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Bicentennial Committee Minutes 04/08/2009

Date:   Wednesday, April 8, 2009                Time:   7:00 p.m.

Location:       Millbury Town Hall, Millbury


Executive Committee Members Present
Carole Chiras
Roger Desrosiers
William Kane, Sr.
Ronald Marlborough
Robert Morton
Joyce Ostrowski
Paul Raffa

Others Present
Rebecca Rehm


Agenda Item I – Welcome
Bill Kane opened the meeting at approximately 7:02 p.m.

Agenda Item II – New Business
(A) Define Committee Charge, responsibilities and tasks
        Events, Media, History & Fund Raising
Bill Kane asked Joyce Ostrowski if we have to get a permit to do a raffle for significant items e.g. car, motorcycle.  Joyce said that we do need to get a permit, which she thinks is $10.  Joyce could look into the process now.  

Bill Kane asked if we need to change the name of the Finance Committee so it does not get confused with the Town Finance Committee.  The group discussed possible names.  

7:07 p.m. Roger Desrosiers arrived

Motion: Joyce Ostrowski moved to accept the name “Finance/Fundraising Committee,” seconded by Carole Chiras.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 7-0.  

Finance/Fundraising Committee
Rob Morton sees the Committee’s responsibilities to include those on his document (minus last two paragraphs that Joyce Ostrowski will do), plus involvement in each fundraising event, but not managing every event.  Roger Desrosiers sees determining which fundraising events to hold as a vital part of the responsibilities.  He also thinks at least one person on the Committee should be involved in each fundraising event.  Rob Morton agrees.  Rob plans to have fundraising events in the years leading up to the bicentennial year.  In addition, this Committee will oversee promotional materials.  Rob Morton will update his description.  

Carole Chiras suggested that we send a letter to each organization in Millbury inviting them to be part of the celebrations e.g. Lions Club, Women’s Club.  Events hosted by organizations in conjunction with Bicentennial celebrations could be denoted as Bicentennial Committee events.  The Chronicle may publish a list of Bicentennial events with sponsoring organizations.  

Bill Kane suggested that the Executive Committee come up with a calendar of suggested events and bring it to the whole committee.  Roger Desrosiers suggested that the Events Committee should come up with the events themselves.  A discussion followed about which Committee (Executive or Events) should decide on the events.  

Paul Raffa asked if it would be appropriate to solicit in-kind donations for things such as the enlarged version of the MBC logo for the Town Meeting.  

Bill Kane said that other committees should each write a description of their responsibilities.  Roger Desrosiers said that there should be a well-defined document for each committee within six months.  

History Committee
Carole Chiras wants to leave a legacy by including Millbury’s history as part of the school curriculum.  She would like to create a booklet with photos, list of donations, possibly partially created by the school system.  We may also want to do a book on Millbury’s history.  Roger Desrosiers said that Acadia in Maine creates town historical books.  Roger Desrosiers suggested going to the senior center to see if they have memorabilia.  Carole said her best luck is going to students and asking them to go to their parents and grandparents.

Media/PR Committee
Paul Raffa would focus on multi-media marketing, logo, press release, website URL, email ( unveiling at town meeting.  

Events Committee
Ron Marlborough has suggestions from group.  He needs to sit down and decide on major events.  

(B) Discussion on list of events
Bill Kane will put together a list of ten possible events for discussion at the next full Committee meeting.  

Roger Desrosiers said that Millbury was the first town in the country to have a lyceum/lyceum sp? so he suggested this as an event.  

(C) Press Releases
Paul Raffa passed the press release around the group.  Rob Morton said that banks/credit unions will not allow canisters for fundraising.  Roger suggested unveiling the logo on June 11, 2009.  Paul will finalize the press releases for the next full Committee meeting.  Roger suggested putting on the next full committee agenda working on placing the canisters in local businesses.  Joyce Ostowski will check on to whom checks should be written for Millbury Bicentennial Committee.  

(D) May 5th Unveiling
Joyce Ostrowski suggested informing the town meeting organizers (Bob Spain) of our plans.  
Paul Raffa would like an enlarged logo printed for the unveiling, a table outside the meeting room, a jar for donations with logo, small handout with short description, mission statement, logo, website, contact information for executive committee, etc.  Bill Kane said that we need people from full committee to volunteer to sit at the table.  Paul Raffa would like to invite press to the meeting.  

Joyce Ostrowski left at approximately 8:50 p.m.

Paul Raffa is going to put a media kit together with logo usage guidelines.  We can consider getting a trademark for logo.  

Agenda Item III – Discussion on agenda for next meeting
Roger Desrosiers and Bill Kane will create an agenda for the April 22 meeting.  

Agenda Item IV – Adjournment
Motion: Rebecca Rehm moved to adjourn at approximately 9:00 p.m., seconded by Paul Raffa.  
Vote: All in favor, none opposed, no discussion.  Motion approved 6-0.  

Submitted by

Rebecca Rehm
Clerk, Millbury Bicentennial Committee

April 21, 2009