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March 10, 2008

MEMBERS PRESENT:        Reg Foster, Chairman
Roger Blanchette
Ora Mae Torres
Robert MacFarlane               
Drew Jeffrey            
                                James Grady
                                Jon Henry
ALSO PRESENT:           Dick Heaton
                                Stu Richardson
Commencement – Mr. Foster called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

Review Littleneck Village Expansion Project Draft RFP – Dick Heaton
Mr. Heaton described the draft RFP.  During his presentation the following issues were addressed:
Schedule –
·       RFP to Central Register (4/9/08)
·       Site visit and briefing (5/4/08)
·       Town Meeting (5/19/08)
·       Response from developers (6/12/08)
·       Town approval & permitting process (7/08–8/08)
·       Application to DHCD (9/08)
·       Commencement of construction (Spring, 2009)
·       Mr. Foster said a Tri-Board (MAHT, ZBA, Planning Board) meeting for review of the RFP will be held April 2.
Possible Funding Scenario for the Proect -
·       $787,000 total contribution by taxpayers, $9,213,000 in public and private funds.  Ratio:  $1/$10…one Marion dollar attracts $10+ outside dollars.
Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) -
·       Mr. Heaton explained the distribution process of obtaining LIHTC funds.  In February, 2007 there were 30 projects competing for LIHTC funds; nine projects were selected.  
Other Funding –
·       Other funding sources include Federal grants, the tenant, who will create a corporation and get LIHTC, CPA funds, and a mortgage.   
CPA funds –
·       The exact number of CPA funds that will be available for the project has not yet been determined.
Site Control –
·       Mr. Heaton said site control is critical when applying for funds from DHCD and proof of control of the site will need to be attached to the RFP.  

Moved by Mr. Jeffrey and seconded by Mr. Grady to go into Executive Session.  A roll call vote was taken and all members present each voted aye.  The MAHT then went into executive session at 8:10 pm.  NOTE:  Mr. Henry was not present during the vote and did not participate in the Executive Session.  

[Executive Session]

At 8:20 pm, the MAHT resumed open session and the discussion of the draft RFP.

Site Control (cont.) –
·       A site plan showing the meets and bounds is required; this might have been done by Horsley & Witten.  Mr. Foster said the property has been surveyed and is on a plan that still needs to be stamped.  
Senior Only Designation –
·       Mr. Heaton recommended the project be changed from “senior only” to “family and senior” as DHCD does not like to fund senior only projects.  He suggested that 75% of the units have two bedrooms and be available as “family and senior”.   A discussion ensued relative to Section 8 subsidies.  Mrs. Torres voiced concern that there will not be enough units for tenants with very low incomes.  
Relocation of Existing Tenants During Construction/Demolition or Relocation of Caretaker’s Cottage –
·       The RFP provides two options for the relocation of existing tenants during construction of the project.
·       If the Developer wants to demolish the cottage, the Town has the option of moving it to another location.
Property Manager Review Process –
·       Once the property is constructed a property management company will need to be hired.  Mr. Heaton suggested that the developer assist the AHT in this process.  Once hired, a yearly review should be conducted by the AHT or the BOS.  It was agreed that prospective management companies could be from out of state but doing business in Massachusetts.
Tri-Board Meeting, Endorsement Letters From Town Boards –
·       A meeting will be held with the ZBA and Planning Board on April 2 to review the RFP.  Other Boards and Commissions will also be invited to the meeting.  It was agreed to have an endorsement letter ready for review at the meeting.
Possible Zoning Change/Permitting Process –
·       The land sits on two zoning districts; Attorney Witten is researching whether a zoning amendment will be required prior to construction.   Mr. Heaton said the RFP can be submitted to DHCD in September without the zoning amendment finalized but the amendment would need to be approved at Special Town Meeting in October.  
Final Design –
The following items related to the final design were discussed:
·       Washing machines and dryers
·       Availability of water and sewer - It will be stated on the RFP that water and sewer will be available at the site.     
·       Height of the proposed buildings/number of units
·       Request for “green” design

Discussion of Other Agenda Items

Compliance with LNV/DHCD Regulatory Agreement
·       The Regulatory Agreement is now in compliance; when the current Policies & Procedures are signed they will be forwarded to DHCD.  
Littleneck Village Policies and Procedures
·       Moved by Mr. Jeffrey and seconded by Mrs. Torres to approve the Policies and Procedures for Littleneck Village.  VOTE:  6-0-0  
2008 CPA funds
·       2008 CPA funds were briefly discussed.    
Littleneck Village Caretaker’s Cottage
·       Mr. Foster said the bid to replace the heating system is expected to be awarded this week.  
·       Moved by Mr. Jeffrey and seconded by Mr. Grady to allow Mr. Foster and Mr. Dawson to decide whether to spend the funds to replace the heating system with the stipulation that it not exceed $7000.  VOTE:  6-0-0

Approval of Minutes – January 14, 2008, February 11, 2008
Moved by Mr. Blanchette and seconded by Mrs. Torres to approve the minutes as presented.  VOTE:  3-0-3 (Mr. Grady, Mr. Jeffrey, Rev. MacFarlane abstained)
Meeting adjourned at 9:05 p.m.      

Respectfully submitted,

Reg Foster, Chairman