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Bicentennial Committee Minutes 11/19/2008
Date:           Wednesday, November 19, 2008                    Time:           7:00 p.m.

Location:       Millbury Public Library Meeting Room, 128 Elm Street, Millbury

Marc Auclair, Carole Chiras, Roger Desrosiers, Paul DiCicco, Jeff Dore, Catherine Elliott, Frank Gagliardi, Karen Gagliardi, P. Tish Hayes, Denise Marlborough, Ron Marlborough, E. Joseph McKeon, Joyce Ostrowski, Paul Raffa, Rebecca Rehm, Jamie Rembiszewski, Robert Spain, Carol Vulter

Cynthia Burr, Sandra Cristo, William Kane, Mary Lou Mulhane, Karen O’Donnell, Lynn Winston

Every member of the Bicentennial Committee (“B.C.”) must read the Town of Millbury Policies on Sexual Harassment and Harassment of Individuals in Protected Classes, sign an acknowledgement form for each in front of a witness and return the signed forms to Tish Hayes.  See the Appendix for the Policies and Acknowledgement forms.  

Town Manager Bob Spain opened the meeting at approximately 7:05 p.m.  He previously asked Roger Desrosiers and Billy Kane to be Co-Chairs of the B.C., and they both accepted.  He also named three new members of the B.C. – Cindy Burr, Sandy Cristo and Paul DiCicco.  Bob pledged his whole staff and all town employees to support the B.C.  Bob then turned the meeting over to Roger.  Joyce Ostrowski nominated Rebecca Rehm to be Clerk for the evening, and Rebecca accepted.  Roger asked all members to introduce themselves and to identify what they might contribute to this committee.    

Joyce Ostrowski announced that the B.C. members are listed on the Town of Millbury website ( under Boards & Commissions.  The page also contains links to other websites.  Email Joyce ( if you want her to add a link.  Joyce departed at 7:52 p.m.

Celebration Dates
Catherine Elliott suggested that the Town can hold the bicentennial celebrations from the beginning to the end of the bicentennial calendar year (January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013) or for one year preceding the bicentennial date (June 12, 2012 to June 11, 2013 - Millbury was incorporated on June 11, 1813). This will be discussed at future meetings.

Previous Celebrations
Frank Gagliardi handed out notes and schedules from Millbury’s celebrations in 1913 (100th), 1963 (150th) and 1988 (175th).  Roger Desrosiers asked that all members read these before the next meeting.  See the Appendix for these documents.

Roger Desrosiers suggested the following areas for which sub-committees may be needed:

Events Planning
Program Book
Public Relations/Marketing
Religious Community
Small Businesses

This is merely a preliminary look at what we might need.  It was suggested that some of these could be grouped together.  It was decided that we would wait until after meeting with the Sutton tricentennial committee persons and others before we establish any sub-committees. Members of our committee should think about other areas that might be added or blended with our sub-committee needs.

Open Meeting Laws
Members discussed open meeting laws.  Mark Auclair asked Roger Desrosiers to ask Bob Spain for the rules and regulations for open meetings.  

Mission Statement for the Bicentennial Committee
Marc Auclair suggested that we prepare a mission statement at one of our next meetings.

Paul Raffa volunteered to design the Bicentennial logo himself.  He will work on this.  

Next Meetings
The B.C. decided that the next meetings will be Wednesday, January 7 and Wednesday, January 21, 2009, both at 7:00 p.m.  Roger Desrosiers will check on using the Selectmen’s Meeting Room at the Municipal Office Building, 127 Elm Street for these meetings and going forward.  

Other Towns
Frank Gagliardi and Paul Raffa will invite Gary Vaillancourt, Co-Chair of the Sutton 300th Committee, and/or others from the Sutton Committee to attend the January 7 meeting and make a presentation about planning for Sutton’s celebrations.  Paul DiCicco will contact Aaron Goodale, Treasurer of the West Boylston 200th Anniversary Committee, for future reference.  Catherine Elliott will contact the Committee members in Southborough for future reference.  

A motion was made and seconded to have Rebecca Rehm be the Clerk for the B.C.  A vote was taken by voice, and it was resolved that Rebecca would be the Clerk.  It was discussed that the B.C. would consider paying the Clerk once a budget is established.  A vote was taken by the committee that should moneys become available for paying the Clerk that Rebecca would have the right to accept this position. The vote was 17-0.

Denise Marlborough said the B.C. can set up a revolving account with the Town through the Finance Director (Brian Turbitt) as soon as the B.C. receives a check.  Denise also said that Joyce Ostrowski offered to be the Treasurer for the B.C. and that the B.C. should check with her at the next meeting.  Roger Desrosiers said he will discuss it with Joyce, Denise and Bob Spain.  

Rebecca Rehm will email the minutes and a contact list of all members’ names, phone numbers and emails by December 3.  

Summary of Actions

Topic                           Action (person responsible)
Co-Chairs                       Roger Desrosiers and William Cane both accepted the role of Co-Chair prior to the meeting.

Clerk                           Rebecca Rehm accepted the role of Clerk at the meeting.

Harassment policies             Return signed forms to Tish Hayes.

Millbury celebrations   Read handouts from Frank Gagliardi.

Sub-committees          Think about what sub-committees are needed and which of those suggested can be blended into others.

Other town celebrations Invite Gary Vaillancourt, Co-Chair, Sutton 300th, to speak on January 7. (Frank Gagliardi & Paul Raffa)

Logo                            Create logo.    (Paul Raffa)

Open meeting laws               Ask Bob Spain for meeting policies. (Roger Desrosiers)

Meeting space           Check on using Selectmen’s Meeting Room. (Roger Desrosiers)

Minutes                 Write up minutes by December 3 and post. (Rebecca Rehm)

Contact                 Send minutes and contact list to all members. (Rebecca Rehm)

Meeting preparation     Post meetings and agendas. (Rebecca Rehm)

Appendix (see attached)
  • Town of Millbury Harassment of Individuals in Protected Classes: Policy and Procedures
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt of Town of Millbury Harassment of Individuals in Protected Classes Policy
  • Town of Millbury Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Millbury Centennial
  • Program of Events (1963)
  • 175th Anniversary Events and Committees

Submitted by

Rebecca Rehm
Clerk, Bicentennial Committee, Town of Millbury

December 3, 2008