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MBC Executive Committee Minutes 06/09/2010
Date:   Wednesday, June 9, 2010         Time:   6:15 p.m.

Location:       Asa Waters Mansion, Millbury

Executive Committee Members Present
Carole Chiras
Roger Desrosiers
Ronald Marlborough
Robert Morton
Joyce Ostrowski
Paul Raffa
Rebecca Rehm (non-voting)
Executive Committee Members Absent
William Kane, Sr.


Agenda Item I – Welcome
At 6:15 p.m., Roger Desrosiers opened the meeting with 5 members present.  

Rebecca Rehm arrived at 6:19 p.m., making 6 members present.  
Ron Marlborough arrived at 6:23 p.m., making 7 members present.  

Agenda Item II– Treasurer’s Report:   update on donations/expenses/reimbursements and signing of vouchers

Joyce Ostrowski reported that the Bicentennial Committee has taken in an additional $6,000+ since we last met.  Joyce prepared a voucher from CitySports for denim shirts that Bill Kane purchased.  The voucher was signed by members.  

Motion: Paul Raffa moved to accept the CitySports voucher, seconded Ron Marlborough.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion, passed 6-0.

Rob Morton presented a budget plan through 2013.  We have approximately $35,000 in total revenue as of now, and hope to have about $69,000 by the end of 2010.  We should review these numbers every quarter to make sure we are making our goals.  

Agenda Item III– Updates:

Agenda Item IV – Committee Reports:
Finance/Fundraising:  June 2, 2010

Rob Morton distributed packet of information, including handout about Vaillancourt Folk Art MBC Limited Edition Santa.  He expects this will raise $18,000 for the Bicentennial.   

Motion: Ron Marlborough moved to accept the Vaillancourt Santa fundraiser, which may require spending up to $850 up front, seconded by Paul Raffa.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion, passed 6-0.

Rob Morton got a quote on the Pledge Drive, which would include a letter to all Millbury citizens.  Joyce Ostrowski suggested adding the MBC website URL to the letter.  

Motion: Carole Chiras moved to accept the Millbury Pledge Drive fundraiser, seconded by Joyce Ostrowski.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion, passed 6-0.

Motion: Joyce Ostrowski moved to allow Karen Gagliardi to partner with any restaurant as a fundraiser, seconded by Carole Chiras.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion, passed 6-0.

Motion: Ron Marlborough moved to approve the Wine Tasting event, seconded by Paul Raffa.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion, passed 6-0.

Media Committee Report:  
Paul Raffa had nothing to report on the Media Committee.  

Events Committee Report:  May 6, 2010
Next meetings:  June 10th, Ball Committee  

Ron Marlborough had nothing to report on the Events Committee.  Paul Raffa talked to the re-enactment person last night and will ask him to come out to the site in August and get a commitment of the date of the event.  Carole Chiras asked about the balloon festival, but Ron said it is difficult to get people to commit this far out.  

Roger Desrosiers shared a website with things for children’s events, including inflatables, etc.  Ron Marlborough shared that he wanted the fireworks on July 4, 2013, but the Town Manager would like to see the fireworks in June 2013 instead.  Roger said that we discussed the date of the fireworks early on in our planning process and decided on July 4 as the date.  Roger suggested that a long weekend, like July 4, will allow people to travel to Millbury who lived here previously.  Ron said the police detail is very expensive.  Roger suggested that Ron bring this up at the main meeting.

History Committee Report: June 8, 2010
Progress on committee work, May 1st Discovery Day results
Carole Chiras said the History Committee met last night.  They will discuss having another discovery day, as the first was very successful.  She is considering inviting the Library of Trustees Board to participate in the Bicentennial in some way  
Next Meeting September 14.

Agenda Item V – Old Business:
Millbury Public Library picnic – Roger Desrosiers will discuss at full meeting.  

Consideration of MBC presence at Fireman’s Muster in August and Block Party in September.

Discuss Day in the Life of Millbury project

Agenda Item VI – New Business:
Requests for events and attendance at activities – Roger Desrosiers reported that they have been approached by various people to attend events, including Lt. Governor’s office.  Fran King will hold event in October with proceeds going to MBC.  Some of those outside of Millbury with roots in community would like to become involved in MBC.  

Agenda Item VII – Next meeting: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at the Asa Waters Mansion

Agenda Item VIII – Adjournment:
Motion: Ron Marlborough moved to adjourn, seconded by Paul Raffa.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion, passed 6-0.

The meeting adjourned at 7:01 p.m.

Submitted by
Rebecca Rehm
August 25, 2010