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September 11, 2008

MEMBERS PRESENT:        Reg Foster, Chairman
Ora Mae Torres
Robert MacFarlane               
                                Steve Cushing
                                Roger Blanchette

                                James Grady
ALSO PRESENT:           Dick Heaton
                                Julia Deane Crowley                             
Suzanne Peterson
                                Dorothy Burrill
                                Robert Mangham
                                Marianna Mangham
                                Andrea Smith
Commencement – Mr. Foster called the meeting to order at 7:07 p.m.

Approval of Minutes
Moved by Mr. Blanchette and seconded by Mr. Cushing to approve the minutes of August 11, 2008.  VOTE:  5-0-0

Little Neck Village Expansion Project

Status update from Dick Heaton
Mr. Heaton said the purpose of his presentation was – to bring everybody up to speed with what’s been happening, to test some of the messages that will be presented at Town Meeting, and to make sure everybody understands what’s happening.  

The project is proposed to be constructed on two parcels of land (the current site, and a 1.3 acre strip of land that is being purchased from the Hermitage Trust).  Approval is being sought at Town Meeting to purchase the strip of land and also to develop the project.  

Mr. Heaton described the history of the project and also the development and permitting process.

NOTE:  Due to a damaged section of tape a portion of Mr. Heaton’s presentation was unintelligible.

Public Comment
Letter from LNV residents
Mr. Foster said some residents were reviewing the landscape plan and noticed a chain link running between Hermitage Road and the property, taking a turn along the ocean side of the property and turning into a split rail fence.  This is the result of negotiations with the Hermitage Trust.  Residents raised the question that the fence might impede the natural flow of the wildlife; concern was also raised that the fence might be off putting to the residents.  Mr. Foster explained it was a matter of negotiations and is a condition of the sale of the land to the Town.  He said the plan is under review by Natural Heritage.  Mr. Blanchette said the split rail portion of fence would allow the animals access.  Mrs. Torres said the proposed fence is supposed to blend in with the landscape and not be noticeable or offensive.  Mrs. Westergard said her concern is that the animals would be trapped on either side of the fence.  Mrs. Peterson asked why the fence was necessary; she was told the members of the Hermitage Trust have a deep desire for conservation with respect to the portion of land which will be conservation restricted.

Executive Session
The Board voted to enter into Executive Session to discuss matters under negotiation.  VOTE:  A roll call vote was taken with Mr. Foster, Mr. Blanchette, Mrs. Torres, Mr. Cushing, and Rev. MacFarlane all voting yes.  

Respectfully submitted,

Reg Foster, Chairman