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January 14, 2008

MEMBERS PRESENT:        Reg Foster, Chairman
Roger Blanchette        
Robert MacFarlane               
Drew Jeffrey

                                Jon Henry
                                James Grady

ALSO PRESENT:           Ryan Silvia
Commencement – Mr. Foster called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Approval of Minutes – December 10, 2007
The minutes of the December 10 meeting were reviewed.

Moved by Rev. MacFarlane and seconded by Mr. Blanchette to approve the minutes as amended.  VOTE: 3-0-1

FY09 Funding Request
Mr. Foster has composed a funding request for staff support to be included in the FY09 budget and will send copies of the request to Board members for their review.  

Scott Snow/Coastal Homes LAU Application
Mr. Blanchette said he recently discovered that the owner of a bakery in Rochester recently had a discussion with the Planning Board relative to opening a business in Mr. Snow’s building.      

Immediate staff priorities
A list of items required to meet compliance with the Little Neck Village regulatory agreement was reviewed.   It was agreed that Erin O’Brien Bettez, Housing Specialist from DHCD, will be contacted for guidance.    

AHT files
Mr. Jeffrey recommended that the secretary contact prior Trustees and request any records they might still have.  Mr. Foster said he will request that the Town Accountant purchase a portable hard drive for the files.

Rev. MacFarlane recommended that the files for Little Neck Village, currently in the Council on Aging office, be kept with the other AHT files.  Mr. Foster recommended that Ms. Torres, Rev. MacFarlane, and the secretary review the LNV files and provide a report at the next meeting.      

Moved by Mr. Jeffrey and seconded by Mr. Blanchette to request the purchase of a portable hard drive.  VOTE:  4-0-0  

Community Planning Grant
Mr. Foster said the Brown Lindquist study of Little Neck Village is complete and approximately $47,000 should be available for reimbursement to the Town through a Community Planning grant.  It was agreed that the secretary will follow up on this with the Town Accountant.  

Little Neck Village Caretaker/Repairs to Caretaker’s Cottage
Ryan Silvia was present for this discussion.  Upgrade and rental of the cottage would result in the addition of one housing unit to the SHI.  The upgrade and rental is also one of the items required to meet compliance with the regulatory agreement.  Mr. Dawson and Mr. Foster have both interviewed Mr. Silvia, who is currently employed by the South Shore Housing Authority.  Mr. Silvia proposes to do repairs to the cottage in lieu of rent; the Town would be responsible for the cost of materials, rental equipment, and outside expenses.  When the cottage is restored, Mr. Silvia proposes to occupy it and provide caretaker services and also perform light repairs to the LNV units on a part-time basis.  

Mr. Blanchette noted that DPW employees are currently responsible for taking care of repairs for the tenants.  A spreadsheet describing the condition of the cottage and the repairs required to bring it into compliance was reviewed and discussed.  Mr. Jeffrey recommended that the proposal to do light repairs to tenant apartments be eliminated.  It was agreed that section 3(c) of the proposal would be amended as follows:  All language relative to the caretaker and repair functions will be removed; the rental agreement will be revised to allow Mr. Silvia occupancy of the cottage for 18 months.                      

Moved by Mr. Foster and seconded by Mr. Jeffrey to approve the proposal subject to presentation to Mr. Zora of the DPW and further refinement and review.  Mr. Blanchette, Mr. Dawson, and Mr. Silvia will present it to Rob Zora for review, verification of the availability of funds, and acceptability of the proposal as amended.  The Affordable Housing Trust will pay for the repairs to the cottage in lieu of rent but the materials and supplies will come out of the DPW budget.  VOTE:  4-0-0

Little Neck Village Expansion Project
Report on Owner’s Project Manager (OPM) bidders’ conference
Three applicants have applied for the role of OPM.  The bids are due on Monday, January 28 and a meeting will be held February 4 at 7:00 p.m. to discuss the bids.

2008 CPA Funds
CPA Application
The 2008 CPA project application was reviewed and discussed.  The request is for an appropriation of $500,000 to be used for architectural and consulting engineer services for the Little Neck Village expansion.  Mr. Foster requested that any suggested revisions be submitted to him within a week; the final version will be reviewed February 4 as the application deadline is February 11.

Marion Homes Program
Mr. Foster provided by email a spreadsheet showing all houses in town that are worth less than $325,000.  There are 60 dwellings, mostly 2 and 3 bedroom units, within $25,000 of the Brockton Area limit of $198,000.  Under the proposed Marion Homes Program, $25,000 per unit could be used to buy a permanent deed restriction from the property owner.  If the Marion Homes Program is adopted, a CPA application could be submitted requesting funds for four units ($100,000).  

After discussion, it was agreed to move forward with the application after verifying that sufficient funds would remain available for the LNV expansion.                

Discussion – 119 Wareham Street, D’Italia property
Mr. Blanchette described a recent scheduled meeting between Mr. D’Italia and representatives from DHCD; the meeting ended up being cancelled as Mr. D’Italia did not appear at the scheduled time.  

Updated MAHT guidelines
Mr. Foster stated that the update will be accomplished in the future when the backlog of work begins to diminish.    
Accessory Dwelling Unit Task Force
Mr. Blanchette said a meeting in Barnstable is scheduled for January 28.  

MAHT/Churches/COA Joint Holiday Party
Rev. MacFarlane described the success of the recent holiday party.

Habitat for Humanity project site
There was nothing to report on this item.  

EA Fish Associates, LLC
Mr. Foster described recent conversations with Mr. Upton.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.  

Respectfully submitted,

Reg Foster, Chairman