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MBC Executive Committee Minutes 07/22/2009
Date:   Wednesday, July 22, 2009                Time:   6:30 p.m.

Location:       Millbury Town Hall, Large Conference Room, 127 Elm Street, Millbury


Executive Committee Members Present
Carole Chiras
Roger Desrosiers
William Kane, Sr.
Ronald Marlborough
Joyce Ostrowski
Paul Raffa
Rebecca Rehm (non-voting)

Executive Committee Members Absent
Robert Morton


Agenda Item I – Welcome
At 6:33 p.m. Roger Desrosiers opened the meeting with five members present.  

Agenda Item II – Approval of Minutes from June 17th meeting
Motion: Ron Marlborough moved to accept the June 17th minutes, seconded by Carole Chiras.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 5-0.  

Motion: Bill Kane moved to accept the June 24th Executive Committee minutes, seconded by Carole Chiras.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 5-0.  

Agenda Item IV – Committee Reports
•       Updates from each of the committees:
o       Finance/Fundraising: July 1st meeting
Moved discussion because Rob Morton was not present.  

Roger Desrosiers asked the Committee Chairs to make their comments brief at the Executive meetings because of our short time.  

o       Media: July 2nd meeting
Paul Raffa said there were a couple of new people at the meeting.  The website will be the first priority for this committee.  

Joyce arrived at 6:36 p.m., making six members present.  

o       Events: July 15th meeting
Ron Marlborough said there was good feedback at the meeting.  The concert with the Worcester Symphony Orchestra (chaired by Lynn Winston), the parade (chaired by Bill Kane and Ron Marlborough) and the ball have been confirmed as events.

o       History:
Carole Chiras said the Committee will have their first meeting on September 15.  

Agenda Item III – Treasurer’s Report
Joyce Ostrowski reported that she received a check for $20 from citizens.  All donations must be approved by the Selectmen.  Joyce will write a letter to the Selectmen for each donation received.  

Agenda Item VI – Old Business:
•       Determining guidelines for committee meetings.
•       Discuss June 28th Lions Club parade
•       Discuss upcoming block party, Sept. 2009

Agenda Item VII – New Business
•       Discuss policy regarding attendance/absences at Board meetings
There is a Town bylaw addressing this issue.  This will be discussed at the MBC meeting.  

•       Using volunteer form at committee meetings for new members

Agenda Item VIII
Discussion for next executive meeting and agenda items for the MBC meeting on July 22nd
Communicate with Roger Desrosiers or Bill Kane with items for agenda.  

Next meeting: Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 at Asa Waters Mansion, 6:30 p.m.

Agenda Item IX – Adjournment:
Motion: Bill Kane moved to adjourn, seconded by Ron Marlborough.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 6-0.  

The meeting adjourned at 7:05 p.m.

Submitted by

Rebecca Rehm
July 24, 2009