Personnel Policy was reviewed. A current evaluation form will be attached         to our section of the Policies.
-       Purchasing furniture for a reading area is postponed to the September meeting.
-       All but one section of the new shed has been repaired.
-       Irene Nally has posted the 2007/2008 meeting dates for The Friends of  The Library.
-       Plans for the National Library Week Open House are progressing as planned.

-       A written report about the fire alarm system has been received. It details what Phase II of     this system entails. Phase II is slated to begin in the fall.
-       The updated Pay Wage matrix has been reviewed.
-       Amendments to the Circulation/limits section of our policies were made and voted upon. The number of new books taken out a one time has been changed from unlimited to three at a time. The wording on borrowing DVD’s and VH's has been changed from ‘per family’ to ‘per patron’.

ADJOURNMENT:    10:52 a.m.