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Park Commission Minutes 01/12/2015
Minutes of Park Commission Meeting
Held on Monday, January 12, 2015
Selectmen’s Hearing Room, Town Hall at 8:00am

1. Call Meeting to Order:               
Mr. Bowen called the meeting to order at 8:03 am.  Members present were Mr. Scafidi, and Mr. Bowen.  Also present, Mr. Santos.

2. Minutes to Approve:
A. Public Session – December 16, 2014
Mr. Scafidi motioned to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Mr. Bowen and carried…
Vote: 2 – 0, in favor

3. Citizens Issues / Special Interest Groups:
A. None
4. Personnel:
A. Update on Assistant Director of Recreation Hiring Process – Mr. Santos informed Park Commission that all relative documents had been finalized.  Once reviewed and approved by the Town Manager, Mr. Santos would post the position per the hiring guidelines.

5. Director’s Report:
A. Mr. Santos informed the Park Commission that the Cargo Van purchased (funded at Town Meeting in May of 2014), should arrive sometime in March 2015.
Mr. Santos informed the Commission that Joshua Aponte had taken a more significant role in Youth Basketball program and requested that he be compensated for any time worked above and beyond his normal work week.  Mr. Scafidi motioned to compensate Mr. Aponte through the revolving fund for time, directly related to the Youth Basketball program, worked over and above his normal work week.  Seconded by Mr. Bowen and carried… Vote: 2 – 0, in favor.  
Mr. Santos informed the Commission he would be attending the Massachusetts Recreation and Parks Association State Conference in March and also that Mr. Aponte would also be participating in a week long Lifeguarding course in February.  
Mr. Santos informed the Commission that he had spoken with the Town Manager and that he would be working with him in order to prepare an action plan for entering into the final design phase of the Centennial Beach Beautification project to include (but not limited too) the final designs and all bid document preparation.  Future plans might call for removed the current FY16 proposed Capital Plan Request slated to fund the new building and re-submit another request at a later date.

6. Communications and/or Correspondence to be noted by Commissioners:
A. None

7. Old Business:
A. Annual Report – Park Commission received a reformatted version of the Annual Report for signatures. Mr. Scafidi motioned to accept the reformatted Annual Report as presented. Seconded by Mr. Bowen and carried… Vote: 2 – 0, in favor
B. Plowing/Snow Clearing of ARRT – Mr. Santos presented the Commission with an email received from the Town Manager, in response to the request the Commission had made to have the rail trail plowed during the winter months.  The Park Commission questioned if liability to the Town was greater, lesser or equal when comparing the trail being plowed/maintained throughout the winter months opposed to being left in its natural state?  Mr. Santos will follow up with the Town Manager on this topic and report back to the Commission.

8. New Business:
A. Facility and Field Rental Fees Update – Mr. Santos informed the Park Commission that he would be working on updating and preparing a new fee schedule for field reservations/use.
B. Legal Opinion Request – Mr. Santos asked the Park Commission support his request to have Town Council review the current Participant Consent and Waiver Form in order to ensure the document meets the needs of the agency and the Town. Mr. Scafidi motioned to present the Legal Opinion request to the Town Manager for his approval, seconded by Mr. Bowen and Carried…Vote: 2 – 0, in favor…
9. Adjournment:
Mr. Scafidi motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:53 am, seconded by Mr. Bowen and carried...  
Vote: 2 – 0, in favor

Motion to Adopt:        Mr. Scafidi
Second:         Mr. Bowen
Vote:                   2-0-1 in favor, Mr. Redding abstained
Date:                   February 25, 2015