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250th Anniversary Minutes 2/4/13
Becket 250th Anniversary Committee Minutes

February 4, 2013
  • Call to order
Becket 250th Anniversary Committee (Committee) began the meeting at 4:03 P.M. on February 4, 2013 in Becket Town Hall.
  • Roll call
The following Committee members were present: Rita Furlong, Sandi Jarvis, Karen Karlberg, Barbara Roberts, George Roberts, Ann Spadafora, and Beth Van Ness; absent were: Linda Bacon and Michel Richard
Ann Krawet has tendered her resignation to the Committee Presider and Clerk
Also present at the meeting were: Dan Berg, Bruce Garlow, and Rita Burns

  • Open issues
  • Discussed procedures for editing minutes
  • First draft will be emailed to committee members only
  • Corrections will be emailed to the Committee Clerk during the first week after receiving the first draft minutes
  • Corrected copies will be sent to non-committee members requesting minutes including Becket town officials
  • Vote to approve final minutes with any corrections will be taken at the next Committee meeting
  • Motion: Moved to send minutes online to individual members for review so they can be accepted at the next meeting. Seconded; discussion: edits have to be voted on at Committee meeting, not done online; passed unanimously
  • Motion to approve minutes of 7 Jan 2013, seconded, approved unanimously
  • Committee members are encouraged to discuss 250th Anniversary plans with the public, according to Joe Kellogg it is not against the Open Meeting Laws, all votes must be taken according to the Open Meeting Laws
Dan Berg, introduced, represents the Y Camps, assist Committee with plans
  • Article for the Annual Town meeting; Joe Kellogg and Selectboard have acted on it, Finance Committee has not
  • Article: To see if the Town will vote pursuant to the Provisions of General Law Chapter 44 Section 53i to raise and appropriate the sum of $5,000 for the expenses of the Becket 250th Anniversary Committee.
Motion to accept as read; seconded; passed unanimously
  • Master List: Becket Institutions revisited For the Sesquicentennial Addendum To the History of Becket
  • Assign areas to prepare for book update, get recommendations/vision for photos
  • Chimney Corners-Linda Bacon, Dan Berg
  • Becket Athenaeum-Linda Bacon, Athenaeum board members and employees
  • Military history/veterans of Vietnam, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama-approach Skip Saville
  • Ambulance/Fire/Police-departments, chiefs
  • Becket School (2 additions since the bicentennial)-Karen Karlberg; salmon project
  • Becket Town Hall/Town Gov’t-Bruce Garlow
  • Becket Land Trust/Quarry-approach Ken Smith, Nancy Kiber
  • Becket Art Center-approach Paul Campbell
Historic Becket Photos-in Texas, contact Christopher Stewart
Jacob’s Pillow-Ann Spadafora
Kushi Institute-Barbara Roberts will approach Heather at store, Sandi Jarvis
  • Smaller business-Dream Away is one example
  • Camps-Greylock-Rita Furlong, approach Bill & Maddie Elovirta; Watitoh-Bruce Garlow; Becket/Chimney-Dan Berg, approach  Linda Bacon; Lenox-approach Jinny Clarke
  • Becket Woods-John Amato, volunteered to host a 250th activity; hiking trail
Skyline Drive-approach Barbara & Marty Winters
  • Sherwood Forest-approach Bob Ronzio, Eva Bonney
Sherwood Greens-approach Jeanne Pryor
  • Indian Lakes-approach Sid VanOrman, Mike Falk
  • Sub-divisions since 1965-Ann Spadafora and Beth Van Ness
  • Churches-Rita Furlong; Saint Matthews-Barbara Roberts
  • Infrastructures-approach Rich Furlong
  • West Becket/Shaw Pond/Rt.20 & 8 south intersection/environment changes-Karen Karlberg, approach Father Peter
  • Cemeteries-
  • Parks-Rita Furlong
  • Shawnee Shores flood
  • Bruce Garlow 623-2362 will collect electronic information
  • Writing Sub-committee members
  • Bruce Garlow – coordinator
  • Read E-mail from Paul Cashman dated 20 Dec 2012, volunteered to assist with the book update
  • Good to include seasonal residents
  • Individuals will gather information following the Master List; Sandi is working on an Excel document listing location of Becket Town Reports available at the Becket Town Hall, Becket Athenaeum and Berkshire Athenaeum
  • Pictures for the history update – Karen Karlberg, George Roberts photographers; possible photographer Tony Jayne
  • Letter from Committee to public; formalized draft letter
  • Dear Neighbors:
Becket will celebrate its 250th Anniversary in 2015. At this time we are in the early planning stages of preparing to commemorate this momentous occasion.

Currently we are conducting research to supplement the published “A Bicentennial History of Becket” to bring our history up to date on developments in Becket over the last 50 years.

We are encouraging all residents and businesses of Becket, past and present, to let the Committee know of anything you feel should be included in this history by contacting us with your suggestions and memories. It has been a busy 50 years for the Town and we need your help!

A variety of events to celebrate this milestone anniversary are also being considered: parades, a town picnic and theatrical events have been suggested and the Committee would like to hear from individuals and businesses who might be interested in hosting or participating in events.
Donations of historic photographs, artifacts, history, ideas, time, and financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The 250th Anniversary Committee

Please contact either:
Rita Furlong at 623-5146
or Sandi Jarvis at 623-2086

Please forward this letter to anyone you know who cares about Becket-its’ history and its’ future!

  • Letter distribution-brainstormed areas: stores, businesses, public areas, newspapers, Senior Center, school bulletin/PTO, Town Report, town e-mail system, Transfer Station, Rural Intelligence, Subdivisions, Jacob’s Pillow-kiosk, cultural areas, patrons; Sandi Jarvis volunteered to hand deliver copies around town
  • Social media-update at next meeting
  • Oral history contacts-approached Stella Conner
  • New business
  • Discussed events and dates with Dan Berg, representative from Y camps
1. Camp staff for picnic, fireworks, tours to be held at camp
  • Possible dates June 6/7 or 13/14, 2015
  • Square Dance caller, Cliff Brodeur
  • Next Meeting
Monday March 4, 2013
Becket Room, Town Hall 4 P.M.
There must be a quorum of committee members for official business to be conducted, please make every attempt to attend the monthly meetings. Thank you.
  • Adjournment
Meeting adjourned at 5:18 P.M.
Submitted by: Sandi Jarvis