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Bicentennial Committee Minutes 06/09/2010
Date:   Wednesday, June 9, 2010         Time:   7:00 p.m.

Location:       Asa Waters Mansion, Millbury


Committee Members Present
Cynthia Burr
Carole Chiras
David Cofske
Edd Cote
Roger Derosiers
Jeffrey Dore
Frank Gagliardi
Karen Gagliardi
Ronald Marlborough
Robert Morton
Mary Lou Mulhane
Paul Raffa
Rebecca Rehm
Jamie Rembiszewski
Christopher Sinacola
Carol Vulter
Lynn Winston

Committee Members Absent
Marc Auclair
Paul DiCicco
Catherine Elliott
Tish Hayes
William Kane, Sr.
Denise Marlborough
E. Joseph McKeon
Joyce Ostrowski
Harold Proodian
Armand White

Guests Presents


At 7:05 p.m., Roger Desroseris opened the meeting with 16 members present.

Agenda Item I– Approval of Minutes from April 28, 2010 meeting
Approval of minutes will be pushed to next meeting.

Agenda Item II – Treasurer’s Report:  Update on donations/expenses/reimbursements and signing of vouchers
Rob Morton reported that we have about $35,000 currently for the MBC and that these numbers look good for now and we should continue to check in on the status regularly.

Agenda Item III – Updates:    

Agenda Item IV – Committee Reports:

Finance/Fundraising Committee Report:
Rob Morton reported from their June 2 meeting on Capital Campaign results.  They are hoping to get another $20,000 this year.  

Karen Gagliardi arrived at 7:11 p.m., making 17 members present.  

Rob Morton proposed that Vaillancourt Folk Art make 200 limited edition Millbury Santas that incorporate themes of Millbury, such as maroon and gold, Blackstone River mill scene, Town Hall tower, Asa Waters Mansion, “Go Woolies,” Asa Waters George Washington stamp, etc.  Expect this will net $18,000 with this fundraiser.  Rob said he hopes to have a sample for the MBC to approve in September with ordering available in October.  

Motion: Lynn Winston moved to accept Vaillancourt Santa fundraiser, seconded by Frank Gagliardi.
Vote: No discussion, all in favor, none opposed.  Motion approved 17-0.  

Rob Morton presented the MBC Pledge Drive fundraiser, which will include a mailing to 4,500 Millbury residents.  This will cost us only postage, and it is approximated that we will net about $3,500.  

Motion: Karen Gagliardi moved to accept the MBC Pledge Drive fundraiser, seconded by Jeff Dore.
Vote: No discussion, all in favor, none opposed.  Motion approved 17-0.  

Rob Morton presented the Restaurant Percentage of Proceeds Promotion that would give Karen Gagliardi general authorization to make arrangements continually with restaurants.  Rob asked that the MBC send out this email to their own contacts.

Motion: Carole Chiras moved to authorize Karen Gagliardi to make arrangements with restaurants for the Restaurant Percentage of Proceeds Promotion, seconded by Carol Vulter.
Discussion: Cindy Burr suggested that we give authorization to the entire Fundraising Committee, rather than just Karen.  
Vote: None discussion, all in favor, none opposed.  Motion approved 17-0.  

Karen Gagliardi reported that Unos was successful and made approximately $400 and that there will be events at Red Robin on June 23 and Scales on June 20.  

Rob Morton is planning for another wine tasting event with at least four chefs competing in a culinary event.  It will again be at the Asa Waters Mansion, possibly outside in a tent.  Shoppes at Blackstone Valley is taking responsibility for all the raffle items.  Rob asked for authorization from MBC.  This event will be October 2.

Paul DiCicco arrived at 7:30 p.m., making 18 members present.  

Motion: Karen Gagliardi moved to authorize wine tasting event, seconded by Paul DiCicco.
Vote: No discussion, all in favor, none opposed.  Motion approved 18-0.  

Paul DiCicco reported that there is a lot of interest in the Golf Tournament.  Paul received a commitment from High Fields for 2013.  Paul asked people to find items for a raffle.  Rob Morton said that Laurie Greshler (sp?) is his contact at Shoppes at Blackstone Valley.  

Media Committee Report:        
Paul Raffa reported that the website is moving along slowly.  Event posting with login is now functional.  He is having trouble getting a photo gallery on the website, so we need other options.  Facebook is doing well, with about 500 fans.  Paul shared the first eNewsletter that is posted on the website.  Paul is planning on putting this together quarterly for now, and he would like to have articles by August 1 before his next meeting.  The website has Google analytics, and he will be able check website visitors soon.  The next Media Committee meeting will be August 5.  

