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School Agenda 10/13/2010
Millbury School Committee Meeting
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

6:30 p.m. Tour of Shaw School
7:00 p.m. Regular Session


1.      Approval of Regular Session and Executive Session Minutes of 9.22.10

2.  Report of the Administration
        a.      Follow-up on 2010 District-wide MCAS Report
        b.      Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS) Presentation
        c.      2010 October 1 Report
        d.      Teachers Who Have Attained Professional Status
       e.      Science Instruction at Elmwood Street School
        f.      Student Government Day – Friday, November 19, 2010
        g.      Events to Honor Veterans

3.      Budget

4.      Old Business
a.          High School Drainage Project Certificate of Completion

5.      New Business
a.      Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy

6.      Executive Session (if needed)
        In accordance with Chapter 30 A, Section 21 (a) (3) of the MA General Laws, the Millbury        
        School Committee will vote to move into Executive Session for the purpose of discussing         
        collective bargaining with the SEIU, Local 888

7.    Next Meeting:   Wednesday, October 27, 2010   7:00 p.m.   MHS Media Ctr.
                             Wednesday, November 10, 2010  7:00 p.m. Elmwood School

8.      Adjourn

The listing of agenda items is those reasonably anticipated by the Chairperson to be discussed at the meeting.  Not all items listed may, in fact, be discussed and other items not listed, may be addressed to the extent permitted by the law.