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November 10, 2009

MEMBERS PRESENT:        Ora Mae Torres, Chair
                                Jon Henry
                                Steve Cushing
                                James Grady
                                Roger Blanchette
                                Reginald Foster

MEMBERS ABSENT: Dorothy Burrill
ALSO PRESENT:           Helen Westergard
                                Suzanne Peterson

Mrs. Torres called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Approval of Meeting Minutes

LNV Expansion Project  
Ms. Torres noted there was a conference call with EA Fish regarding the tenant agreement which Mr. Dawson is doing some work on that which will be voted on at a later time.  Mr. Dawson was drafting policies and procedures specific to the rent calculations.  One issue that came up during a conference call with EA Fish/Peabody Properties was the waiting list.  They would like to go through the waiting list and do their own pre-qualification.  We are still waiting to hear about the funding.  We have received management construction plans and another set of plans to Building & Zoning Departments.  Dana Angelo noted the purpose of the new plans was to receive more information for accurate bids and quotes.  

Hermitage Trust Property
The town now owns the Hermitage property.  Jon Witten reiterated that he would later apply to have the lot line dissolved.  MAHT received a letter from some of the tenants at Little Neck Village that has to do with the proposed fencing.  As you may recall part of the deal with the Hermitage Trust people is that we would provide fencing along the lot line. This is part of the deed in land court and also registered.  This was part of the negotiations.  The wording is “fencing in a style mutually agreed upon by seller and the MAHT will be provided along the boundary lines after the sale of the premises between lot 3 and 4a and the adjourning sellers remaining property at the buyers expense”.  This is a part of the recorded deed.  The letter received by LNV tenants is requesting a couple of things that need to be clarified.  First of all they would like to know what type of fencing along Hermitage road and the rear perimeter would be agreed upon.  Most Little Neck Village residents remain strongly opposed to any type of fencing to be erected that will impede the natural migration of wildlife in our area and also have a negative impact in the beautiful woodland areas in our Little Neck Village.  However, later they ask the MAHT to reconsider and eliminate this request.  Mr. Blanchette said there have been many conversations about this and the last conversation was discussed with a chain link fence going off to the woods and then going into a possibility of a split rail fence across the back.  Mr. Foster noted that there is no desire on anyone’s part to have something unsightly.  Mr. Blanchette said the idea is to delineate the property.  Mrs. Torres asked was it in the final plan for EA Fish to pay for the fence.  Mr. Foster said he believes they are paying for it.  Mr. Cushing asked who would maintain it.  What is the language in the agreement and deed?  Mr. Foster noted nothing that is built on the property for 99 years is the town’s responsibility.  

Little Neck Village

Maintenance Log Update
The maintenance log appears to be working well.  

Vacant Unit
The vacant unit at Little Neck Village was rented November 1, 2009.

Financial Report
The financial report was reviewed and there was discussion regarding tri-town housing monies and how and when the money was dispersed to each town.  It was also asked how it is invested and what the current interest rate is.  

Ms. Burrill is our representative and came across some information from last year.  We decided to go for the consultant money do the Housing Production Plan.  This year we need to make a decision on what we might be interested in trying to accomplish.  Mr. Grady asked what about the year before.  Ms. Torres noted 1 had to do with looking at accessory dwelling and getting a consultant on board to help with drafting bylaw information.  There was discussion regarding affordable housing and assisted living and how Barnstable handles this.  Assisted Living works very much like long term care except that Assisted living unless you get a subsidized project it can be expensive.  There are programs that are fully subsidized. Mr. Grady asked what would the money be used for?  Ms. Torres said in the same manner as Little Neck Village we had people come up with a consensual plan and design. The trust could work towards finding a site and developer.  Ms. Torres note the need for family affordable housing which there is a great need for Mr. Grady asked about the zoning for affordable housing?  Ms. Torres thought that was incorporated in the accessory dwelling piece.  Mr. Grady noted that the zoning bylaw is written with the intent for single family residential. He suggested looking at the zoning.  Ms. Torres suggested working on proposals earlier in the year to request CPC money.  Ms. Torres noted it takes time and research.  Mr. Blanchette suggested the Bay Watch property.  Mr. Henry noted Bay Watch is a big portion of our housing plan. Mr. Grady suggested that there be an attachment on the deed and recorded at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds that the provision will be applicable on the Bay Watch property.  This would need to be done through Jon Witten.  Mr. Grady made a motion to the chairperson contact the board of selectmen for the purpose of getting advice from town counsel that the appropriate action to put any potential purchase of land that is subject to the in lieu of payment provision in the zoning bylaw to be recorded at the appropriate book and page referencing the properties that are eligible to this provision to be registered at the Plymouth County Registry of Deeds.  Mr. Henry seconded the motion.  VOTE:  5-0-0   

Mr. Blanchette suggested the CPC should move forward with the Assisted Living project.  Mr. Foster suggested checking with Mr. Dawson to solicit preliminary proposals for doing a study through someone like Brown and Lindquist.  Ms. Torres noted another resource may be Karen Sunnarborg.  Mr. Grady made a motion that a representative from the trust contact Mr. Dawson and Brown and Lindquist and any other person with knowledge and experience in Assisted Living for the purpose of gathering materials that might be used as presentation to the CPC.  VOTE:  5-0-0

Old Business
The D’Italia and River Road properties need to be certified.  Once there is a comprehensive permit the town can go forward with the certification. They need to be put in our SHI.  Last month Karen Sunnarborg provided us with some guidance on homelessness.  She noted that each community makes their own decision on how to define homelessness and offered some suggestions.  This came up in a conversation with Jon Witten and the concern is that the town is careful and cautious.  He feels they should be a part of the discussion about the definition.  We hope to have the definition next month.  The Trust members are reminded that they need to be sworn in.  Ms. Torres noted that it is time for the election of officers.  Mr. Blanchette made a motion to nominate Ms. Torres to be our chair.  Mr. Grady seconded.  VOTE: 5-0-0

New Business
Mr. Foster has accepted a position with the Town of Needham and was appointed as Housing Commissioner of Needham Housing Authority.  He will be resigning his position with the Town of Marion Affordable Housing Trust.

Minutes from transcription by,

Grace Hatch, Assistant - MAHT