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Bicentennial Committee Minutes 10/21/2009
Date:   Wednesday, October 21, 2009             Time:   7:00 p.m.

Location:       Asa Waters Mansion, Millbury


Committee Members Present
Carole Chiras
Roger Derosiers
Paul DiCicco
Jeffrey Dore
Catherine Elliott
Frank Gagliardi
Karen Gagliardi
Tish Hayes
William Kane, Sr.
Ronald Marlborough
E. Joseph McKeon
Robert Morton
Mary Lou Mulhane
Joyce Ostrowski
Harold Proodian
Paul Raffa
Rebecca Rehm
Jamie Rembiszewski
Christopher Sinacola
Carol Vulter

Guests Present
Sean Corey
Edd Cote
Jack Scott
Roseanne Scott
Richard Valentino

Committee Members Absent
Marc Auclair
Cynthia Burr
David Cofske
Denise Marlborough
Armand White
Lynn Winston


Agenda Item I – Welcome: New Members, Guests
At 7:04 p.m., Roger Desrosiers opened the meeting with 18 members present.

Agenda Item II – Approval of Minutes from September 30th meeting
Motion: Frank Gagliardi moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Chris Sinacola.
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 18-0.  

Agenda Item III – Treasurer’s Report:  Update on status of expenditures/receipts reporting
Joyce Ostrowski listed the vouchers for:
$1,400 for deposit to Mechanics Hall for ball
Lori Greshler - $139.35 for linen rentals for wine tasting
Lori  $46.09
Lori - $55 for raffle tickets
Carol - $45 for book labels

Balance of $6,527.86 as of earlier today

Agenda Item IV – Updates:

Agenda Item V – Committee Reports:
o       Finance/Fundraising Committee Report
Updates on wine tasting event and promotional items
Rob Morton gave an update on the wine tasting event, which is this Saturday at Asa Waters.  Over 100 tickets sold so far, hope to reach 150.  Well within budget of $1,400.  See Rob at end of meeting for tickets.  Will have tickets at door unless they sell out.  Bridge Street Bistro in North Grafton will be doing some catering, as well as three others entering the competition.  
Discuss committee handling of reproduction of centennial book
Rob Morton wants to formalize History of Millbury books.  Hope to sell 100 books.  
Motion: Karen Gagliardi moved to accept History of Millbury books an official commemorative item for fundraising, seconded by Paul Raffa
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 18-0.  

Commemorative items for sale at Ray’s True Value including etched glasses, small ornaments, wooden carved buildings, plates.  Ray’s will have a separate SKU for these items.  

At 7:19, Paul DiCicco arrived, making 19 members present.  

Motion: Ron Marlborough moved to approve $2,000 for initial purchase of commemorative items, seconded by Tish Hayes.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 19-0.  

Motion: Joe McKeon moved to approve $750 for the purchase of t-shirts and hats, seconded by Carol Vulter.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 19-0.  

Karen Gagliardi asked what should happen with checks for History of Millbury books that she has received made out to Millbury Bicentennial Committee.  Rob Morton said she can create an account at Millbury Savings Bank “Karen Gagliardi for the benefit of Millbury Bicentennial Committee” where she can deposit checks.  

o       Media Committee Report
o       Next meeting – November 17
Use of facebook and website;
Paul Raffa is looking for information from Committee chairs to post on the website.  
For the wine tasting event, Paul has made a promotional flier, program book and score cards for culinary competition.  
He has also been working on the following: Book plate for Centennial Book, press release for the wine tasting event has been running frequently in Millbury-Sutton Chronicle.  
Chris Sinacola will be re-releasing articles about Millbury on Facebook.  
Paul Raffa has found the following commemorative items for sale: Vallaincourt Folk Art – “prints of the past” historical building wooden cutouts, etched glass with logo, shirts and hats with logo.  These items may use the MBC logo or something different such as for a commemorative plate.  
Paul Raffa is also looking for photos for marketing materials, content for the website, contacts in media.
Working with Chamber of Commerce to get engaged in our events
Creation of a work order – Paul Raffa will put this together so people can submit it when work is needed.  
Paul is working to create a media list.  
Discussing the potential of an e-newsletter – maybe quarterly, to include listing of events, reports on events, photos, etc.

