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Bicentennial Committee Minutes 04/22/2009
Date:   Wednesday, April 22, 2009               Time:   7:00 p.m.

Location:       Millbury Savings Bank, 109 Elm Street, Third Floor Board Room, Millbury


Committee Members Present
Cynthia Burr
Carole Chiras
David Cofske
Roger Derosiers
Paul DiCicco
Jeffrey Dore
Frank Gagliardi
Karen Gagliardi
William Kane, Sr.
Ronald Marlborough
E. Joseph McKeon
Rob Morton
Mary Lou Mulhane
Paul Raffa
Rebecca Rehm
Jamie Rembiszewski
Chris Sinacola
Armand White

Guests Present
Edd Cote

Committee Members Absent
Marc Auclair
Catherine Elliott
Tish Hayes
Denise Marlborough
Joyce Ostrowski
Carol Vulter
Lynn Winston


Agenda Item I – Welcome
At 7:03 p.m., Roger Desrosiers opened the meeting with 17 members present.

Agenda Item II – Approval of minutes for March 18, 2009
Motion: Jeff Dore moved to accept the minutes, seconded by Carole Chiras.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 17-0.  

Agenda Item III – Treasurer’s Report:
Roger Desrosiers reported on Joyce Ostrowski’s research to say that checks and donations can be made directly to the MBC and do not have to be made to the Town of Millbury with reference to MBC.  

Agenda Item IV – Updates for the Committee
•       Reminder: keeping green – Members bring copy of agenda and events lists, etc. to meeting
•       Reminder: members need to sign in on attendance sheet and update contact information
•       Status of two new members and Town of Millbury policy on Sexual Harassment signings

Agenda Item V – Committee Reports:
Roger Desrosiers asked each Committee to report on the responsibilities they came up with in five minutes or less.  
•       Events Committee – Ron Marlborough gave an overview.  
•       Finance/Fundraising Committee – Rob Morton gave an overview.  
•       History Committee – Carole Chiras gave an overview.  
Karen Gagliardi talked about using a company to reprint the Centennial History book.  
•       Media Committee – Paul Raffa gave an overview.  
Roger Desrosiers asked each Committee chair to write up their responsibilities, if they had not already done so.  Bill Kane said he would email these documents to the full Committee.  Roger encouraged everyone to review these responsibilities and give feedback to himself or Bill.  

7:39 – Mary Lou Mulhane arrived, to make 18 members present.  

Agenda Item VI – Old Business:
•       Review of Decisions made at last meeting
o       Calendar (June 11, 2012 to July 4, 2013)
o       Determination of Committee Chairs and composition of Executive Board
o       Approval of Mission Statement – approved copy is in March 18 minutes
•       Final approval of Logo
The committee discussed the phrase on the logo.  
Motion: Jeff Dore moved to accept the logo with “A Rich History.  An Exciting Future.” wording, seconded by Armand White.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, discussion to include correct punctuation.  Motion approved 18-0.  
•       Review of Events with particular emphasis on what events might we include that are not on the list sent along with the agenda (20 minutes)
Bill Kane presented his list of events.  Roger Desrosiers asked everyone to add events that were not listed there.  Other events suggested included:
Rubber duck race on river – Cyndi Burr
Military reenactment/encampment – Paul Raffa
Vintage baseball world series (would cost $100,000) – Joe McKeon
Antique air show at air strip on West Main Street – Joe McKeon
Texas Hold ’em – Rob Morton
Car show – Dave Cofske
Dedication of legacy (e.g. park, wall, school curriculum, etc.) – Paul Raffa
•       Discuss Press Release and determine next step: Paul Raffa
Paul Raffa gave an overview of the two press releases he wrote, one about the logo and one about the celebratory events, as well as a volunteer form.  Committee members gave feedback.  Paul said these releases could go to papers (e.g. Millbury-Sutton Chronicle, Worcester Telegram & Gazette), online and be put in an email for Committee members to send to their contacts.  
Motion: Bill Kane moved to accept the edited press releases, seconded by Frank Gagliardi.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 18-0.  
•       Town Meeting Plans for May 5, 2009
o       Defense of Warrant – Rob Morton
Rob Morton reviewed the proposed budget and read the letter to be sent to Bob Spain, Town Manager.
Motion: Dave Cofske moved to accept letter and have Rob Morton sign and send it, Bill Kane seconded the motion.
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 18-0.  
o       Attendance of Board members to work at table
Armand White, Paul Raffa, Jeff Dore, Rob Morton, Bill Kane and Karen Gagliardi volunteered to sit at the booth at the Town Meeting.  Roger Desrosiers asked volunteers to let him know during what time they would like to volunteer.  
o       Sign-up sheets for four different committees
Paul Raffa will use his current volunteer sheet.
There was discussion about how people who do not attend the Town Meeting will know about the Bicentennial events.  Paul Raffa suggested advertising at the Lincoln Event, on the website and on a Facebook page.  Others suggested a handout at school, phone calls and a presentation to the Community Service Learning Council (Carole Chiras is on this Committee).  Roger Desrosiers asked Paul Raffa to have the Media Committee address this issue.  
o       Getting a sizable logo for table and/or wall in hall
Paul Raffa said IBA Print Shop agreed to donate one large print logo.  Roger Desrosiers estimated there would be about 200 people in attendance at the Town Meeting to help determine how many brochures to print.  
o       Donation can with logo
We will not put out cans at the Town Meeting.  
Roger Desrosiers said that he checked with Deborah Plante, Town Clerk, and we will be able to have a table at the Meeting.

Agenda Item VII – New Business:
•       Work on Brochure for Town Meeting.
Paul Raffa presented the brochure he designed.  It was suggested that we ask for donations on the brochure as well.    
•       Discuss role of MBC at Lincoln Event, May 16-17, 2009, if any
Armand White will talk to Karen Gagliardi about this event.  
•       Discuss committee formation and meetings
Roger Desrosiers strongly urged that individual Committees start meeting after May 1, 2009, that these meetings should be well advertised at least two weeks in advance and that the initial meetings should be at a public venue to make them open and accessible to all community members.  Venues suggested included Asa Waters Mansion, the fire house, etc.
•       Next meeting: location, date, and time
Roger Desrosiers suggested Wednesday, May 27 at 7:00 p.m. for our next meeting, location TBD.  

Agenda VIII – Discussion on agenda for next meeting
•       Establish timetables and expectations for our board and the different committees.
•       Discuss email address for MBC, its uses and abuses
•       Discuss the process for setting up new committee meetings
•       Proposals at meeting and in the interim

Agenda Item IX – Adjournment
Motion: Rebecca Rehm moved to adjourn, seconded by Paul Raffa.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 18-0.  
The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.

Events List
Press Release – Logo
Press Release – Save the Date
Volunteer Form
Preliminary Six Month Budget

Submitted by

Rebecca Rehm
Clerk, Millbury Bicentennial Committee

April 23, 2009