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Recreation & Park Committee Minutes 10/15/2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Avon Town Hall, Building #7
Call to Order - 6:17 p.m. – Director, Glenn Marston in absence of Chairman
A.      New Members Donald Droppo and Michael Trick introduced by Glenn Marston
B.      Attendance
        1.      Members & Staff Present

Glenn Marston, Director                                   _   X 
Sharon VanDeusen, Admin. Coordinator                    
Peter Ponziani                                                      X   
Douglas Evans                                                      X    
Kathy Thompson                                                 X        
David Jadovich                                                     X    
Peggy Roell                                                                     
Donald Droppo                                                     X     
Michael Trick                                                  _   X    

C.      Chairman position
        1.      Douglas Evans nominated Peter Ponziani, Kathy Thompson second.  Vote unanimous. Mr. Ponziani then took over the agenda.
D.      Vice Chair
        1.      Kathy Thompson nominated Doug Evans, Peter Ponziani second.  Vote Unanimous.
Minutes – No minutes presented

Public Comment – None

IV.     Director’s Report
        A.      Director reported that registrations for the past Summer and Fall were down – possibly due to the economy, bad weather  (summer), and/or not mailing the program brochure (Fall).  Basketball registration was down but there was 1 ½ weeks remaining.
V.      Correspondence

        A.      Steven Harris – Avon Middle School Girls Softball
                1.      The email indicated an interest in having the program run by the Recreation and Park Department.  The program had been cut by the Board of Education.  The Director cited his reluctance to get involved with travel teams because of  the “cuts” that would require.  He also cited a similar request for boys’ basketball.  In mentioning that he thought there might be some reluctance by the Board of Education to have the Recreation Department as a result of a conversation with Jeff Sunblade, Director of Student Activities, Doug Evans indicated that was not the case and the Director should speak again with Mr. Sunblade.  The item was tabled to the next meeting.

        B.      Dr. Eddie Rostenberg – Mandatory Mouth Guards
                1.      Citing injuries he and his colleagues see in their practices, he asked that the Recreation and Park Department  require all sport participants using town facilities use mouth guards where not already required, such as football, hockey, field hockey, etc.  The Director cited basketball and baseball/softball as those that had a higher incidence of injury that would have been believed.  Members of the Committee were reluctant get involved in requiring the use in the private leagues, and indicated that more thought would have to be given to this suggestion before making a decision.  The item was table to the next meeting in order to provide a little more time to consider it.

VI.     Committee Communication – None at this time.

VII.    Old Business

A.      Town-wide Master Plan

1. Copies were handed out by the Director for everyone to review for the next meeting.  The Director reported that      some of the early action items, such as the renovation of the Middle School and Pine Grove Softball  Fields had been completed and the removal of the Tennis Court at the Huckleberry Hill Recreation Area was imminent.

B.      Fisher Meadows Field Development

1.      Director provided the letter for the five growing season notice required in the deed for the Town to take over the area north of the current fields.  The letter, written in 2003, indicated that the parcel would be taken over at the end of 2008.  The Director asked if the Committee if it wanted him to update the letter to Ronald Simmons indicating the Town was prepared to take that parcel over according to the previous letter, or extend his use through the Fall of 2009, pending Town plans for the property.  The Committee asked the Director to prepare the letter and send it to each member for review.

2.      Director indicated that the Fisher Meadows fund had a $ 106,510.92 balance as of 9/30/2008.  He indicated that those funds could only be used on the Fisher property.  He then deferred to the upcoming discussion on the Capital Improvement Program.

VIII.   New Business

A.      Capital Improvement Program Discussion
1.      The Director reviewed the Summary of Projects page handed out and referred the fact that the plan followed the guidelines presented in  the Recreation and Facilities Master Plan. He reiterated that the Avon Town Council, in approving the document, made it clear that the document was a guide – not a directive – and projects and priority could change as the Town felt necessary.

a.      The Committee concurred that the parking improvements at Sperry Park remained as the first priority as it was felt that safety
             was an issue.

                b.      The Committee asked that to have the Director request $ 20,000.00 for the preliminary final design for Fisher Meadows from the Fisher Meadows Fund (above) to outline a definitive plan, consider all of the elements of the plan in order to detailed estimates on construction document preparation and actual construction fees for the final plan.  Peter Ponziani moved, Doug Evans second; unanimously approved.

B.      General Fund Budget
        1.      Director reported that next year’s budget guidelines would be tight and that he would update the Committee on the progress of that preparation at the next meeting.

C.      Review of Fees
        1.      A brief discussion took place on the assessment of fees for use of the Senior Center similar to those set by the Board of Education, the possible request for reimbursement for facility supervisors, etc.  In addition, the Director requested that the Committee consider other fees to offset maintenance costs.  The Committee asked that he provide more information at the next meeting in the form of suggested areas and fees.  The Committee concurred that the use of the Senior Center/Community Room without fee needed to be reviewed and possibly changed.  Further discussion will take place at the next meeting.

IX.     Next meeting date
        A.      Scheduled for Wednesday, November 12, 2008 at 6:00 pm in Building 7, Avon Town Hall.  Future dates will be determined at that meeting.
X.      Adjournment
        A.      Meeting was adjourned at 7:17 pm, Chairman Ponziani adjourning.

                Respectfully Submitted by
                Glenn M. Marston

                Glenn M. Marston

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