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Zoning Board of Appeals Minutes 04/12/12
Minutes of Meeting— April 12, 2012
The Hudson Board of Appeals met in the Selectmen’s Hearing Room, Town Hall, Hudson, Massachusetts.  At 7:00 p.m., Joseph Peznola called the meeting to order.
Present:        Joseph Peznola, Dorothy Risser, Todd Pietrasiak, Darja Nevits, Christopher Tibbals, Jill Schafer, Jennifer Burke, Planning Director and Teresa Vickery, Clerk.

Petition 1029: 24 Coolidge Street, Variance
Present were:   Heather Hopkins Dudko, National Sign Corp.
        Brian Lafferty, Colonial Chrysler Jeep

Joe Peznola convened the Public Hearing.

Dottie Risser read the Right of Appeal.

The applicant is requesting a variance under section of the Zoning By-Laws to remove an existing freestanding sign and replace it with a freestanding 25 foot high sign in the M-1 Industrial District.  

Ms. Dudko informed the Board that the existing sign is 98 square feet and 30 feet in height.  They are proposing to replace it with a 100 square foot sign which will be 25 feet in height.  They are requesting a waiver for the five feet.  The sign is internally illuminated.  

They considered re-facing the existing sign but one of the engineers cited that the soil conditions may not support the sign.  Therefore the engineer suggests the sign be replaced.  

Ms. Dudko noted that lowering the sign by more than the proposed 25 feet will cause problems with the visibility of the sign.  

Mr. Peznola states that the sign pad is not within the setback and requests that the applicant move it back one foot.  Mr. Lafferty had no problem with this request.  

Joe Peznola, seconded by Darja Nevits, made a motion to go into deliberative session.

Vote: 5-0-1, Jill Schafer not voting.

Joseph Peznola, seconded by Dorothy Risser, moved to grant a variance under Section to remove existing freestanding sign and replace it with a freestanding 25 foot high sign based on the following findings:

  • The Petitioner has standing to bring the Petition, and;
  • The subject property is located in the M-1 Industrial District, and;
  • That owing to circumstances relating to the soil conditions, shape and topography affect this land but not generally affecting the rest of the zoning district in that the topography is downward sloping from Route 62 and that the soil conditions as discussed by the applicant will affect the structural integrity of the existing sign, and;
  • A literal enforcement of the zoning by-law would involve substantial hardship to the dealer in that a custom made sign to meet the corporations standards would be expensive, and;
  • Relief may be granted without substantial to the public good and without substantially derogating from the intent purpose of the by-law in that the 30 foot sign has been in this location for many years and has not caused a nuisance to the surrounding neighborhood.
And with the following conditions:

  • In accordance with the plans as submitting with the petition.
  • The front face of the sign must meet or exceed the 10 foot setback requirement of the zoning by-law.
Vote: 5-0-1, Jill Schafer not voting.

Dorothy Risser, seconded by Todd Petrasiak, made a motion to come out of deliberative session.

Vote: 5-0-1, Jill Schafer not voting.


At 7:20 PM, Joe Peznola, seconded by Todd Pietrasiak, moved to adjourn.

Vote: 6-0-0, Unanimous  

Document List April 12, 2012

Variance Application – 24 Coolidge Street
Planning Office
Minutes of February 9, 2012
Planning Office