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December 8, 2008

MEMBERS PRESENT:        Ora Mae Torres, Chair
Reg Foster
James Grady             
                                Steve Cushing
Jon Henry
                                Robert MacFarlane
                                Roger Blanchette
ALSO PRESENT:           Dana Angelo
                                Jake Upton
                                Kurt Raber
                                Joe Longo
                                Richard Schaefer
Dick Heaton
                                Andrea Smith
                                Suzanne Peterson
                                Lori Schaefer
                                Norman Hill
                                Helen Westergard
                                James Gurney
                                Karen Walega
                                Thomas Magauran
                                Joseph Napoli
                                Lucy Napoli
                                Laura Briggs
                                Dale Briggs
                                Chris Reagle
                                Todd Zell
Commencement – Mrs. Torres called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Approval of Minutes
Moved by Mr. Grady and seconded by Mr. Cushing to approve the meeting minutes of November 10, 2008 as written.  VOTE:  7-0-0

Mrs. Torres thanked Mr. Foster for his work over the past year while acting as Chairman.

Mrs. Torres announced that the Trust is seeking a new member as Rev. MacFarlane will be retiring and moving out of state.    

Mr. Heaton explained that by approving the Little Neck Village expansion the Town has met 40B requirements for the next two years.  This allows the Board of Appeals to either accept new proposals or deny them without recourse if they believe a project is not right for the community.  

The purpose of tonight’s workshop is to allow Town Board and Commission members an opportunity to offer input on the conceptual plan.

New Business
County Road Initiative – c/o EA Fish
Development team members present were Dana Angelo, Kurt Raber, Jake Upton, Joe Longo, and Attorney Richard Schaefer.  The development would provide 45 units of affordable family and workforce housing on a 5.9 acre site located on County Road.

Mr. Angelo described the three conceptual proposals.  During the presentation the following information was provided:
Plan A consists of six eight-unit, two-story residential buildings, a community building, and 86 parking spaces.  This design is keeping with the architecture in Marion.  This plan will require replication of some wetlands and will require construction within the required setbacks.        
Plan B consists of six residential buildings and a community building.  This plan will not require replication and will not require construction within the setbacks.    
Plan C consists of two two-story buildings (23 units in one building, 22 units in the other) and 88 parking spaces.  The buildings are not in keeping with local architecture as they are much bigger.  Wetland replication and construction within the setbacks will be required with this project.

Mr. Angelo said the development team will take all of the information from the Boards and community members and use it to make changes to a plan to be presented after the first of the year.  Mrs. Torres noted that the information presented tonight differed from the information submitted in November.  Mr. Angelo explained that tonight’s plans were the result of input from the Trust at their November 10 meeting.  

During the discussion the following issues were addressed:
Site configuration
Levels of affordability
Existing conditions
Abutting properties
Separation between the project and the abutting bog      
Wetlands on the site
Conservation Commission permitting of wetland replication
Road conditions in the area
Number of units proposed
Number of local preference units (70%)
Source of water (Wareham)
Board of Health permitting of private septic system
Rural location of the project
Permitting process and notification of residents

Other Business
Legal Fees
Mr. Blanchette said he read a newspaper article stating that the town had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees relative to the Baywatch 40B.  He stated that in the past eight years the town actually has spent $26,567 in legal fees relative to Baywatch and less than $5000 in legal fees relative to Dunkin Donuts.  

Little Neck Village
Mr. Heaton said DHCD will be conducting a site visit on December 11.  52 applications for Low Income Housing Tax Credits were submitted to DHCD, twice the number typically submitted.   EA Fish has not yet heard the status of the Little Neck Village application.    
The negotiating committee will meet again in two weeks.     

Caretaker’s Cottage RFP
Mr. Dawson said an RFP for the removal of the cottage and the garage will be issued; in the event a successful bid is not received a memo of understanding will be entered into with the Mass. Historical Commission to raze the buildings.  

Policies and Procedures update
Mrs. Torres said meetings have been held with EA Fish representatives to update the policies and procedures so they will have the eligibility requirements once the new project is complete.  The procedures are not finalized but are expected to be by the January meeting.  

Subsidized Housing Inventory
Changes to the SHI need to be done by December 15; the expanded units from Little Neck Village can be added to the count.  

Affordable Housing Plan update
Mrs. Torres said the plan needs to be updated by February, 2010.  One option is to request funds in the CPC application; another option is to request funds at Town Meeting.  

Moved by Mr. Blanchette and seconded by Mr. Cushing to approve the expenditure of $400 for Christmas gifts to the Little Neck Village residents.  VOTE:  7-0-0  

Moved by Mr. Grady and seconded by Mr. Cushing at 8:50 p.m. to adjourn.  VOTE:  7-0-0

Respectfully submitted,

Ora Mae Torres, Chair