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Park Commission Minutes 11/17/2014
Minutes of Park Commission Meeting
Held on Monday, November 17, 2014
Selectmen’s Hearing Room, Town Hall at 8:00am

1. Call Meeting to Order:               
Mr. Redding called the meeting to order at 8:02 am.  Members present were Mr. Redding, Mr. Scafidi, and Mr. Bowen.  Also present, Mr. Santos.

2. Minutes to Approve:
A. Public Session – November 13, 2014
Mr. Scafidi motioned to accept the minutes as written, seconded by Mr. Bowen and carried…
Vote: 3 – 0, in favor

Citizens Issues / Special Interest Groups:
A. None
A. Park Commission recommendation to the BOS for candidate to fill Director of Recreation vacancy.
Mr. Redding asked if any of the Park Commissioners had any further discussion on the interviews that had taken place at the previous meeting.  Mr. Bowen stated that both candidates, who interviewed for the position, interviewed well.  Mr. Bowen made a motion to recommend Steven L. Santos to fill the current Director of Recreation vacancy, starting in December 2, 2014, upon confirmation by the Board of Selectmen.  Seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried…Vote: 3 – 0, in favor.  Mr. Santos stated that he was excited about the opportunity to become the Director of Recreation and looked forward to working with the Park Commission.  Mr. Santos also presented the Park Commission with wage and budget scenarios given the imminent hiring of the Director and potential future hiring of a new Assistant Director. Mr. Bowen then made a motion recommending that the salary for Steven L. Santos be set at an M8, Step 3, seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried…Vote: 3 – 0, in favor

B. Park Commission recommendation to the BOS for part-time, seasonal Winter Employees.
Mr. Scafidi motioned to recommend the Fall/Winter Employees as presented, to the BOS for confirmation, seconded by Mr. Bowen and carried…
Vote: 3 – 0, in favor
Director’s Report:
A. Annual Report
Park Commission signed Annual Report which had previously been presented as part of the FY16 Budget presentation.

Communications and/or Correspondence to be noted by Commissioners:
A. None

Old Business:
A. None

New Business:
A. Hiring Process for Assistant Director of Recreation
Park Commission discussed the hiring process for the expected upcoming vacancy for the Assistant Director of Recreation position.  Mr. Redding stated that the same process used in the hiring process for the Director of Recreation vacancy should be utilized and that the three individuals on the screening committee for  that process, should be invited back to be part of this process for filling the expected future vacancy.  Mr. Bowen and Mr. Scafidi, stated that they felt similarly and thought it would once again be a fair process for all future applicants.  Mr. Santos stated that he would like to be involved in the process.  The Park Commission agreed that Mr. Santos should be involved in the process and asked Mr. Santos to draft the hiring outline/guidelines, to be reviewed by the Park Commission at their next meeting.  
Mr. Bowen motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:56 am, seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried...  
Vote: 3 – 0, in favor

Motion to Adopt:        Mr. Scafidi
Second:         Mr. Bowen
Vote:                   3 – 0, in favor
Date:                   December 2, 2014