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Bicentennial Committee Agenda 04/22/2009


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I – Welcome

II – Approval of minutes for March 18, 2009

III – Treasurer’s Report:

IV – Updates for committee:

·        Reminder:  keeping green – Members bring copy of agenda and events lists, etc. to meeting

·        Reminder: members need to sign in on attendance sheet and update contact information

·        Status of two new members and Town of Millbury policy on Sexual Harassment signings

V – Committee Reports:

·        Events Committee - Ron Marlborough

·        Finance/Fundraising Committee – Rob Morton

·        History Committee – Carole Chiras

·        Media Committee – Paul Raffa

VI – Old Business:

·        Review of Decisions made at last meeting

-          Calendar (June 11, 2012 to July 4, 2013)

-          Determinations of Committee Chairs and composition of Executive Board

-          Approval of Mission Statement

·        Final approval of Logo

·        Review of Events with particular emphasis on what events might we include that are not on the list sent along with the agenda.  (20 minutes)

·        Discuss Press Release and determine next step:  Paul Raffa

·        Town Meeting Plans for May 5, 2009

-          Defense of Warrant – Rob Morton

-          Attendance of Board members to work at table

-          Sign-up sheets for four different committees

-          Getting a sizable logo for table and/or wall in hall

-          Donation can with logo

VII – New Business:

·        Work on Brochure for Town Meeting.

·        Establish timetables and expectations for our board and the different committees.

·        Discuss role of MBC at Lincoln Event, May 16 -17, 2009, if any

·        Discuss committee formation and meetings

·        Discuss email address for MBC, its uses and abuses

·        Other

VIII – Discussion on agenda for next meeting

·        Continue discussing the tasks for each committee and timetables and expectations

·        Proposals at meeting and in the interim

·        Next meeting: location, date, and time

IX - Adjournment