Roger Desrosiers thanked Mary Lou Mulhane and Catherine Elliot for Flash article.  

o       Events Committee Report
Approval of Mechanics hall contract for April 6th, 2013
Update on meeting from October 8th
Ron Marlborough reported that they went through Mechanics Hall contract at October 8 meeting.  Will have parking lot with valet parking.  
June 16, 2012 – MA Symphony Orchestra, Windle Field (or high school)
April 6, 2013 – Bicentennial Ball – Armand White and Matt Mulhane are co-chairs
June 16, 2013 - Parade
                        July 4, 2013 – Birthday Party and fireworks
Total $202,000 for these four events.
Meetings will be second Thursday of each month.  Next meeting will be January 14 at 7pm
Considering doing hot air balloon festival with fireman’s muster as a joint event.  

Motion: Tish Hayes moved to approve $1400 deposit on Mechanics Hall, seconded by Mary Lou Mulhane
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 19-0.  

Rob Morton brought up what gift/legacy we will be leaving to Town.  Bill Kane suggested that everyone should be thinking about this.  Roger Desrosiers suggested that we add this to the December 2 meeting agenda.

Roger Desrosiers reported that the first sub-committee meeting about ball will be November 5 at 6:30 at his house at 3 Millbury Ave.  Paul Raffa will post this meeting as well.

o       History Committee Report
Continued discussion of A Day in the Life of Millbury and other updates
Carole Chiras reported that the History of Millbury books (5) have come in.  The five books will be placed at different locations in Town.  
                        Next meeting is November 10 at Asa Waters Mansion.  
Carole wants to get Discovery Days going in January where people can bring in photos they have and can learn about their residence.
                        Frank Gagliardi has been working with Chris Sinacola.

At 7:56 p.m., Jeff Dore arrived, making 20 members present.  

Agenda Item VI – Old Business:
•       Review thank you notes for donors to MBC
o       Joyce Ostrowski passed around thank you notes she has been sending out for donations.  
•       Update and formation of committee for Chain of Lights, December 6, 2009
o       Bill Kane asked for volunteers.  Volunteers: Karen Gagliardi, Chris Sinacola.  Chris will coordinate the details of the event.  The event is believed to be from 10-4pm on Sunday, December 6.  Bill requested additional volunteers contact Chris.  Armand White has all the materials.  We are looking for some item as a giveaway.  It was suggested that volunteers bring wrapped candy with them as a giveway.  
o       Joe McKeon mentioned using the MBC logo on giveaways, e.g. recipe cards.  Paul Raffa will send Joe the logo.  
o       Tish Hayes said that flyers can be printed at the Town Hall.  
o       Rebecca Rehm will send current list of MBC members to Paul Raffa.
o       Discussion of small items as giveaways.  Bill Kane said that these items should be brought up at the Finance Meeting, which is the first Wednesday of every month at the Millbury Library, 4:00-6:00 p.m.
o       Joyce Ostrowski said there is a state listing of vendors that Joyce can reference when we receive quotes.  
o       Rob Morton said that we will be dedicating a certain amount of money for promotional items in 2010.  

At 8:12 p.m., Tish Hayes left, leaving 19 members present.  
At 8:17 p.m., Catherine Elliot left, leaving 18 members present.  

•       Discuss progress on establishing a calendar of events for December 2nd  meeting
o       Roger Desrosiers reported that Denise Marlborough suggested that all events be listed in one, central area, such as the website.  Paul Raffa said that events are currently listed in list form on the website, and he said that he can make a simple calendar.  Bill Kane suggested that we put current event dates on paper for the time being.  Paul Raffa asked for everyone to send him dates of events, and he will add to calendar, which will be printable.  

At 8:29 p.m., Joyce Ostrowski left, leaving 17 members present.  

Agenda Item VII – New Business:
Roger Desrosiers suggested that we all review MBC brochure and discuss at December 2 meeting.

Agenda Item VIII – Next meeting:  Wednesday, December 2nd at 7:00 pm at Millbury Savings Bank conference room

Agenda Item IX – Adjournment:
Motion: Ron Marlborough  moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:33 p.m., seconded by Karen Gagliardi.
Vote: All in favor, none opposed.  Motion approved 17-0.  

Submitted by

Rebecca Rehm
Clerk, Millbury Bicentennial Committee

January 15, 2010