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Park Commission Minutes 01/24/2017
Minutes of Park Commission Meeting
Held on Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Selectmen’s Hearing Room, Town Hall at 8:00am

1. Call Meeting to Order:               
Mr. Scafidi called the meeting to order at 8:05am.  Members present were Mr. Scafidi and Mr. Wood.  Also present, Mr. Santos and Mr. Hannon.

2. Minutes to Approve:
A. Public Session – December 14, 2016
Mr. Wood motioned to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried…
Vote: 2 – 0, in favor

3. Citizens Issues / Special Interest Groups:
A. Mr. Paul Goldman (OARS 3 Rivers) to update Park Commission on current status of the 30th Anniversary commemorative sculpture – “Trashy Fishbone Xylophone”
Mr. Goldman presented the Park Commission with an update on the 30th Anniversary sculpture highlighting; his background, the safety measures he had taken into consideration for the design, sculpture identification/signage and why the placement of the project (if accepted) is most ideal on the Assabet River Rail Trail.  He explained that he hopes this sculpture will become another accessible and interactive feature along the ARRT, stating that other locations such as Wood Park might prohibit access for some.  He also stated that due to the nature of the project and its design to be used as a xylophone, the proposed location (nearest the caboose parking lot on the ARRT) was further away from residential homes and businesses than other locations previously suggested.  
Mr. Santos stated that he was in favor of this project and felt that the location (as requested) was decided upon through various conversations had between Mr. Santos and Mr. Goldman.  Mr. Santos expressed to the Park Commission that this project is a natural extension of the Hudson Pathways Project, a public art project started back in 2009 which highlighted our community, its history and its natural features that make Hudson unique.  This project led to the creation and installation of animal sculptures, displays of student artwork in kiosks and community murals (now in two locations) on the A.R.R.T.
Mr. Wood stated that he was pleased with Mr. Goldman’s presentation and the time he took to address safety concerns previously raised by the Park Commission. Mr. Wood also stated that he believed the placement of the interactive sculpture on the ARRT, would provide greater accessibility for all.  
Mr. Scafidi motioned to accept OARS Trashy Fishbone Xylophone sculpture, to be placed in an area at or near the caboose parking lot subject to approval by both the Board of Selectmen and any Town of Hudson Public Art Policies/Guidelines. Seconded by Mr. Wood and carried…
Vote: 2 – 0, in favor
Mr. Santos stated that, if approved, installation would be coordinated through Hudson Recreation Department in conjunction with any necessary town departments.

4. Personnel:
A. None

5. Director’s Report:
A. Mr. Santos informed the Park Commission that he and his staff were working internally on Public Art policies and would soon be presenting their feedback to the Executive Assistant/BOS for review.
B. Mr. Santos informed the Park Commission that he and his staff were working on a series of donations programs to include benches, plaques, trees, bricks, etc… to meet the needs of the community requests they have received, while addressing departmental needs.
C.  Mr. Santos informed the Park Commission that he is discussing the potential creation/use of a stabilization fund for the department with the Executive Assistant and Finance Director.

6. Communications and/or Correspondence to be noted by Commissioners:
A. Email from Mr. Robert Bowen on behalf of Bowen Family requesting placement of plaque on the Riverside Memorial Bench in memory of Leonard “La” Bowen.
Mr. Wood motioned to accept the plaque for placement on the Riverside Memorial Bench, to be coordinated through the Hudson Recreation Department and fully funded by the Bowen family or their designee. Seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried…
Vote: 2 – 0, in favor
B. Email from Town Clerk requesting that the Park Commission appoint a member to serve on the Community Preservation Committee.
Note: Mr. Wood served the prior term that expired on December 31, 2016
Passed over until next meeting

7. Old Business:
A. None

8. New Business:
A. None

9. Adjournment:
Mr. Scafidi motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:03 am seconded by Mr. Wood and carried...  
Vote: 2 – 0, in favor

Motion to Adopt:        Mr. Bowen
Second:         Mr. Wood
Vote:                   2 – 0, in favor
Date:                   March 1, 2017