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Recreation & Park Committee Minutes 10/02/2013


Wednesday, October 2, 2013
Avon Town Hall, Council Chambers
I.      Call to Order - 6:02 p.m. – By Peggy Roell
A.              Attendance
        1.      Members & Staff Present

Glenn Marston, Director, Sharon Brummert, Admin.Coordinator, Michael Trick, Don Droppo, David Jadovich, Paul Marioni, Peggy Roell, Kathy Thompson. Members of the public in attendance were Alison Folkwein, Joan Shumway, Chris Stephan, Liz Weiler and Newell Porch, Athletic Coordinator, Avon High School.

2.             Members & Staff Absent
        Peter Ponziani

II.     Minutes – November 13, 2012  

After reviewing the minutes from the November 13, 2013 meeting, Mike Trick motioned to accept the minutes as presented and David Jadovich seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.
III.    Public Comment –  None

IV.     Director’s Report - None
IV.     Correspondence - None

VI.     Committee Communication – None

VII.    Old Business

A.      Fisher Meadows Field Project Update
1.      Fisher Fund Balance – Glenn reported that there is currently $224,030.00 in the Fisher Fund. He recommended talking to the Town Council to move on to the next step in the Fisher Meadows Field Project with some of the money that is in the fund. The next step in the project would be the construction documents. Peggy Roell said that usually when the Town Council approves a certain amount for a project; they will most likely approve more money in the next budget to get the project to the next step.
       B.      Summer Day Camps - Glenn informed committee members that revenues were down for the summer camps because of school getting out at the end of June. The program normally runs for eight (8) weeks, but this past summer, only ran for seven (7).

C.      Sycamore Hills Pool and Bathhouse Painting – Glenn reported that a portion of the painting was done prior to the pool opening and the painting is now being finished up and this will complete the project.  He said that Don Marconi is doing the painting.  

VIII.   New Business

A.      Lacrosse Request for use of Fisher Meadows for Spring, 2014 Tournament

Allison Folkwein and Chris Stephan attended the meeting to discuss using Fisher Meadows in spring of 2014 for a Lacrosse tournament. The weekend they are requesting is May 17 & 18, 2014. After some discussion, Don Droppo motioned to approve the spring 2014 lacrosse tournament; Kathy Thompson seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Allison Folkwein brought up future use of Fisher Meadows for lacrosse.  Peggy Roell suggested she come up with a proposal and submit it to Glenn. Once the proposal is in, Glenn will work with both lacrosse and soccer to come to a cooperative effort to share the fields at Fisher Meadows.

B.      Capital Improvement Program – Glenn reviewed the Capital Budget Proposal with the committee members. He gave an overview of the Thompson Road Project. Liz Weiler asked if anything new has been done since the meeting regarding this project was held last year. Peggy Roell said there has been no movement on this project since the last meeting. Peggy said a group has not come together yet to do the legwork for the project or figure out where the money is going to come from, since the Town will not fund the entire project. Glenn said at some point a sub-committee would have to be formed for the project. Newell Porch asked Glenn if he would come up to the high school in the next month and give a small presentation on the project to the Avon Booster Club.

Committee member’s reviewed the proposed Capital Budget and after some discussion Don Droppo motioned to accept the Capital Budget Proposal as presented. Kathy Thompson seconded the motion which passed unanimously.

Glenn told committee members he will present the Capital Budget to the Town Council on November 20 at 7:00 p.m. and invited them to join him at that meeting.

C.      General Fund Budget – Glenn reported that the minimum wage has gone up to $8.25 and will go to $8.70 in January 2014, and then to $9.00 an hour in January 2015. The increase means that all part time summer staff salaries will have to go up as well. He said the increase will be part of the department’s budget submittal.

D.      Set Dates for future meetings – Sharon will contact committee members with the date for the next meeting.

1.      IX.     Adjournment

        A.      Mike Trick motioned to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 pm. Kathy Thompson seconded the motion which passed unanimously.  


Respectfully Submitted by Sharon Brummert
        Sharon Brummert

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