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Park Commission Minutes 09/22/2009
Minutes of Park Commission Meeting
Held on Tuesday, September 22, 2009
At 7:00 pm in Town Hall Auditorium

1.      Call the Meeting to Order:  
Mr. Bowen called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.  Members present were Mr. Bowen and Mr. Redding, Mr. Busch along with Mrs. Ghiloni and Mr. Santos.  

2.      Minutes of Meeting:
Mr. Busch motioned to adopt the minutes of the August 4, 2009 meeting as written, seconded by Mr. Redding and carried…
Vote:   3-0 in Favor

3.      Citizen’s Issues/Special Interest Groups
A. Nashoba High School – Request for use of Baseball Field for 2010 and 2011.
Mr. Redding made a motion to consider the request from Nashoba High School to use a Baseball Field based on the following conditions:
1. That field use only be considered once Hudson High School athletic programs are scheduled /placed for these aforementioned seasons, as well as any use by Assabet Valley Regional is determined;
2. That a fee schedule be implemented for any such use.
3. That all other prior requests for field use be processed in the order previously established by the Park Commission.
Seconded by Mr. Busch and carried…
Vote:   3 – 0 in Favor
4.      Personnel

5.      Director’s Report
The Park Commissioners were presented with a list of ongoing and future projects and events that the Division of Recreation is currently working on.  
a.  Pumpkin Fest 2009:  Mr. Redding motioned to raise the adult entry fee to $4.00 per adult ages 19 to 59, with children and seniors remaining the same as in the past, seconded by Mr. Busch and carried…
Vote:   3-0 in Favor

Park Commission Minutes – September 22, 2009 – Page 2

b. Renovation of Mulready Playground; Pathways Project- Arts Alliance grant; Cherry Street Existing Conditions Plan; Fossile Conservation Restriction, Scofield Property, Sauta Cornfield; Sauta Building; Brochure for fall/winter programs; Wood Park Pavilion Roof.

Regarding the tree donation and installation of plaque at Wood Park – Mr. Busch motioned to accept the donation of a tree and installation of the plaque at Wood Park. Seconded by Mr. Redding and carried…
Vote:   3 – 0 in Favor

Mr. Redding motioned to adopt a form and Standard Operating Procedure for plaques and donated items that would need approval from the Park Commission, seconded by Mr. Busch and carried…
Vote:   3-0 in Favor

6.      Communications and/or Correspondence

7.      Old Business

8.      New Business

9.      Adjournment
Mr. Redding motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:40 pm, seconded by Mr. Busch and carried…
Vote:   3-0 in Favor

Motion to Adopt:        Mr. Bowen
Second:         Mr. Redding
Vote:                   2-0 in Favor – October 20, 2009 (Mr. Busch absent)