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Select Board/Finance Committee Minutes 4/25/12
Members present:        Mark Karlberg, Jeanne Pryor, George Fuller – Select Board
Stephen LaBelle, Ann Spadafora, Jeremy Dunn, Dan Parnell – Finance Committee

Others Present: Craig Kleman, Bruce Garlow, Madeleine Swindlehurst, Bill Elovirta, Bob Gross, Chris Horton

7:00 PM Meeting opened.

Mark advised that at the last Select Board meeting the Board voted to approve all of the articles on the warrant except for the Sherwood Greens property article and the Mosquito Control article.  Jeremy Dunn advised that the Finance Committee voted to include a new article for the warrant.  This article is to establish an Ambulance Stabilization Account that would be used for equipment replacement.  George motioned to accept article 10 to establish an Ambulance Stabilization Account, Jeanne seconded.  All in favor.  Craig advised that Article 9 that the Board voted to accept last week will need to be voted on again because the finance committee felt the receipts may not reach $80,000.  Article 9A would be to raise and appropriate $204,400 and to appropriate from FY 2013 receipts $70,000, and from Ambulance Enterprise Free Cash $20,000.  Jeanne motioned to accept Article 9A to replace Article 9 on the warrant, George seconded.  All in favor.  Craig advised that article 16 was the article regarding the Sherwood Greens property that we did not have the wording for at the last meeting.  This article would allow the transfer of the property from the Treasurer to the Select Board so the Board could sell this property to the Sherwood Greens Road District.  Ann Spadafora asked if the Select Board could sell property without going through a land auction.  Mark read a section of the Handbook for Select Boards that states that the Board could sell property to an individual or group if they choose to.  George advised that when this first came before the Select Board, they decided that as long as this property was going to remain a tennis court or remain undeveloped then they would sell it to the SGRD.  Dan Parnell suggests that the Select Board have the State Law available that allows this to be done at the Annual Town Meeting so voters can decide if they want this done or not.  George motioned to accept Article 16, Mark seconded.  Jeanne abstained from voting.  Motion passed.  The last article that needs to be accepted is the Mosquito Control article.  Craig advised that he checked with town counsel to see if the Select Board was obligated to put this article on the warrant and if they were obligated to come up with the proper wording for this article.  The town attorney advised that it is up to the Select Board to either put the article on as worded or come up with the wording themselves.  Mark told Craig to put it on the warrant as written and if someone wanted to amend it they would have to come up with the wording.  George asked why the police chief article did not get moved up farther in the warrant.  Craig advised that it was the first of the petitioned articles but the petitioned articles belong last on the warrant.  George motioned to accept article 20 for Mosquito Control as written by the petitioners, Jeanne seconded.  All in favor.  George motioned to recommend Article 10, Jeanne seconded.  All in favor.  George motioned to recommend Article 16, Mark seconded.  Jeanne abstained.  Motion passed.  Jeanne motioned to put no recommendation on Article 18, Mark seconded.  George opposed.  Motion passed.  Jeanne motioned to put no recommendation on Article 19, Mark seconded.  George abstained.  Motion passed.  Briefly discussed the article to purchase a new dump truck.  Madeleine Swindlehurst advised that in previous warrants, the article would state which vehicle was going to be replaced.  Bruce Garlow stated that the article would also state if the vehicle would be sold or traded in.  Jeanne motioned to add to Article 11 to authorize the Selectmen to sell or trade in the 1992 International Dump Truck, Mark seconded.  All in favor.  George asked Bruce if making the police chief a full time chief should have been an article.  Bruce stated that it is a management decision.  The voters will vote on the budget item and that will determine whether this becomes a fulltime position.  George motioned to accept all of the articles for the Annual Town Meeting warrant as amended, Mark seconded.  All in favor.  Jeanne motioned to sign the Annual Town Meeting warrant when it is prepared, Mark seconded.  All in favor.  Briefly discussed overlay surplus.  Jeanne advised that she and Bruce Garlow are putting together a town meeting participation guide to have as a hand out for the annual town meeting.  Nina advised that the town clerk gave her the warrant for the annual town election today for the Select Board to sign.  Jeanne motioned to sign the Annual Town Election warrant, George seconded.  All in favor.

8:10 PM George motioned to adjourn, Jeanne seconded.  All in favor.

Respectfully submitted,                                                         _______________________________
Nina Weiler, Secretary                                                          Mark L. Karlberg, Chairman

Documents discussed at meeting:

  • Annual Town Meeting Warrant