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Park Commission Minutes 01/17/2012
Minutes of Park Commission Meeting
Held on Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Recreation Office, Town Hall at 7:00 pm

1.      Call Meeting to Order:
Mr. Redding called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.  Members present were Mr. Redding, Mr. Bowen and Mr. Scafidi.  Also present were Mrs. Ghiloni and Mr. Santos.

2.      Minutes of November 29, 2011 Public Session
Mr. Bowen motioned to approve the minutes of the November 29, 2011 meeting as written, seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried….
Vote:   3-0 in Favor
3.      Citizens Issues/Special Interest Groups
No one in attendance at this time.

4.      Personnel:
a. The Director informed the Park Commission that she would carry over 10 days of vacation from 2011 to 2012.

5.      Director’s Report:
a. Projects
Centennial Beach Drainage – the department recently paid to have engineered plans on the roadway drainage project as requested by Mr. Kamal of DPW.  The department also submitted a Request for Determination to the Conservation Commission receiving a negative determination to proceed with the project.  All information will be sent to the Department of Public Works.
Trees at Clubhouse – the trees are to be removed on January 23rd by DPW and Astro Crane.
Trees at Sauta – Ms. Ghiloni requested prices from Weston Nurseries for trees and shrubs to be planted on the berm separating the condos from the field.  The project is a CPA funded project and will need to go out to bid based on the proposed amount for the plantings.
Fossile Development – Ms. Ghiloni applied for CPA funding to complete this project and it received a positive vote from the Community Preservation Committee and is recommended for submission on the May Town Meeting Warrant.  The Director will continue to seek alternatives to get the land leveled for a playing field in an effort to save money.
Camera – Mr. Santos informed the members that he had met with Light and Power regarding the cameras for Cellucci Park.  It was determined that use of the utility poles on Houghton Street were not the best alternative and that a pole should be placed in the park near the corner of the brook and bridge which could hold both cameras.  This would allow the cameras to see 180 degrees in both directions, covering 80% of the park.  The other alternative is to place another camera on an existing pole near the granite shop in the future if it is determined the two do not span a large enough area.

b. Programs
The Youth Wrestling Program began recently with Brian Quinn, Physical Education Teacher at Farley School as the lead instructor.  Brian has been a wrestling coach in area towns for many years.    Over 30 students are enrolled in this new program.

6.      Communications and/or Correspondence to be noted by Commissioners:
Mr. Redding stated that he had spoken with Mr. Gold the high school LAX coach and owner of the Main Street Bike Shop.  Mr. Gold would like to do some fundraising for LAX and Mr. Redding stated that he told him to contact the department to be included in Pumpkin Fest.  Also, Mr. Gold would like the high school to play more games in Morgan Bowl.  Mrs. Ghiloni indicated that the HHS Athletic Director, Mr. Macedo should be contacted by the coach and that they would discuss that further.

7.      Old Business
Events coming up include Board of Selectmen Budget Hearing on Monday, January 23 at 7:00pm; the Chiasson Memorial Fishing Derby on Saturday, April 14; and the Annual Golf Tournament on Monday, April 30th.

8.      Adjournment:
Mr. Bowen motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:35pm, seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried…
Vote:   3-0 in Favor

The next meeting of the Park Commission will be on Tuesday, February 28, 2012.

Motion to Adopt:        Mr. Bowen                       
Second:         Mr. Scafidi     
Vote:                   3-0 in Favor – April 3, 2012