Events Committee Report:
Ron Marlborough reported on the last meeting on May 6.  Matt Mulhane and Armand White will have a meeting tomorrow night on the Ball.  Others are continuing to work on other events, including the balloon festival, etc.  Bill Kane and Ron have started working on the parade.  Ron had a conversation with the Town Manager last week, who would prefer not to have the MBC fireworks on July 3-4, 2013.  The MBC discussed this and made a decision on the date long ago.  Ron said that the fireworks on July 3-4 will be the MBC in conjunction with the Lions Club, which means police costs will be split, etc.  Brian Ashmankas is working on the Birthday Party as well, which may occur in conjunction with the fireworks or the anniversary date, among others.  Their next meeting will be June 10, and they will discuss this further.  The parade will be June 23, 2013.  Lynn Winston said that the next Events Committee meeting will be September 9.  

History Committee Report:        June 8, 2010
Carole Chiras reported that the History Committee met last night.  The last Discovery Day at the fire department was very successful, so another Day will be pursued in the fall.  Carole suggested that someone attend the Board of the Trustees meeting to invite their participation in the Bicentennial celebration in some way.  They are continuing to work on a map that is referred to in the Millbury History book.  Chris Sinacola is still going to do the Acadia book publication.  Carole encouraged all of us to encourage our neighbors to lend their photos and memorabilia to the MBC.  Carole and a number of members visited the Millbury School sophomore AP History class and spoke about the history of Millbury.  The purpose of this was to document Millbury’s History.  The students from this class wrote essays on Millbury’s history.  These letters will be compiled into a document as a reference to Millbury’s history.  Frank Gagliardi suggested that the students’ letters could go into the eNewsletter.  Karen Gagliardi reported that they just hit their $1,000 profit mark.  Paul DiCicco said the Trustees of the Library meet the second Tuesday of every month.  Roger Desrosiers asked Paul to confirm the date of this meeting so that someone from the History Committee can attend.  The next meeting will be September 14.

Agenda Item V – Old Business:
The Library Picnic event will be Thursday, August 5th about 11:15-1:30ish.  Paul DiCicco suggested that we put up a table with literature, solicit volunteers.  We could sell some of our promotional items there, including the Millbury History book, at least for display (not for sale).  Paul said there should be some politicians there, which should be good exposure for MBC.  Paul Raffa and Carole Chiras volunteered to staff the event.  Paul DiCicco suggested having a couple of people in period dress (c. 1813) would be great.  Rob Morton said that someone should speak to him about getting inventory from Ray’s True Value.

Consideration of MBC presence at Fireman’s Muster on August 28 and Block Party on September 18.  The next MBC meeting is August 25, and we will look for volunteers then.

Edd Cote reported on the Day in the Life of Millbury project, which will be September 24, 2010.  The name will be “A Day in the Life.”  They need volunteers to start promoting this heavily to secure more photographers, both professional and casual; to engage the business community to confirm a good time to stop by the business; to engage the Media Committee to meet more often to get access to website, Facebook page, get press releases out; put together a filing system.  Three photographers have CORI forms in to get access to schools.  They will be having a status meeting approximately every two weeks.  Roger Desrosiers requested that members of the MBC attend upcoming meetings and put forth effort to support this project, as there is a lot of work to be done, and this cannot all be done by Edd.  Roger thinks we need at least one person per photographer.  There need to be meetings with business leaders and organizations in community; there needs to be a plan for who is going where, what questions need to be asked; and there need to be guidelines set for the photographers.  Rob Morton said that a photographer can come into the Bank.  Roger Desrosiers said that not all the photos take on this day will be used in the book, but the photos can be used for other purposes.  Roger will send out an email to MBC members about upcoming meetings.  Edd Cote is looking for other ideas to get the message out to the community.  Email address for event is  

Agenda Item VI – New Business:
Paul DiCicco suggested that someone be in touch with Kevin Drosophilus (sp?) about putting MBC information on the Millbury public access television channel.  Paul would like to see all MBC events video recorded and televised.  The MBC members supported this idea.

Roger Desrosiers reported that Fran King approached him that Fran will be having an event at the end of October and would like all proceeds to go to the MBC.  

There are people who live outside of Millbury and have roots in Millbury and would like to get involved in committees.  Roger is looking for input from MBC.  MBC members are supportive of these people joining sub-committees.  

Agenda Item VII – Next meeting:  Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at the Asa Waters Mansion.

Agenda Item VIII – Adjournment:
Motion: Rob Morton moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Paul Raffa.
Vote: No discussion, all in favor, none opposed.  Motion approved 18-0.  

Submitted by
Rebecca Rehm
August 25, 2010