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Park Commission Minutes 08/05/2014
Minutes of Park Commission Meeting
Held on Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Recreation Office, Town Hall at 6:00pm

1.      Call Meeting to Order:
Mr. Redding called the meeting to order at 6:00pm.  Member present were Mr. Redding, Mr. Scafidi and Mr. Bowen. Also present were Mr. Santos and Ms. Ghiloni.  

2.      Minutes of Meetings:
a. Public Session – June 26, 2014
Mr. Bowen motioned to approve the minutes of the June 26, 2014 minutes as written, seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried….
Vote:   3 in Favor

3.      Citizens Issues/Special Interest Groups
No one in attendance.

4.      Personnel:
a. Discussion regarding position upgrades.  The commissioners evaluated the positions using the Towns rating system and will seek the upgrades through the Board of Selectmen at their September 8, 2014 meeting. Mr. Redding motioned Directors position upgraded from M6 to M8 during hiring process for new Director and Assistant Directors upgrade to be effective immediately from M3 to M6, step 2.  Motion seconded by Mr. Bowen and carried…
Vote:   3-0 in Favor

5.      Director’s Report:
a. The Director suggested allowing Steven L Santos, Assistant Director to be authorized to sign bill warrants for the department, as of September 10, 2014.  Mr. Bowen motioned to authorize Mr. Santos, seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried….
Vote:   3-0 in Favor

Ms. Ghiloni will notify the Town Accountant

b. The Director requested approved of the Update of SOP#1 – adding the Board of Health smoking regulations on parks, playgrounds, municipally owned or maintained property and also adding a regulation regarding the installation of tents, moon bounces or equipment/amenities needing ground stakes. Many fields have irrigation systems and some of the ground stakes for various amenities could interfere with the system.  The regulations states that individuals must seek permission from Recreation staff on location of those objects.  Mr. Scafidi motioned to adopt the changes indicated, seconded by Mr. Bowen and carried…
Vote:   3-0 in Favor

6.      Communications and/or Correspondence to be noted by Commissioners:
a. Mrs. Ghiloni submitted her letter retiring from the Town of Hudson.  Mr. Bowen motioned to approve the letter, seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried…
Vote:   3-0 in Favor

7.      Old Business:
a. Mr. Santos showed the commissioners drawings of the renovations to Centennial Beach from Thomas DiPersio Jr, and Associates as well as Glenn Davis building architect.  Discussion followed regarding the renovations, funding sources and suggested building types.  Mr. Redding suggested contacting Morton Buildings to seek information on that type of building for the facility.

8.      Adjournment:  
Mr. Bowen motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:30pm seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried….
Vote:   3-0 in Favor