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Park Commission Minutes 02/15/2011
Minutes of Park Commission Meeting
Held on Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Recreation Office, Town Hall Auditorium at 7:00 pm

1.      Call Meeting to Order:
Mr. Redding called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.  Members present were Mr. Redding, Mr. Scafidi and Mr. Bowen.  Also present were Mr. Santos and Mrs. Ghiloni
2.      Minutes to Approve:
Mr. Bowen motioned to adopt the minutes of the December 7, 2010 meeting as written, seconded by Mr. Scafidi and carried…
Vote:   3-0 in Favor

3.      Citizens Issues / Special Interest Groups:
a. Sauta Farms Condominium Residents –Discussion of Cornfield Development.  
Residents present were Aly & Esmat Ezzat, Paul Freve, Adrienne & Jerry King, David Raduziner, John Flynn, Michael Keough, Doug & Donna Marshall, Rich & Sheila Davison, Evangela Jones, and Vasileos Pavloglou.  Also present was Joseph Peznola, Hancock Associates the engineering firm hired to draw up the plans and bid the project.  

Mr. Redding asked if they had any questions based on the documents that were sent to them regarding the development.

  • When the project would begin.
Mrs. Ghiloni indicated that she would like to start immediately following the meeting.  Mr. Peznola stated that the bid documents were complete and that they would just need to change dates to get those out and that should take approximately a week and a half.  The entire bidding process should be complete in by early to mid April and construction slated to begin immediately following, with construction ongoing during the spring and summer, so that grass can be planted in the fall of 2011.
  • Existing trees in the southeast corner – Will they be cut down as part of the project and will more trees be planted as screen cover.  
Joe Peznola indicated that most likely the trees in this area would not be affected as they appear to be outside the limits of the work to be completed.  Mr. Peznola stated he would stake the southeast corner so that there is a clear indication of where the work is to be preformed.   Also, it was mentioned to association members that there is currently no plan to add more trees to provide screen cover.

  • A resident questioned the location of the portable restrooms and if there was to be a concession building.  
Mrs. Ghiloni indicated that her first thought was the north east corner and no building was planned at the moment.  The portable restroom would have a fence around it, along with the existing outlet control structure for the condo underground drainage system (which was supposed to be done by the original condo contractor), according to the as built plans.  She also stated that if a building was to be built it would match the outside façade of the condos.  It is not her intention to build anything that would be a detraction, as this is the front of the complex.  Mrs. Ghiloni later suggested that the Portable Restroom be located in the northwest corner of the field.

  • Parking on Hummock Way and signage.
Hummock Way is a private way and signage is up to the owners of the private way.

  • Proposal  of moving entrance to Brook Street instead of the proposed entrance on Hummock Way (drawing submitted by V.I. Pavloglou, 25 Hummock Way);
The commissioners will contact Internal Traffic regarding the entrance on Hummock Way, since that board previously approved the current proposed entrance.  

  • Residents concerned with existing traffic issues at intersection of Brook Street and Hummock Way.
Park Commission assured residents that they have worked and will continue to work with the Internal Traffic Committee to devise the best possible solution for traffic flow and safety.

  • Residents questioned who will be utilizing the facility and what their season schedule would look like and would 42 parking spaces shown on plan be adequate.
Mrs. Ghiloni stated that the current use for the field would be for soccer games only and that they play a 10-12 week season each spring and fall.  Also based on the types of teams that will be playing on the field the 42 spaces should be sufficient.

  • What is the plan for the berm and will fencing be placed along the berm.
The berm is slated to be cut down to 2 feet, across its entire length.  There are no current plans to install a fence or any other natural barrier along the berm.  Park Commission will look into the possibility of adding a fence. Fencing will be determined once the site is under construction and will be looked at if there is a possible safety issue along the berm and drainage areas.  

  • Fencing or a wood guard rail on the access road to the condo pump house.
The Park Commission will look into the possibility of adding a fence or natural barrier to this area. Fencing will be determined once the site is under construction and will be looked at if there is a possible safety issue along the berm and drainage areas.  

  • Road and sidewalk on Hummock Way was never finished (grass strip between sidewalk and road is crushed stone, not grass).
The Park Commission to consider completing this area during the construction process.

  • Tapping off newly installed irrigation water supply for an additional tap for condos with a separate meter.
Joe Peznola to reach out to Department of Public Works to find out if this would be a possibility and meet their needs.

  • Maintenance of the facility and storage of equipment.
Mrs. Ghiloni explained that no maintenance equipment will be stored at this facility. Mr. Redding indicated that once the field is completed it will be turned over the D.P.W. and that they are the agency responsible for maintenance of the facility. Mrs. Ghiloni stated that there will need to be a box for the irrigation system mechanics – back flow, control box, etc.

Mr. Redding indicated that another meeting would be held after the bidding process and once the contractor is hired.  Prior to that Recreation will contact the appropriate boards to seek their input regarding the above points and take into consideration all concerns brought forward by the association members.

4.      Personnel:


5.      Director’s Report:
6.      Communications and/or Correspondence to be noted by Commissioners:


7.      Old Business/New Business:


8.      Adjournment:
        Mr. Scafidi made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:01 pm.  Seconded by Mr. Bowen.
        VOTE: 3 – 0 in Favor

Motion to Adopt:        Mr. Bowen
Second:         Mr. Scafidi
Vote:                   3-0 in Favor, April 5, 2011