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Board of Cemetery Commissioners Agenda 06/14/2011
Board of Cemetery Commissioners
Tuesday June 14, 2011


Approve minutes from May 10, 2011 meeting

Discussion of  revised Commission Charge with Search Committee liason Don Andersen

Report on Chairpersons Open House June 4 organized by the Search Committee.

Financial Update

    - unused CPC funds

Stone Conservation

    - ordered 1 gal D/2 Biological Solution

    - report on stone cleaning

    - planned burial of 2500+ Benjamin Webb stone fragments and possible           search for new fragments


    - handout boxes in place

    - Cove flowers

    - Cove invasive bittersweet removal

    - no tree & brush removal activity yet by DPW at Bridge Road

    - no plans to attack poison ivy at south border of Bridge Rd

GPR follow up

    - flags replaced with flush bricks at Bridge

    - flags removed at Cove and a few bricks put in place as reference points   

    - probing at Bridge